Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Another one of those random unofficial photoshoots from Anime Expo. Lawl. featuring age old costumes that has been sitting in my bin for years and years which I've sewned back in the Ming Dynasty!!!! LAWL. Oh boi I wish I didnt loose all em lovely accessories to go with these costumes and I wish I had remade them using fancier materials. Lawl. but its ok, since these costumes are almost 5+ years old I believe :O!

I really really *really* love the designs since their arabic ish inspired and are super comfortable. I was originally going to wear Ion but ended up giving it to Shin lawl. Which I guess in the end turned out to be a better choice lawl! Heres some of the random photos we took from that night~ I have videos as well from the shoot down below in a previous entry or follow the tags~ ahahaha.

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