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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pre-con stress?!

I'm pretty bad I spent most of the time at work huddled in my cubicle
spazzing out with Toshi about AX/Am2
I guess we're both just stressing out over the money matters
and the emergency that happened with them and their rides and etc =3=;;
so I think we pretty much decided on the fact that she and Katie has
to take the train to come all the way from Stockton to San Diego
and from there we'd haul our butts back up to Los Angeles DAYUM! Back tracking much?!

TAT Shin is also apparently flying in to LAX International Airport. So wow, confusion much
and friday night is also Sadie's concert in AM2!!! I plan on leaving SD at 4am to beat
the terrible LA traffic hoping to get there at a reasonable time. ._. but this is totally stressing
us all out with the hotel fees, parking, GAS! Since we're going to be going up and down Los Angeles to Anaheim
and then AX. Dammit, when was the last time I went to a con with MONEY!
me and bro were talking about this earlier on my lunch break - lol, we're always just making
the bare minimum cut! Ahahaha just enough to cover our hotel and etc to get there, but not really
enough to have any spending money around elsewhere. It's quite depressing to be honest. AHaha.

I still gotta finish sewing a few items for cosplay for my friends. Order my new lenses so I wont be a
blind fucktard at AX. I need to order poloroid film but I probably wont only coz I'm so poor.
I wanted to get a video camera too but not going to happen again either! I dont even know if I have enough
time to sew an outfit for myself. Ahaha. Damn. Its ok, everything is just being a hectic mess right now.

But I leave you with something really cute that I found yesterday and am sort-of obsessed over :D
and reminded me of how much I <3 Hakuei's voice ahahaha!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sales post: hair bows

Hand made hair bows *u* If interested, drop me a line at the comment box below :D or shoot me an email directly at: dearx207[at]

Heres my feedback page as well:

the sizes all range from 1.5" - 3" - 4.5" to 6" being the biggest bows :D

hand made 100% cotton bows made from Toki Doki style print materials. You can wear them as bows on your hair, add them to your bag as an accessory, to cellphones or even wear them as a bow tie! :D

Prices all include shipping + paypal fee.
A - $12
B - $10
C - $7
D - $5

Punk style black ribbons! Made with cotton and rayon blend material with special grunge rock print on them!
Print is made with special silver glitter print.
These are about 4" across in length. Asking price is $8 - again includes shipping and paypal fees.

these were pretty time consuming ahaha but their fun after seeing the finished product to be honest! I got the materials (for the Toki Doki print atleast) somewhere in LA, it was pretty pricey but I couldn't pass up on giving it up. Ahaha.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Delayed post is delayed since I forgot to include this into the last entry/ the last entry was getting pretty long @_@ll ahaha.

I went shopping after Fanime~ I guess? LAWL, been needing a new bag/purse and wallet for a while now *u* so I was on the hunt to look for something! The bag I was using for forever was a messenger sling bag or something in a camo print. LOL, Ive had it for like...years and though I've switched back and forth with other bags I've always come back to it coz it was so convenient to just sling over you versus carrying a hand bag /:
So now I wanted to try and find something better, more 'mature' looking mebe ahahaha.
So the hunt at Ross began! >:D ahahaha, originally I keep eyeing some Betsey Johnson ones but their always either TOO small or TOO big. Needed a medium sized one, but that never happened. So Alas I found something else >8D

clearly I suck at taking product photos /: trolololz.

and I found a new wallet! *u* Normally I prefer the trifold stick it in your back pocket dude type wallets XD but this was just too awesome!!!!

leather ruffles for the win?! :O ommmmg lawl.

Forgot to show you guys my new kicks from Listen Flavor that Ash got me for my birthday *u*

their incredibly shiny and has 2 layers! You can fold the outer purple layer to reveal the purple leopard print :D now I need new skirts and tights to go with this LOLZ. Been eyeing the SPR sites for awhile but I think I'll have to replicate a few items since I dont really wanna drop too much $$$ before AX/Am2 this year x.X;;
could always go for more tops too~ I guess.

