Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, it looks like things are going to fall into place just nicely. Or as it should! D':

I have a job interview tomorrow with a company but I also applied for concierge at my brothers place; a swanky Hyatt place.lawlz. at this point, I just need a job that pays over $8 an hr! to make ends meet >D! gyaaah but thats not the point of this entry.

Sorry, its going to a boring text only entry /:

Me and Toshi decided to do a LAST MINUTE Hakuouki shoot for this weekend! Considering I'm heading to Berkley tomorrow night after work and catching up with Toshi on Saturday LAWWL
/excited but! lol. Gotta bust my butt to finish Kazama intime! I started on Toshi's Kazama kimono ver. last year around Oct to have it supposedly done for ALA since we were suppose to have a group there! lol, but the group fell through and shit happened to me. Ahahaha, so I dug up the piece last night and started putting them together.
The black Hapi is almost done, tonight, I need to finish the white kimono and finish hemming the black one. I was suppose to get up early this morning to do it, but clearly that didnt happen! So I believe I'll just have to pull an all nighter and get much of it as finished as possible then pack for Berkley tonight as well! oAoll spazz....

Its going to be crazy but exciting.
I also went and got new head phones, SkullCandy plugs (I prefer the clip on-over the ear type) but one cannot complain when their $5! and their skull candies! LOLZ. Thankgoodness for Marshalls. I didnt have time to browse at their bags though. I've been needing a new bag for a while now since I currently carry a messenger bag thats clearly way too big lawl for everyday use...LOOOLz its ok for Work since I can stuff crap in there for work, but not for when I go out....

I was suppose to sew one but clearly that didnt happen LOL and well, now we're clearly down to the wire! LOOOOLZ. Oh man. I'll probably suck it up and end up using the same bag I've been using - aka falling apart....xD;; most of my bags are held up with duck tape at this point and my grandma hates it XD;;

I still have photos and videos to edit from the Hetalia shoot and then I'm sure I'll have more to shoot / edit and cut after this SF trip! xDD! I even borrowed my brothers spare phone so I can shoot video in it when I can lawwwwlz.....

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