Monday, July 18, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 Videos

waaah waah waah. I will continue to lag on those updates regarding Anime Expo :P
till then, this is what I've been wasting my time on. I should really be signing up for classes for the fall today but I havent even done my Financial Aid packet yet :D;; coz I just simply fail like that nor have I really checked the schedule....Q_Q foreverfail....
oh jeez.

Videos from Anime Expo!!! Hi, I'm missing one more video since it takes forever in a day to just upload one! :o freaaaaaaaaak.

I also decided to really try and strive to get a T2i by the end of the year so I can shoot better videos O_O since me and Nick pretty much came up with more ideas of stuff to shoot, be legit and shiznets >333

these are all just random videos for fun and memories~ :D
I'm also quite lame since I dont own my own video camera, this is actually courtesy once again of Megans Flip Camera. I found the Flip on sale now for as low as $60 at Bestbuy. =____=;; uuuh I think its time for me to get my own. Lawwwwwl. Eventually....since I'd prefer to use the T2i for real footage and the flip for randomness like these...

the last 1-2 videos I need to upload is; the Loveless photoshoot one and one of just simply random footage that was rejected from the reels XD;;
and just bits and pieces from the Zone-00 shoot at the last day.

So yes...I'll eventually get around to writing up a real entry. I know Toshi over at her blog has started on hers....lawwwl. I simply fail 8D;;

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