And I also got new black flats. Their totally hipster >_> ergh. But something quick and easy to wear to work. I dont really give much a damn when it comes to work, since I pretty much have a 'standard' uniform for work. AHAHA. Aka shit I wont really wear out side of work but dont mind wearing?...ahahaa

Easy to slip on and would go with skinny jeans and a loose top = which I found myself to be a staple in my work wardrobe lately. Layering it up with cardigans and jackets too.

Not very stylist but hey, its for work :P

I also just got new glasses and updated my perscription too. *u* shit cost too much since I dont have insurance! GEIIII! D8< next check I'll be ordering circle lenses so I don't have to keep wearing my glasses ALL the time xD I'm sure I can still use the same prescription on my glasses even if I havent gotten my contact lens fitting exam yet. trololol. Shit is another fucking $60.

Looking to try the new Tsubasa Masuwaka Bambi Lens series in 15mm! Might get reg. geo ones for a more 'everyday wear' (aka work) in 14mm or less than 14.5mm def! xDDD nothing TOO out there! :o

I need to get down and start working on some Cosplay for friends for AX/AM2 this weekend too @_@ll

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fanime 2011

Hi, so guess who woke up late this morning?! thats right. ME! D8< and I thought I was way pass this shit LOOOL considering my work shift is 11am-8pm. You'd think I've have plenty of time to sleep in. YOU'D THINK THAT WOULDN'T YOUU?!! D8< ommmmg but no LOOOL

so tired right now but I know if I dont write this, this will def not happen AHAHAHA! :O and besides, waiting for Vimeo to upload the Fanime Video I took of epic randomness~

dont you hate it after you take a hot shower, how you suddenly get reminded of how tired you're body is?! yeah....>___>;; post con-syndrome. Still trying to 'recover' from it :B it was so much easier to recover from it when you could sleep in xD but no, welcome to the real world bitch. Not all of us have summer vacations and whatnot. AHAHA. So gotta suck it up, gear up and prep for Anime Expo come 4th of July weekend! (which reminds me, I need to put in my time off request from work tomorrow....)

So, lets start with the Fanimu (Fanime) 2011 Con Report x.X;; its not really...much to report to be honest since I was uber lame and didnt buy a badge for the weekend :D nor was there really any event I wanted to hit up, yeah there were panels and Yuya & FLow Concert but I wasnt really feeling it, this was a totally last minute decision to even bother going to Fanime! XD and the journey leading up to getting there...ahaha...;;

Started off at getting off work on Friday night at 7pm, normally I work till 8pm but I managed to work an hr earlier to get off an hr earlier but that doesnt really make much of a difference since my train still doesnt leave till close to 9pm... and omg. lawwwl, what a break! I meant to leave early but for some reason in the end I still found myself rushing to get to the train station! *A* I thought I was gonna def. miss my train or have to catch it at the last sec. and then figure out how to pick up my ticket at the next stop...if theres any possiblity of doing that at all! Normally via amtrak you technically CAN get off a different stop and purchase/pick up your ticket but for some reason they didnt allow it at night?...
well, it doesnt matter ahahaha! coz I made my train, got there ON TIME and guess what?! By luck! the train was atleast 10-15 mins late! ommmmgggg.... my bro drove like a maniac just trying to get my ass there xD!

felt kinda bad coz I felt like I was definitely holding everyone up ;; and when the train finally started moving, there was another delay in San Juan Capistrano! D8< whhhyyy which I believe we were there for what felt like 15 mins! urgh and the annoying part is that before boarding the train, I had to stand next to these 2 annoying drunk girls who were on their way to Long Beach =3=;; thankfully by the time we started boarding the train they ended up going to the snack cart while I made my way to the 2nd floor - for unreserved coach.

