Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Forever back logged is forever backlogged :D;; I really dont know when I'd get around to doing the video or the photos from AX ;;
I have a shoot to do too at the beach pretty soon. Yay for no sleeping just to get to the beach before everyone else does!! D8<
have I ever mentioned how much I disliked the beach???

Too bad so sad this post isnt really going to talk about Anime Expo ;;...lawl.
quick update is quick. Work has been busy. the new COD map pack came out :D;; still need to get the hang of the new stages.
Aka i need to stop playing when I'm barely awake and dieing too much.

Hello~ theres fan art by Shin ontop~ Dont you guys miss those?!
why do I always loook the most retarded in his drawings? TAT;; he flew back to Japan today. boo. but its for the best :D;;

Anyone going to Nisei Week in Little Tokyo next month? Tempted to make Shou and Ash yukatas to wear for the festival~

random picture from the beach last weekend too....we went for my little brothers bday bbq.

this little guy washed up on shore...wanted to poke it but couldnt find a stick....


Went to Tsuruhashi for dinner. Its this semi nice place where you sit down and grill your own food LAWL. Any sit down places where they make you work for your food always somehow makes you work for your wallet too /:
I don't get it and the portions are always pretty stingy >D!

After dinner took my sis to my new favorite place to chill/dessert at Clairemont/Convoy area~ Cafe Hue~


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