Monday, April 30, 2012

191. HG 1/144 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Version

Wawawah, before I go any further with this post. I want to remind you guys that me and Toshi are trying to desperarely get rid of some items. Most are new, or gently used items. I'm in the process of moving again and in need to clear out items from my closet so I can free up some stuff. A lot of my stuff has went into the donation box already but I figured some of the items I have up for sale are very much in good condition; have only been worn once and are very much still new. And we are selling some brand new wigs just intime for the cosplay season~ please check it out:

I may be revising the link since I'm allowed to re-spam garagesalejapan once every 3 days. Lol....
I'm willing to negotiate the prices as well since I just need to get rid of them at this point. But if their not gonna sell, then oh well, might as well hoard them some more ): 

my brothers are obsessed with those damn melon bars
and I wont lie, they are pretty damn addicting, refreshing and oh so good.
So great intime for the summer.

Friday, April 27, 2012

190. Moving Sale

Hey guys,
I’m doing a moving sale~ I need to get rid of some stuff since I have to downgrade housing again ):
Please take a look at some of these gently used or brand new items I’m trying to free myself of
Moving Sale!!!! Deorart, Decora and Dr Martens!
I posted the items on Livejournal's GarageSaleJapan community. But I dont always check my LJ account as often as I use to. So please if you have any inquiries please shoot me an email directly.
I'm selling cosplay wig, Deorart visual kei brand blazer and some cute decora style clothes and real official Dr. Marten boots! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

189. New layout

New blog layout after bitching about it for so long and having such a dark darpy looking layout for so long that, I just was not that happy about after staring at it for so long...
and since I was in a rush to change it, I forgot to take a proper screen shot of it for memory orz.

Oh well, lets just all think that it was a bad memory that we rather forget then LOL?! but I DID remember to save the original banner I had...which was this:

 and I had paired it with a black x white bulky stripe background, which worked for a little bit but I'm way over it and wanted something cleaner and nicer? Spring-ish look? And wanted something that reflected something that /I/ personally worked on...

the original banner was a stock photo I found floating around tumblr that didnt even have a proper credit x__Xll shame on me orz and I had altered a bit of it on photoshop.

I wanted to pretend I was part of the cool kids and take a screen shot on the Mac (LOL lets pretend of a sec I own a Mac) but clearly my sisters BF pointed out my epic failure "How to screen cap on a Mac"
orz. FAIL! LMAO I should have edited that out HAHAHA

Clearly I work / own a PC looool.
I just abused my room mates Mac which sits in the living room for everyone to use x__X I wish I could pirate CS5 and Lightroom on there ): so I can work on a bigger screen!!!!

I keep forgetting to order AV cables for my laptop so I can plug it into my TV so I can use it as a screen for editing photos. But since I moved rooms and etc...I dont think I'll ever really have room to set that up. But I should remember to do it anyway - would make editing pics better for my eyes vs squinting at my tiny laptop which I believe is a 14"?....

This was the other banner I was thinking of using, yay Howl~ LOLZ but somehow I ended up with the Kenshin set instead since its more subtle? I didnt really want to think about the layout and threw this together in 20-30 mins LOL in between gaming x__X  Warriors Orochi 3 is addicting....

I also cleaned it up a bit by getting rid of the flickr feed on the side pannel and twitter feed as well....
I left my links ontop so you guys can still find my Twitter and Flickr accounts from there.

my friend lent me a 3DS with Zelda and Cooking mama on it and I have barely touched it! O___O I also need to be working on my commissions as con season is starting up again! I started on one

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

188. Rurouni Kenshin: Blood Rain

The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone.. Would be the moment you understand love

You are the one that makes the bloody rain fall.....

The long awaited set from the Sakura Shoot~ LOL (no not really... who am I kidding trolol) This photoshoot has been on my long long long long wish list of things to shoot for years and years and years now.
I'm so happy it finally happened. I wanted to shoot something;

 1. In the water
 2. Blood!
3. Swords

Thank you so much to Hannsel, Christian, Natt and Ash for being such awesome troopers and making this totally happen! *u* It was totally worth every painful rock and sliding down hills for. LOL.
I dont think alot of people noticed but both Ash and Hannsel were both barefooted while shooting in that water (so was everyone else) but its incredible painful to stand on those sharp rocks ): and moosss under your feets LOl (ok maybe I was the only one complaining about that odd feeling under my feet) but still. No Bueno. It was no easy feat getting them to where I needed them to stand and pose. The sun was clearly setting and the water was getting colder. Such troopers!