On the way we go~ I felt totally lazy, I dressed pretty comfortably since I figured we'd be arriving extremely late/really early to San Jose. Sported me some chucks and black track suit xD. mmhm sweat pants LAWWWWL totally uncool, but its ok, its late at night so no one should care what you look like! D8<
I shared the cart with a few other students getting out of school - going home or going on a break for memorial weekend, 2 of the other guys behind me, I could overhear their convo - total Star Craft nerds :B and I wasnt sure if they were also heading to Fanimu or not but I recall them dropping the name Fanime and AX a couple times in the convo xD;;

Felt like I had to much shit to bring with me for someone whos only going to be at the con for 2 days =_=;;
I brought cosmetics and brushes, a sleeping bag for Nick, a backpack for my shoes (Rocking Horse Shoes for Toshi for NANA cosplay and my Demonia boots) =3=;; its a hassle getting on and off the train with such luggage. I remember having to do that for AX! And then having to transfer trains at Union Station too! D8< never again plz! xD! so pretty much, got to Fullerton around...10/11ish? and thats where Ash picked me up and from there headed off to get everyone else at Walnut and make our way to San Jose, I dont think we really got on the road till 11-12ish @_@;; yeeep, the long 6 hr drive is brutal LAWL. And we didnt even make it out of Los Angeles and already there was an accident before Lancaster. LOOLZ. Oh fail LA so fail... we finally arrived to San Jose at close to day breakxD! and couldnt find our freakin' hotel! AHAHAHAHA we drove pass it once till I finally looked up and realized =3= shit, this is our building.... we were staying at the Fairmount hotel and OMFGGGG that hotel room was MADE for cosplayers! :D it has a HUGE VANITY!!!!!! lawwwl and it was quite roomie! :D

So as soon as we got there, Toshi was already starting to gear up for her Ginga Bishounen Star Driver cosplay, everyone else wanted to sleep. Me and nick being the idiots that we are, said. Screw sleep xD lets get ready lolololz.
well, I'm pretty sure I ended up taking a quick power nap, which consisted of a 10-15 mins of shutting my eyes closed before tacking the project of chopping Nick's Sebastian wig and doing his tranny makeup :B

edit: totally finishing up this post 3 days later....lawl...I started writing this entry Thursday? or Wednesday night? Can't remember. All I know is, today is Sunday and I'm just barely finishing up this entry trololololz. So exhausted from last night/yesterday. I ran a bunch of errands and dropped alot of money ;A; just to get new glasses. FFFFFFf why do we never wanna spend money on shit we /really/ need yet its so much easier for us to spend on crap we /dont/ really need? D8<

anyways continuing on with the entry! D8<
After Nick was done getting ready he was so freakin' excited to go out there and be SEEEEN trololol, so I guess I did a very good job on his hair and makeup then *u* I heard he was quite popular sebby at the con and at the masq ball. He didnt stick around with us long enough to get photos or much video /: geiiii hu?

Walked outside and to my surprise our hotel was located across the street from where all the FOOD PLACES ARE! :DDD OH NOM NOMS!! Considering I didnt eat since leaving work the night before xD!! I got a chicken bowl rice and boba tea~ >3
and headed back to the hotel with Toshi and everyone else to wake up Ash and get her and Michael ready for their hitman reborn cosplay.
Unfortunately she didnt bring Mukuro so she brought a different character along? D: it was epic fail since I didnt have purple eyeliner so I had to mix abunch of stuff to get the purple mark on her face to show up ;A;
I use gel based eyeliner and 2 different eyeshadows mixed to get the right color and kept dabbing it on her face and I set it with setting spray. /:
next time I need to be more prepared xD! (granted she didnt tell me who else she brought in terms of cosplay!)

Met up with Mei in her Sheryl Nome cosplay and Toshi was in her Star Driver cosplay. GOddamn we couldnt want for a few mins or seconds without people stopping them for photos! D8< daaaamn lawl.

Nick was fixing Mei's back bow... xD;;

The Gala tic Bishounen meet the Galactic Fairy

After walking around a bit at the Exhibit hall and artist ally we finally went out to try and get some gruubbb *u* forever hungry...lawwwl.
So we went to SMILE SUSHI? It was a pretty small place /: and the food was decent, decently priced too. So it wasnt bad.

Toshi just ended up order 3 cups of Miso soup =3=;; wth. While the rest of us had full on entree plates. We kept trying to shove food her way but she kept refusing it.

I pretty much forgot what happened after this. trololol. I guess I think everyone went to see the FLOW or Yuya concert this day?...and me and Ash didnt have a badge so we otped to chill at the Hotel till everyone got back then we can proceed with the night Star Driver shoot then the last improtu Nana shoot as well.

