Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gundam Rx78-2

1.5 hr later with much distractions...hurpderp.

Sephora Mineral Makeup Package

my package from Sephora came in today *u*

I had ordered the Mineral Loose Powder Foundation since they were going on Clearance sale at this point also because I was out of my NYX Loose powder.

I wanted to try this out also coz I’ve heard some great reviews on it from their website not to mention they were going for as low as $3! I would have ordered more but I wasnt sure how good it was. Did a quick swatch on the back of my hand. So far so good *u*

only con I have about this powder is:

-Its smaller than I expected. This originally retails for $18. but I got it for $3.

and its considerably SMALLER than the Nyx pot I got, which retails for $15 (before taxes)

-NO SPF protection on this powder.

As you can see these pots are super tiny. I’m considering maybe just going ahead and ordering 2 more while supplies lasted or if I should just stick this out and go back to my NYX powder when I use these two up.

The NYX pot lasted me a goo 2.5 yrs! And I used that shit everyday! :o

with constant reapplication during conventions too. Well, maybe a little goes a long way. So we shall see…

maybe Sephora is discontinuing this line because their going to come out with an even better product?! Perhaps one with SPF protection?! :o

if not, then I’m sorry I might just stick to my NYX powder <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comic Con 2011

"I Like Girls In Armor"

2008-2009 Cyberlox Photoshoot

heres another one from the good ol' days back when DJ Sisen was ruling the scene and during the time that Myspace was the sh!t. Back when Aurel Vampire, Sisen and Tokyo Decadence was making its rapid approach towards the US American Scene...

back in the day when I went under the name JUR and Shin was under SHIN PROJECT. Before he left for Japan.
Back when I was still a student finishing my Cosmetology degree in technical school...

Hair, Makeup, Photography and styling by me.

Those long nights sewing those applique~ oh so much fun. :D Shin has designed the outfit and I brought it to life. Those were the good ol' days~

The dread wig I made as well, it was my first time working with dreads and I def. got some very interesting glances while constructing them at beauty school. Hahaha.

2009 Zombie Pin-up photoshoot

or atleast I'd like to recall that this was done during 2009?...
Styling and Photography done by me
Phoebe and Megan helped organize the photoshoot and did some styling work as well.

These were taken back when I was under the name Just.Under.Royalty....( yes omg back in the day when Myspace was still in...
I learned my lesson not to really rely on social networks sites since they come and go with fads...hence why I'm trying to go ahead and fill everything in my Blog.

This shoot was definitely fun. We did it at Ramona, CA.

The ladies were fantastic but what zombie shoot is complete without alittle bit of fun chasing after fresh meat?!

mixed our own blood and everything. I may even have an old video from that day...

and of course some behind the scene video....

Lamento Photoshoot from 2009/2010

So since I'm completely blanking out on Day 2 of Anime Expo right now. I figured its time to photo spam my blog with old photoshoots I've done in the past since I was never consistent with blog entries.
And apparently Flickr is making me upgrade to a PRO account once I reach my 200 photo count in there. So gay.

Here I present to you photos from Toshi's Old but incomplete Lamento cosplay that we shot at Balboa Park and then some more a year later at Anime Expo 2010...