Wednesday, June 27, 2012

205. Anime Expo 2012!!!

I'm pretty bad at updating stuff hahaha. I have some reviews and articles thats piling up on my que but I have not gotten a chance to pay much attention to them as everyone knows, its convention crunch time and in less than 48 hrs ANIME EXPO 2012 Opens Up! (of course, battling with the X-games no doubt)

Just putting it out there, I will be at Los Angeles starting tomorrow Day 0 till July 2nd - Day 4 of Anime Expo and will be taking FREE photoshoot sessions - so long as I have spots available. I made this announcement before on my Facebook but I have not had a chance to do it quite here yet!

I'll also be bringing back Trinity Blood and have a few new costumes to debut *u* (mostly worn by my friends that I had slaved over lol - but its all good)

So please say hi!!!! I will be running around as a scrubby photographer during the day time lololol.

See everyone there! And remember, stay hydrated x_X...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

204. Sixh Fashion Opera

Over the weekend I had the chance to go to AM2 and get into the Sixh Opera Fashion Show courtesy of my friend.  It was probably the highlight of my weekend to try and shoot a fashion show. And I can tell you right now I definitely have more respect for runway photographers, its not easy to catch people in motion, especially when the lights are either over exposing the models, or not. We weren't allowed to use Flash Photography since I guess they had set up for an actual photography team to be there to photograph the event.

I managed to snag myself a second row seating by the isle which definitely helped in getting some decent shots of the event. I look forward to getting another chance at shooting another fashion show.

 the rest of the set can be viewed here:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

203. Who's going to Am2?

So, who's going to be at Am2 this weekend? I know it seems like the guest list isn't as big this year I still hope the turn out is pretty good. I heard Putumayo will be there as well as IBI and Six.h?..more H.naoto stuffies lol. I really wish they would bring back SPR again lol.

So yes, instead of being a good girl and staying home to work on cosplay, I plan on running away on Saturday to Anaheim to check out Am2 and have an excuse to play around with my new camera equipment before busting it all out for Anime Expo this year.

I still have quite a few things to work on which I'll probably  definitely be kicking my self in the butt for later 8D....oh well~ lol.

And to keep this post from being completely boring, lets throw in some photos from my instagram~

Cafe Hue is my favorite place to go for sweets and stuff, its a pretty small place and is always pretty packed. I only wish they had custard crepes like Crepe World did but I am forever boy-cotting crepe world and their $1 price increase on already mediocre crepes and poor services.

New project-ish?, outfit coordi hoping to wear to AX...will probably down play it a bit for Am2 
I took a pair of old leggings and cut them up and decided to do this. A few things I learned from this process
1. Use thicker pleather LMAO, or find leggings that are made of a thicker pleather material
so the studs stays in place better ):
2. the twill eyelet is ok. Would have preferred to use pleather to match. Will have to find some
3. I really am short LMAO

but yeah, thats my trial run on these bad boys. I'd like to make another pair with the eyelets going down the side of the pants versus going down the front. And yay new tank :o bring it on summer! D8<

Sunday, June 10, 2012

202. Lovely Review

This review is gonna be from, the shoes are not sponsored, I actually purchased these with my own money but I know a lot of people were pretty skeptical about the shop since the prices are so low~ and I know I've seen a few other bloggers blog about this website before to. I've been eyeing a pair of shoes from their website, and the sad thing is, a lot of their shoes are sold out (atleast the ones I wanted) but luckily these ones were not sold out so I nabbed them!

The shoes were around $19something, so I estimated $20 + another 10-15 for shipping, shipping is based on weight. They offer different types of shipping, from EMS rush delivery to basic Air Mail.

One thing you gotta keep in mind though, the more shoes you buy (more than 1 pair) you're most likely going to look at paying EMS shipping (which starts at the base price + an additional 10-15, per pair since everything is based on weight) so the price can easily sky rocket. I dont really advice doing a group order since the shipping is going to easily go up....

The shoes I got are these babies;
their made out of soft pleather and the soles are not heavy at all! Infact their incredibly light weight! From the website, it says the material is rubber, which does make sense since its pretty light weight, I dont feel any drag at all when wearing them and their actually incredibly comfortable which I was a big relief as I thought I was going to need insoles in there.

