Tuesday, April 17, 2012

188. Rurouni Kenshin: Blood Rain

The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone.. Would be the moment you understand love

You are the one that makes the bloody rain fall.....

The long awaited set from the Sakura Shoot~ LOL (no not really... who am I kidding trolol) This photoshoot has been on my long long long long wish list of things to shoot for years and years and years now.
I'm so happy it finally happened. I wanted to shoot something;

 1. In the water
 2. Blood!
3. Swords

Thank you so much to Hannsel, Christian, Natt and Ash for being such awesome troopers and making this totally happen! *u* It was totally worth every painful rock and sliding down hills for. LOL.
I dont think alot of people noticed but both Ash and Hannsel were both barefooted while shooting in that water (so was everyone else) but its incredible painful to stand on those sharp rocks ): and moosss under your feets LOl (ok maybe I was the only one complaining about that odd feeling under my feet) but still. No Bueno. It was no easy feat getting them to where I needed them to stand and pose. The sun was clearly setting and the water was getting colder. Such troopers!

 As always, I made the entire outfit for Kenshin and happily sacrificed my $20 Esther wig for Kenshin. It was all so worth it. LOl.

AND HERES THE FUN PART. BLOOD. BLOOD. BLOOD. I probably sound like a lunatic (and according to Anh I probably did. Since I kept yelling "WE NEED MORE BLOOD. IF I'M SEEING SKIN I BETTER BE SEEING BLOOD TTwTT"

 heres the one with the translation lol coz I'm a derp:


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