Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hurpderpderpderpderp. Day 3 of Anime Expo. Why am I posting this up before Day 1 and 2 blogs?! :BBBB

Very last minute improvised shoot. Last minute epicness XD;;

The ears were bought at the Exhibit Hall from one of em furry shops. Lawl. Wig was borrowed from my sister :B

And I think Nick had one of his roomates draw the BELOVED tattoo on him.

dahahaha so proud of the outcome of the photos despite being so last-minute and random O_O

dont my babies look so hawt?! :DDD anyone care to guess how old they are?! XDD thats always a fun game we like to play 8BBBB

Maybe we'll do more official Loveless Photoshoots and a Live Action Movie Clip Snip?!! :o durhurhurhur

And if you can make it through all the shexy pictures, theres a behind the scenes Photoshoot video waiting for you down below :BBB


d'awwwwww XDDD

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