Monday, July 18, 2011

Another LA Trip

LA trips are such a norm for me now /: and its gotten surprisingly somewhat boring when you really have no plan or no place new to visit. Whu? xD;; Iunno. I still love going up there I guess?
coz its alittle different from San Diego but still within a drive?...the drive to go there isnt that bad anymore either, I guess since I'm so use to going up and down there now and especially JUST coming back from Anime Expo/Am2 and having driven back and forth between LA and Anaheim @___@;;

Went up to LA this weekend to accompany a friend in Claremont to do a 'How to Draw Anime' Session. The kids were alot younger than expected! :o and in the end we talked a bit of anime, cosplay, conventions and etc. We might come back and do more sessions there if the library gets more people to come and attend. A lot of kids now a days just dont go to libraries. We are all spoiled by kindles and hi-speed internet at home LOL! And I guess kids now only go there to 'study' lawl. Or 'hang out' after school. I would know, since I live across the library and the library by my place has always been a hang out spot for kids after school or for young rascal couples to run to XD to get away from their parentals. trololol.
Anyways after the library trip. Went to Little Tokyo, was going to attempt to do some shopping for birthday presents, originally planned on going to Ontario Mills mall but didnt happen. LAwl. Derped around Little Tokyo instead.

Got crepes at the new Crepe Shop. For the life of me I cannot remember the name :D;;
they have some pretty interesting crepes and most of which have GELATO in them! :o

And I didnt know that Q-Pop was also holding an event LAWL!!!!
I got me that damn SPR necklace I've been hunting down for months and months but is always sold out everywhere else. Behind the R, is the SPR skull design. But I dont think it'd be very appropriate for me to be running around work with a pad lock necklace screaming 'SEX.POT.REVENGE' LAWWWL!!!!!!!

I also picked up two of these yogurt beauty masks coz I've heard alot about Yogurt and stuff :B and I wanted to try this before dropping $$$ for the Lineage one???? I got it from the same place next to the Sanrio store that carries the big NYX counter ish type thing. I normally go there to stock up on NYX products but I didnt. I really needed new powder and brow pencil but I fought the urge to drop more $$ lawl...Q_Q I kinda regret it now though...laawwwwl! shit.
next time I go back up to LA, I'm def gonna stock up ! D8<

I tried the yogurt masks as soon as we got back. And it felt weird, awkward but oddly enough it does feel cooling and good. LAWL. I'm going to have to try it again later :BBB
and the cool thing is, you only really need HALF of the packet to do your entire face. and no it doesnt come off as thickly as the photo on the cover does LAWL! >DDD

Also pictured, I finally caved in and got a manga, its the OLD manga Socates in love. Too bad they didnt have the novel version there. But meh. Needed something to read anyway :B

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