 As always, I made the entire outfit for Kenshin and happily sacrificed my $20 Esther wig for Kenshin. It was all so worth it. LOl.

AND HERES THE FUN PART. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD. I probably sound like a lunatic (and according to Anh I probably did. Since I kept yelling "WE NEED MORE BLOOD. IF I'M SEEING SKIN I BETTER BE SEEING BLOOD TTwTT"

 heres the one with the translation lol coz I'm a derp:


Monday, April 16, 2012

187. Rurouni Kenshin - Seta Sōjirō

Cosplayer: Hannsel 
as Seta Sojiro from Rurouni Kenshin | Samurai X
 Photography: Me
Location: Lake Balboa Van Nuys, CA



186. Matcha Latte

These are some pretty extravegant expensive chocolates LOl....this is what I spent my food budget on. OTL. $5 for a bar. And their the size of half of a chocolate bar. And you can only get them at Nijiya or online =A=ll

Their OK to be honest. Its got a smooth nice texture and smooth finish to it but nothing TOO amazing. It just...taste...really expensive lmao.

Amanda as Rin from Inuyasha

185. Brave10

Cosplay done & modeled by: Christian Angel
Character: Hatori Sanzo from Brave10
Photography: Me, Location: Lake Balboa Van Nuys

Friday, April 13, 2012

184. Natsume Yuujinchou Sakura Shoot

Heres the first set of dumps from the Sakura Photoshoot we had last Easter weekend shot at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys California~ yayay~
All Photo and costumes done by me~

The Natsume Kimono was actually a kimono meant for Toshi's Kazama cosplay from Hakuouki but I have said I was going to redo it since its too short for Toshi but I guess it worked enough for Natsume *u* yeyeah~ but the Matoba one...OMYGAWD. I ended up sewing it the night before the shoot at the hotel at 4:30am and waking up again at 7:30 saturday morning before the shoot to finish it up...LOL! but hey, it worked! I was frantic on trying to find the design on Matoba's eye patch too but Ash was a hero and found a screen shot!

Sad I didnt get brocade intime to line the collar trim...but alas~ I think the photos came out pretty well for something done so last minute. Thanks to Hannsel and Ash for cosplaying the lovelies and for helping me cut out the fabrics at the hotel LOL! I didnt get any shots of our progress/mess at the hotel coz I was too busy sewing the night away and worried that we would disturb anyone. Thankfully enough our room was at the corner and we didnt have any neighbors at all.

This was my favorite shot from the entire Natsume shoot since the wind blew just at the right moment and blew some cherry blossoms into the frame. How magical!

183. Spirited Away Inspiration


Another filler post! LOL. Sorry?! After having completed ONE Hayao Miyazaki shoot;  Howl's Moving Castle (which I'm pretty convinced needs to be reshot with a proper Sophie lol coz Howl is roneri) I've been inspired to do ANOTHER Miyazaki one, Spirited Away which is probably my second favorite or is in par with Howl's Moving Castle *u* and while browing Cure Cosplay I stumbled on this set. And I'm like WOOOW *u* amazing settings, amazing costumes, just an amazing photo in general! Must share!

I guess I have a thing for shooting in water and waterfalls lawlz. Their just something so magical about them. *cough this scene looks like FFX Tidus and Yuna needs to be at cough* but I'm pretty over FFX for now....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

182. Spring & Lippies Filler Post.

Spring is upon us...despite the...not so perfect spring weather...since for some reason San Diego has rain LOL. Not complaining though! I happen to LIKE the long as I'm not trying to go to a con or do a photoshoot lmao that is...haha...

Still working on finishing all the sets from the photoshoot from the last weekend and I need to haul my stuff and move this weekend but lol hasnt happened yet! Its not going to be a big move just yet...I'm just giving up my room since some family is moving in with us and my bro and his gf is getting my room and well, we'll figure out where I go from there lawl. So lame oAoll but alas, such is life. Anyways....