Shipping: I paid for Regular Air Mail, which took about 15 long agonizing days ): if your incredibly impatient like me, it might almost be worth spending the extra cash for EMS shipping orz

Communication: Every time I had a question I got a reply within 24 hours of submitting it and they were even nice enough to provide me a tracking # for my package.

From what I can tell right off the bat, I don't have much complain about the construction of the shoes, which I definitely lucked out as I've heard from other people the sizing may differ from one shoe to another and have had issues with the heels on their shoes. So I guess I definitely lucked out on this one. The only thing I can note is the heel. Which I have a photo at the bottom.

It's not that big of a deal tbh, you get what you pay for.  The only thing I can note about this is the
pleather material sticks out a little bit past the cork at the bottom. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

201. Trinity Blood; WIP

My new pride and joy; Radu Barvon which is my new project for this coming Anime Expo which I'll be having a very dear friend debut it for me~

I still have abunch of stuff on this to work on, but here is the progress I have so far. Only so many days left before Anime Expo. I'm pretty exhausted right now TTwTT I hope it will turn out as I expect it.

Please say hi to us at Anime Expo!

Friday, June 1, 2012

200. Matcha Latte!

Green Tea Latte
Photo by: Sifu Renka

For my 200th post on this blog I'll be sharing a Matcha Latte recipe~
now there is  A LOT of variations on making Matcha Latte. And this recipe is something 
I discovered last night and is probably the closest thing you're going to get
to the Starbucks kind...

What you will need:

Matcha Powder! (You can get these from your local Asian markets or online)
Ice Cubes
Agave Sweetener (can get at Target in the sugar isle or Trader Joes) 
or you can use splenda or sugar /:
Vanilla Ice Cream or French Vanilla Creamer
Whipped Cream (optional)
Tapioca Balls (optional)


Throw all your ingredients together in a blender - I do mine in no specific order
or measurements since I just adjust things to taste.
I personally like a stronger matcha taste to mine so I use about a good teaspoon full

You can use Agave Sweetener, Vanilla Creamer or ICE CREAM as your form of sweetener
or, if you dare, just throw all 3 in. I did it last night and it wasn't too sweet and the ice cream
definitely made it taste / feel smoother and creamier...
but that method is very close to how Starbucks makes their Fraps. Instead of ice cream I was told
 they use WHIP CREAM into their mixes.

but normally, I just throw in a tiny spash of vanilla creamer to get a vanilla ish taste to it
and a bit of agave for a sweetener.

Blend blend blend till its all smooth and transfer it to a glass with tapioca balls at the bottom
and finish it off with Whip Cream! (again, all is optional. I usually skip all that lol)


Matcha Latte @ Downtown Coffee  - Hawaii
Photo by: jKatYo

Want a hot version of this drink?

Heat up a cup of milk over the stove in medium heat
Add matcha powder
whisk till powder is dissolved
Add Agave Sweetener or Honey
Optional: French Vanilla Creamer

Then enjoy!

But if you REALLY wanna be bad...

In a stove over medium heat, throw in some WHITE CHOCOLATE with cream
mix till the chocolate is completely dissolved and mixed in.
In another bowl, a small cup of milk and matcha mix together till it is dissolved.
If you want a vanilla infused flavor with it, throw in a stick of vanilla pod or mix with a bit of vanilla creamer
Again whisk till everything is mixed  together.
Combined both ingredients.
Garnish with whip cream and matcha powder ontop :D
 for this, you can skip the sweetener  if its too sweet (considering your already using cream AND chocolate)


Pair these with some Matcha Cookies~ Click here for the simple - easy and lazy recipe LOL

199. Wig Supplier Cosplay Wig Review!

I know I'm really good at procrastinating on somethings, I didn't think I was one of those people who would fall in this pit of back logged entries..but I guess I am ): especially with cosplay season coming up and one of the biggest events of the summer / year is coming up - Anime Expo 2012! Here we go!

but honestly, I cant help but feel a little bit more laid back on this con than I should be...other than me spazzing on getting costumes done lOL. Maybe its the fact that I get paid vacation for this one? or a long and I mean LONG weekend ahead. Or the long summer heat? Or just the possibility of seeing some friends who I havent seen in a while?! OH MY! lol. I'm probably totally downplaying this but would probably be the type of person to freak out the week prior but I'm really trying to avoid that...and with that being said. My next post is going to talk about COSPLAY MAKE & SKIN CARE ESSENTIALS!