Wednesday, June 27, 2012

205. Anime Expo 2012!!!

I'm pretty bad at updating stuff hahaha. I have some reviews and articles thats piling up on my que but I have not gotten a chance to pay much attention to them as everyone knows, its convention crunch time and in less than 48 hrs ANIME EXPO 2012 Opens Up! (of course, battling with the X-games no doubt)

Just putting it out there, I will be at Los Angeles starting tomorrow Day 0 till July 2nd - Day 4 of Anime Expo and will be taking FREE photoshoot sessions - so long as I have spots available. I made this announcement before on my Facebook but I have not had a chance to do it quite here yet!

I'll also be bringing back Trinity Blood and have a few new costumes to debut *u* (mostly worn by my friends that I had slaved over lol - but its all good)

So please say hi!!!! I will be running around as a scrubby photographer during the day time lololol.

See everyone there! And remember, stay hydrated x_X...

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