I have quite a few photos to go through and might have to do a giant photo dump once its all done- perhaps I'll do a slide show instead since each post is getting longer and longer with the crap I post up ;A;ll and I stilll need to put together a new layout for my blog. Its becoming to look rather say the least....
and isnt being very friendly lol....atleast to all the badges and stuff I keep slapping on the side with >_>ll

I spent a good hour derping around earlier looking for the perfect electronic photo frame. I want one that shows a good resolution and shows calendar/clock as the same time...
but apparently thats too much to ask for and the ones I keep wanting to grab are..well...atleast over $100 which, to say the least - you get what you pay for ):

So the quest continues. Till then, I'll possibly stick to printing out some photos and there are definitely a few photos from the set from the weekend thats worth printing and framing! I have quite a few from older sets as well...and I need to get a new portfolio book together so ): but alas, has not happened yet again lol. I have 1 empty photo frame thats a decent size that I've been saving...and I believe I might have just found the right one to use for now *u* I'll keep you guys posted when it happens! Yeyeah! I definitely want to start framing my works considering I do from Photography, costume, and styling - not for all but a good number of them. And I'd just be nice to be reminded of the fruits of labor <3 So I need to keep an eye for some good frames thats going to go on sale eventually or start raiding ebay lol!

 Lip wear~ I use to not be a big lip wear person - still am not to be honest. I dont like the sticky feeling of gloss but definitely like how it looks on MOST people. I just cannot do...LOL. My lips are pretty dark / pigmented so I feel alot of the time its hard to find a good pink shade that works so I tend to sway away from them and stay within my comfort zone - mauves and roses ): and pinkish nudes. But with spring being here, WHY THE EFF NOT TRY SOMETHING NEW LAWLZ...DURP. So along came this baby! (sounds like a freakin' advert) 

A soft sheer tinted lip balm / lipstick thats moisturizing! Yeaaassshhhh  I cannot justify getting a high end lip stick when I'm not too comfortable with them yet. And I tried this one out and see how well it works. Its not super pigmented and just has the right tinged of pink.  It feels more like a soft bb pink if anything....

collection!!! The stuff I carry in my bag :o Ranging from peachy nudes to a rosey pink and to some pretty sheer cherries. I'm not a big fan of the super red red lips, too 40s pin-up for me tbh so thankfully these are
no where near the RED DRAGON LADY type color and just has a sheer lip stain over it.

The hype this spring is ORANGE but...doubt I'm pale enough to do that LMAO. But I'd definitely be interesting to see how people coordinate that...also I wouldnt do it wardobe mostly consists leopard...durp.  

Lastly. Dundundundun!!! Haul form Ross :o all for under $18. Durp. Leopard bubble shorts (yes, whut. More leopard?!) and a STAR Tanktop *u* hnngg Star~ lol.
Bring it on SPRING / SUMMER D8< I hate warm weather to be honest but durrpppp

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura Photoshoot 4.7.2012

...... あなたが血の雨を降らせる人だったのね。 
 You are the one that makes the bloody rain fall....

Uwawawawawah this is most likely going to be an insane 2-3 part post with some heavy photo dumpings! And I mean some HEAVY photo dumps! LOLOL. So I figured I'll start this entry now and come back and finish it up laterLOL! oh my. Haha.

So I just wanted to stop and try and write these down while everything is still pretty fresh LOL!?


I dont care if everyone is so sick of this shot LMAO I still freakin' love it and love the fact that it looks like a screen shot straight from a movie - more so especially with the new live action coming out soon! Hnnnggg *u*

So let me back track and start!! Wowowoooowoooh!! This photoshoot was probably in the planning for a good couple weeks now but has bee on my wish list shoot for years and years and years! So I'm so happy I got a lot of my wishlist shoots done in ONE go!
Blood. Water. Cherry Blossoms and most of all; Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen!! 
So I hope everyone is pretty stoked for the set just as much as I am. I try not to photospam them everywhere Q___Q only in my blog will I do...but still! Q___Q uwuuuu wuuu wuuu!!

The shoot took place over this last Easter weekend. Me and Hannsel drove up from San Diego friday night and met up with Jeff and Anh in Van Nuys; who also were troopers and drove all the way from San Diego *u* win win win! It was a pretty insane night LOL. Arriving at Ash's house aruond 10ish...sitting in the car like total creepers while waiting for em to get out...then heading to Van Nuys to check into our first hotel and having to sew like a mad woman coz I was a durp and did not finish Matoba the day before!! Coz I was baking cookies and well. FORGOT TO BRING THEM WITH ME COZ I WAS RUSHING TO GTFO SD TAT /failsauce

I brought fabrics and sewing machine with me and etc lol. I totally felt like I giant suitcase was filled to the brim with cosplay stuff and I didnt really bring much clothes with me LOL I forgot to bring extra shorts and flip flops. orz. 

