Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Delayed post is delayed since I forgot to include this into the last entry/ the last entry was getting pretty long @_@ll ahaha.

I went shopping after Fanime~ I guess? LAWL, been needing a new bag/purse and wallet for a while now *u* so I was on the hunt to look for something! The bag I was using for forever was a messenger sling bag or something in a camo print. LOL, Ive had it for like...years and though I've switched back and forth with other bags I've always come back to it coz it was so convenient to just sling over you versus carrying a hand bag /:
So now I wanted to try and find something better, more 'mature' looking mebe ahahaha.
So the hunt at Ross began! >:D ahahaha, originally I keep eyeing some Betsey Johnson ones but their always either TOO small or TOO big. Needed a medium sized one, but that never happened. So Alas I found something else >8D

clearly I suck at taking product photos /: trolololz.

and I found a new wallet! *u* Normally I prefer the trifold stick it in your back pocket dude type wallets XD but this was just too awesome!!!!

leather ruffles for the win?! :O ommmmg lawl.

Forgot to show you guys my new kicks from Listen Flavor that Ash got me for my birthday *u*

their incredibly shiny and has 2 layers! You can fold the outer purple layer to reveal the purple leopard print :D now I need new skirts and tights to go with this LOLZ. Been eyeing the SPR sites for awhile but I think I'll have to replicate a few items since I dont really wanna drop too much $$$ before AX/Am2 this year x.X;;
could always go for more tops too~ I guess.

And I also got new black flats. Their totally hipster >_> ergh. But something quick and easy to wear to work. I dont really give much a damn when it comes to work, since I pretty much have a 'standard' uniform for work. AHAHA. Aka shit I wont really wear out side of work but dont mind wearing?...ahahaa

Easy to slip on and would go with skinny jeans and a loose top = which I found myself to be a staple in my work wardrobe lately. Layering it up with cardigans and jackets too.

Not very stylist but hey, its for work :P

I also just got new glasses and updated my perscription too. *u* shit cost too much since I dont have insurance! GEIIII! D8< next check I'll be ordering circle lenses so I don't have to keep wearing my glasses ALL the time xD I'm sure I can still use the same prescription on my glasses even if I havent gotten my contact lens fitting exam yet. trololol. Shit is another fucking $60.

Looking to try the new Tsubasa Masuwaka Bambi Lens series in 15mm! Might get reg. geo ones for a more 'everyday wear' (aka work) in 14mm or less than 14.5mm def! xDDD nothing TOO out there! :o

I need to get down and start working on some Cosplay for friends for AX/AM2 this weekend too @_@ll

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    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! <3 OMGAH you were at Fanimuuuuuu :OOO I totally recognize that spiky hair LOL. And omg I missed a Nana cosplay *sad* I was really sad I couldn't find any Nana merchandise besides some lame bronze necklaces... has Nana died out that quickly?? >3>;; I hope Yazawa-sensei comes out of hiatus someday.... she left us on the worst cliffhanger GUHH I'm so sick of cliffhangers ;____;

    I got effing lucky, my sister bought a badge for her boyfriend but he didn't want to go, so she let me borrow it. BEST Fanime yet!! Are you planning on going next year?? :) I wasn't planning on going except for MusicFest, then I heard about Yoshiki <3333 I think I'm going to HAVE to go next year haha.

    AWESOMEEEE you build gundams too?? :D I got the SD Gundam Astray and me and my boyfriend got the MG Unicorn <33 I totally feel you on the Zaku... I've been dying to buy one for a few years LOL. Oh Zakus, what is this attraction to you??

    OMAGAHH I want those shoes o_o <3 I really want a pair of doc martens in either hot pink or yellow, but they're so expensive and hard to find >3>

    Which lenses were you looking at? :) I have the Apple Greens, but I'm dying to try the Sesame Greys! I might splurge on another pair since Fobby Barbie has them in stock again YAY!! Or the almonds... or chocolate.... guhhh I can't decide ;___;