Wednesday, June 13, 2012

203. Who's going to Am2?

So, who's going to be at Am2 this weekend? I know it seems like the guest list isn't as big this year I still hope the turn out is pretty good. I heard Putumayo will be there as well as IBI and Six.h?..more H.naoto stuffies lol. I really wish they would bring back SPR again lol.

So yes, instead of being a good girl and staying home to work on cosplay, I plan on running away on Saturday to Anaheim to check out Am2 and have an excuse to play around with my new camera equipment before busting it all out for Anime Expo this year.

I still have quite a few things to work on which I'll probably  definitely be kicking my self in the butt for later 8D....oh well~ lol.

And to keep this post from being completely boring, lets throw in some photos from my instagram~

Cafe Hue is my favorite place to go for sweets and stuff, its a pretty small place and is always pretty packed. I only wish they had custard crepes like Crepe World did but I am forever boy-cotting crepe world and their $1 price increase on already mediocre crepes and poor services.

New project-ish?, outfit coordi hoping to wear to AX...will probably down play it a bit for Am2 
I took a pair of old leggings and cut them up and decided to do this. A few things I learned from this process
1. Use thicker pleather LMAO, or find leggings that are made of a thicker pleather material
so the studs stays in place better ):
2. the twill eyelet is ok. Would have preferred to use pleather to match. Will have to find some
3. I really am short LMAO

but yeah, thats my trial run on these bad boys. I'd like to make another pair with the eyelets going down the side of the pants versus going down the front. And yay new tank :o bring it on summer! D8<

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