Friday, July 22, 2011

hurhurhur going to Comic Con

so apparently last minute decision...I'm going to Comic Con tomorrow.
Ironic, its in my own home town and I've skipped out on it several times due to it:
1. being overly crowded
2. hot as hell
3. parkings a bitch

I was planning on spending the weekend:
1. attacking my hair LAWL. Roots??? I think I'm just bothered by the fact that the brown is fading too quickly already and I missed parts of my roots underneath lawwwl Q_Q;;
and was thinking of adding pink to my blonde patch and letting it just fade out later.

2. spending money I shouldnt be spending - I still need to get Ash a few more things for her bday. I already ordered a portion of it online >3 and got myself a snazy little prezzie for myself too.

Now I'm waiting for the freakin' summer to end coz i'm looking forward to all the new Fall/Winter collection from all the brands <3 lawwwl. I clearly dislike Summer! D8<
I've been dawning the tank tops lately and I just dont like that lawwwwl. xDD fall/winter please come sooner so I can look forward to all the new lovely goodies thats going to come out for the colder seasons.

that and Fall/Winter means: PMX and ALA. Hurhurhur. I'm looking more forward to ALA tbh since SHIN is flying back again *u* hope he makes it out again xD so we can all have more retarded moments.

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