Friday, March 30, 2012

CHERRY VANILLA COOKIES! and instagram diary

Havent updated in a while, life has been crazy ): not necessarily in a good way! April 7th's Sakura photoshoot is coming up and agh! I had to cancel the Basara shoot due to problems ):
but hopefully we make it to the Howl's Moving Castle photoshoot this weekend and I also need to finish Kenshin and Matoba for the Sakura shoot next weekend! Argh! no breaks! Time to work work work work!

My friends are coming over tomorrow to sell our souls to the sewing Gods once more and do some crazy insane work lol....(and some monopoly just for lols) I need to finish some Hakama's, Howl's shirt and Matoba's entire costume! Ahh! I wonder if I even have time to go to the Swap Meet or am I going to be forced to use what I have lol?! eeek!!! we'll see! ahh! lol. Good bye sleep ;A;ll

Sorry, no NICE DSLR photo dump for now but hola~ instagram diary LMAO

but for starters, new recipe! Lol, a new flavor experiment! For this weeks experiment, I wanted to try making CHERRY VANILLA COOKIES, which I might later convert to a cupcake recipe as well...but I wanted to try something new in spirit of the Sakura Shoot~ lol. Since my SAKURA Extract isnt here yet that I ordered from Japan ):

I went on a quest to try and find CHERRY FLAVOR EXTRACT. But I couldntt find any at my lunch break and was not in the mood to drive all the way to the place where I normally get my flavor oils...and While perusing the isle of Albertsons I ran into these Dunken Hines flavor starters?...Where you mix it with their frostings to get new flavors and they just so happen to have Cherry Vanilla. These are powdered flavorings - I read the ingredients in the back. So I figured, I could probably use this. And it worked! :D Lets move on~


  • 1 cup margarine
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (You can add more if you want. I personally add a few more drops than what it asks for since i want the vanilla to be very pronounced)
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
1 Packet of Dunken Hines flavoring

  • Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 8 minutes.

I Like to sift all my dry ingredients together and mix all the dry ingredients together. I made the mistake of mixing the flavoring last and it did not blend the color and flavor as well as I wanted and I ended up having to drop a few drops of pink coloring to attain a more cherry vanilla color.

ALSO. As you can tell, they look like pieces of meat LAWL. Coz I did NOT roll them out thin enough and used a tiny 'star' shaped cookie cutter /: so they did not come out as nicely as I wanted and the coloring looked pretty off.

Went shopping with my mom and sister last weekend, my sister came down from Berkeley for her spring break and we went to Mac and Sephora. I got a free sephora gift - the Rose lip tint balm thingie. But ah, I forgot to photograph. I gave my mom the none colored one as well.

Got new mascara to try out- apparently its suppose to help make your lashes grow thicker and etc. LOL! Speaking of lashes~ I want to order some lashes from ebay!
I got a new MAC concealer since the other one I have is a shade or 2 too light and are only really good on my under eye circles. This one is a shade meant for my discoloration and acne scars ):
seriously, a TINY drop is MORE than enough, its insane!

my moisturizer from the BODY SHOP just wasnt cutting it out for me anymore and I felt my skin was dry and I keep getting dry patches everywhere and thats a NONO! Ironic since most of the time my skin is OILY! ): d'oh. I was eyeing the Philosophy moisturizer and I had a sample packet from it before, I didnt like that it felt like it was stinging >__> my face so I decided to go with Clinique instead. I got the travel size version (for $13?....) to try out versus getting the bigger bottle version ;A;ll!! I normally dont wear moisturizer so I dont want to invest in something super expensive and not really use it as much orz.

So far so good!

Printed these 'business cards' to use at Anime Conji but I ended up leaving the con early orz and didnt really get to network or even take pictures since it was just RAINING. no. it was a STORM. and I was SOAKED =A= when I attempted to be a warrior and shoot with my friend outside. Orz. but hey, atleast I got 'cards' now LOL!

My new raburabu guilty pleasure from Tapioca Express <3 MATCHA MILK TEA. HNNGG too bad the boba shops near my house doesnt exactly have matcha milk tea. You also have the option to get this sweetened or not. I might attempt to make my own LOL. Just coz.
Maybe I'll use half x half or condensed milk?...hmm...I should have asked what they used to sweeten it orz but zomfg. Amazing. LOL.

New powder since my NYX one broke and I couldnt wait to go to Mac to get a new powder. nor did I want to spend $25 on a new powder LOL....

I've heard good things from Physicians Formula and opted to try this, its a 3-in-1 powder. Primer, Color Corrector and foundation/shine control :o hmm sold! and I like that it feels SUPER light on the skin- if anything it probably makes my skin feel softer LMAO!
They dont have alot of shades but thankfully enough I can work with this lol. Not complaining! it was less than my NYX powder and does not leave my skin cakey!

My default lip wear. I envy girls who can wear light pink shades. I always stick to the nudes and rosey pinks and nudy pinks....and tbh. I dont really wear them half the time =A=ll

A selca from a while ago /: grow hair grow....

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