Monday, April 2, 2012

Hayao Miyazaki | Howl's Moving Castle


Take my hand....
LOL EEEE SUCH AN OPENING POST LMAO!!! Well, finally! You guys probably seen me working on this jacket from past posts before right and well! The photoshoot finally happened this weekend! Stoked! We had so many photographers and a pretty legit set up thanks to Anh lOl for being so freakin' epic LAWL and thanks to everyone for helping carrying all the equiptment and our stuff lol. We were suppose to have a Sophie but I guess that did not happen. Boo ): We were afraid it was going to rain in down on us on Sunday since it rained the night before ;A;!!! but its all sunshine! The shoot took place in Balboa Park down in San Diego yeeeaaaah LOL. Again. OTL I've abused that place FAR TOO MUCH OMG. And since we shot on a sunday the place was incredible busy with tourists and people!!! Omg. Got a few stares - per usual but it was all good. Except for one super rude lady lol who basically told us to gtfo...since we were apparently bothering her and her 'customers' =A= when infact no one was really there, there was an art show going on that day but I guess >__>ll  we apologized and left politely. Then I went and bitched about it here LOL!

This was the shot where the lady told us to pretty much gtfo her store front LOL. I didnt even REALIZE it was a store front =A= and we werent bothering anyone but her lol. 
One of the more difficult shots of the day LOL!
 I guess it IS hard to hold a straight face while trying to do a 'cape / jacket' flip
I'd like to reshoot this possibly in another location with Sophie or maybe use the same location?? I dont know lol. Its always hard to reshoot a costume once you've shot it once since you dont want to oversaturate the costumes exposure...or that could just be me. 

I've only really reshot 2-3 costumes /: it being the Haku costume for Shin and Toshi's Lamento. Which we might do ANOTHER set lol since Toshi has updated the costume lol! Yay. Haha.

I know I have a few more costumes sitting that needs to be reshot / updated and whatnot. LOL.

This coming weekend is going to be one big epic weekend as I'll be going to Van Nuys to do a sakura shoot! Definitely looking forward to it! With that being said LOL I need to work on costumes tonight afterwork up till we leave on Friday evening oAo AFTER work loooool. Lets hope I dont end up sewing in the hotel room LAWL! And styling wigs too. zomfg.Need to do that still LAWL!!!
BEHIND THE SCENES!!! I did post some of these via instagram and twitter (@dearxx)but I'm reposting these up here for those of you who do not follow me on instagram or twitter lol :D!
We live for coffee LOL Coffee is life!

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