Yeaaaahhh fail me. Met up with everyone else in LA and headed to Denny's for some grub and good conversations lol. then back to the hotel to keep sewing and making adjustments on Matoba till 4:30am...and passing out. Getting up at 7:30 to finish sewing the Haori LOLZ fmlllllll

IT HAPPENED AND I FINISHED IT!! We got to the park around noon-gawdamn it was hot as hell and the place was busy with families celebrating Easter Q___Qll dammmnn....

Thankfully enough we made it for the Cherry Blossoms and nothing was dead yet! huzzah....

I'm still working my way through the photos but I just wanted to do a photo dump on our behind the scenes work~ and slowly work my way through the actual sets.

We shot:

Natsume Yuujinchou | Brave10! | Rurouni Kenshin | Inuyasha

Was hoping to meet up with other friends but I guess everyone else had prior engagements; like the Lil Tokyo masq. I didnt even know they had one xD!

So we kicked off the morning with Inuyasha 

and Anthony's Ashe cosplay from League of Legends - Unfortunately I did not make it to this set Q__Q since we were busy getting Matoba and Natsume ready...orz but I'm sure Anh will have her set up soon enough! *pimpin her page out* click on the image below to be linked to her flickr feed! 8B 

with that being said, I wanted to pimp out her awesome candid - OOC shot of Kenshin from the shoot!

Styling and Costume by Me. Shot by Anh 

More behind the scenes shots from where we were :3 we were all over the park, highs and lows and have achieve the epitemy of being a troll...I was literally...trolling under the bridge LOL.

it was definitely no easy task to get down to where we were shooting but was so worth every single risk we took; with that being said. I come back with bruises on my leg. A busted ankle 8D (since my ankle never really fully healed when I sprained it before) - no pain no gain
and some cuts from the rocks under the water bed. BUT AGAIN. SO WORTH IT. OMG. LOL. It was definitely an experimence worth noting. LOl. And the feeling of.....moss under your feet....not...good feeling LMAO. Just sayin



yeaaaaah LOL. That is pretty much all I gotta say about that LOLZ!!!

We got done with the set around 7pm. We were seriously chasing after sun light but we made it work none theless! Thanks to everyone for their hard work! And I'm telling you, it was no easy task posing or taking photos where we were. None the less bringing all our stuff down a steep hill and coming back up. I forgot to take a good shot of how it all looked tbh!  

yum yum yum blooood LMAO!!!!

I wasnt planning on throwing blood ALL over the place when I first initally made the costumes but halfway fucking up the Hakama twice. I decided to FUCK IT. BLOOD IS GOING ON IT LAWWL during the sewing process so we proceeded to gather as much fake blood as we all had LMAO.

After the super tiring shoot we all just chilled back at our hotel and showered and chilled and I mean chilled~ Alot of us were probably fighting off sleep LOL since many of us has lost sleep. me personally as well xD! Crawled our butts over to In & Out and gorge our faces in food and fought off a Food Coma and celebrated with Cotton Candy Liquor and chilled down the rest of the night.

Following day was an adventure in LA lol...ish...haha.

Ash took us to Venice Canals - never even heard of this place! Its near Venice Beach and the place is lined with expensive looking houses and ducks and boats and bridges and it really does look like a slice of Venice-  California style LOL. 

Durped around the rest of the afternoon and went to Lil Tokyo for some grubbbb....good ol' Curry House and ZOMFG. CHERRY FLOAT. I. FUCKING. WANT. TO. MARRY. THIS. DRINK. IT WAS TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE GO. HNNNGGG...

After durping around some more I stumbled on a few goodies I couldn't resist getting LAWL FML. Lil tokyo you always have some awesome stuff LOLOLz.....orz 

 I didnt get my macaroons for my momma coz LOL omfg we didnt realize it was already 7pm haha!! And Welp, missed Easter Dinner. Oh Well! XD We got back to SD around 930ish with traffic =A=ll Dropped Hannsel home and I got back to my place around 11. LOL.
Tiring tiring tiring. My eyes are pretty heavy and tired right now too....



The weekend totally felt like I went to a con luggage proves it too lmao....