Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anime Expo 2011: Day1

LOL.OMFGWTFBBQ. Hella back logged muuuuch? :BB lawl so yeah I just got back from Comic Con and I'm FINALLY sitting here doing my AX Con report. Day 1 dundundundun. Coz i'm pretty boring and lame and yeaaaah >___>ll
yay distractions right? anywho moving on, lets get on with the con report :O


Picked up Toshi from the Train Station off at Solana Beach Day 0 and she and her cousin spent the night at my place before leaving for LA at 4am! XD gyaaah I think I only had like an hr and half of sleep. Or less. but its all gewd.
Got there and we were bumming around waiting for our hotel rooms to open up. What a waste of time waiting for it not to mention waiting inline to get our badges Q_Qll

Bumming at the lobby, everyone had their game systems out LOL. And yes, that PINK DS is Mikeys how gei. lawlz.

Toshi and Shin

Day 1 was pretty bring to be honest, it was hot and uncomfortable and we didnt really do much, we only spent a few hours at the con and ran back to our Hotel room to make it to Anaheim for Am2 to see Sadie's concert! *u*

Ash and Shin were both dead after the Concert lawl....;;gei.

lawwwl. making dinner at the hotel~
I made pasta on the rice cooker :B i'm so legit.

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