Met up with a few friends after taking a quick power nap! xD;;

After Toshi got back from the Flow concert we had the Star Driver shoot. There were a few other photographers who came out of the blue who wanted pics of her too. Ahaha.
It was pretty hard taking pics since my Sony DSLR was pretty limiting on the ISO levels I had ;A;ll goddaaamn. Someday I'll upgrade to a higher DSLR!

trolol. I gave Toshi most of the photos, so I'll probably be uploading them to my Flickr account or my DA. And she will also be uploading some on her account as well. :B

After the quick Star Driver shoot we ran back to the hotel and threw together her Shin Okazaki cosplay for NANA. We really wanna redo the Shin cosplay with a more silver-y greyish wig, the wig and sweater was provided by Mei. I provided the pants and RHS shoes.

Clearly my inner Nana Fangirl was *u* aahahahahaha. Nana is still one of my more fav. all time mangas, too bad Ai Yazawa hasnt updated it in forever ._.

I really liked the more retro feel of the photos >8D (cough,toohighisoresultsingrainycough) but it worked out for this shoot I guess. AHAHAHAHA.... ;A; oh boy I'm so lame but I still liked the results :D;;

We ended the Nana shoot at our hotel room where we did the elevator scene and the scene where Reira is holding up Shin's lighter and etc. fufufuf. Photos on Flickr/DA :B or add Mei and Toshi to your DA watch list >8D

Shoot ended at around 2 or 3am. Then showered and finally sleep. Woke up early the next day again to help everyone get ready xD;; gwah~ ahaha.

This was our 2nd and last day at Fanime /:

Met up with Mei and we all headed off to McD's for some grubbb!!! >8D
long line was long~ then headed to the con for a few photos of everyones cosplay.
Nick obviously was running around doing what he does best once again.

Supposedly the wind ruined a lot of the shots /: I think at this point we were all pretty tired and worn out already xD! ahaha. And the wind WAS blowing pretty badly /:
We only stood around the con for a bit before Toshi and Katie ran back to the hotel to change into something more comfy.
Ash was wearing Shin cosplay at this point and we just wondered around the Exhibit Hall. I was pretty determined to find a Valkyrie Fighter from Macross Frontier XD but..alas I only found a $200 Do You Remember Love one. ;A;
fuuuuu that shit I'm not dropping $200 for that ;A; (im already depressed from having to drop $265 on a new pair of glasses this last weekend alone! D8<) I ended up getting this little guy here >8D

Need to clean my room before I can start assembling him...wish they had a mini Zaku too to go with it ahahaha!

everyone chilled before the Masq. that night, again I sat it out and powered napped some more before running off to meet with other friends for a bit then waiting it out till 3am when we left back for Los Angeles/San Diego.

Everyone was sleeping at around 10-11? worn out from being up and about for 2 days with little to no sleep >8D
I kicked it with Toshi at the Ballroom till 2 or 3 am xD when we all said our goodbyes and were back on the road. I believe we got to Los Angeles around 7 or 8am. My train was leaving at 10.

Mei gave me a cool keyring thingie from Marc Jacobs :D it matches my new purse~ lawl which is also leopard print. fufufu (not pictured)

was pretty damn exhausted upon returning from Fanimu but this is already a pretty lenghty entry. I'll have to post another up to update this last weekends adventure and whatnot.

and lastly, here is the video I threw together from Fanime :D

fanime 2011 from dearx on Vimeo.

kinda gei, nothing special, just something for us friends to look back on for memories :D

also before I end this post! Parakiss (Paradise Kiss) just debut its live action movie over in Japan! *u* I was really happy with the way the NANA movie turned out so I'm sure this is definetely not going to dissappoint! I saw both NANA 1&2 DVDs being sold at AX as well as Kamikaze Girls (since Shin ran off with my copy D8< geeeiii) but I couldnt justify dropping $20/ea for each DVD when I know Amazon has it for less xD! geeei hu?! Its ok I have the movies in my Hard Drive but owning the physical DVDs must be nice too /: that or I can burn myself a DVD....-sigh-