Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2008-2009 Cyberlox Photoshoot

heres another one from the good ol' days back when DJ Sisen was ruling the scene and during the time that Myspace was the sh!t. Back when Aurel Vampire, Sisen and Tokyo Decadence was making its rapid approach towards the US American Scene...

back in the day when I went under the name JUR and Shin was under SHIN PROJECT. Before he left for Japan.
Back when I was still a student finishing my Cosmetology degree in technical school...

Hair, Makeup, Photography and styling by me.

Those long nights sewing those applique~ oh so much fun. :D Shin has designed the outfit and I brought it to life. Those were the good ol' days~

The dread wig I made as well, it was my first time working with dreads and I def. got some very interesting glances while constructing them at beauty school. Hahaha.

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