Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Ft: Arsenic x Cynaide | Rei
Photo: Black Heaven [Me]
This was such a fun casual shoot we did for Rei who is pretty new to the whole cosplay/photoshoot scene.
The whole premise of the shoot was to do it very casually. We wanted to go for a 'life-style' look for the shoot and keep things very casual; almost like a glimpse into Hinata's everyday life in Miyagi
[considering I live away from the city now it was nice to be able to use the surrounding places around my neighborhood]

Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Overwatch | D.Va
C/N: Bamzy Cosplay 


C/N: Kyoshiki
Photo: Black Heaven. Katsucon 2016

Dans le visage de vos ennemis, face à du harcèlement, ridicule, et le doute, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Même dans votre abandon, seul et sans amis, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Même si vous avez fait face à votre propre mortalité, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Je prie pour que je sois en gras dans mes croyances comme vous, St. Joan. Je demande que vous roulez à côté de moi dans mes propres batailles. Aidez-moi à être conscient que ce qui vaut la peine peut être gagné quand je persiste. Aidez-moi à tenir ferme dans ma foi. Aidez-moi à croire en ma capacité à bien et à bon escient agir. Amen.


Fate/Grand Order | Sakura Saber / Saber Okita
Props / Costume: Black Heaven Okita Saber: Shin

Mononoke Hime

I am still behind on my katsucon write-ups but my facebook page should have a bulk of the photos on there already for viewing!

I should really be posting those photos in order but I am not....so I'm
 going to throw things off again by throwing in a recent shoot I did about late last month!

Princess Mononoke | Prince Ashitaka
Costume & Photography: Black Heaven / Me
Modeled by: Trish

Friday, May 20, 2016

Golden Hour Ft Vivienne Westwood

Another Golden Hour Ft Vivienne Westwood
see under cut for more photos

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Its that time of year again! We are well underway into May and many cosplayers are gearing up for their summer line up. I will be skipping Fanime this year but I will be at Anime Expo once again this year and have open limited spots for photoshoot booking.
Heres some examples of that I've done:

Individual/Duo 2 max 
$20 for 30 min shoot
$30 - 1hr set
Group 4 max
$40 for 60min set 
 $5 per additional person
Please fill out the form below if you are interesting in booking me to shoot with you at ANIME EXPO 2016.
I will contact you via e-mail to confirm bookings.
You will receive at least 3-6 photos min. Edited.
As well as photos with and without the watermarks (watermarks are sized down for WorldCosplay)

I'm pretty generous when it comes to the photos honestly...but I try to at least get a minimum of 3-6 depending if you book me for a 30 min set vs a 1-hr set. but as I mentioned I'm pretty generous with the photo sets since I do my best to try and get you as much photo details as possible based on your costume
Fill out form on this link below to inquire about bookings:


制服 | Seifuku

A few weeks ago I finally got a chance to try something out of what I normally have shot. Which is great. I love having a chance to shoot something other than typical cosplay. Though Seifuku style is very much...cosplay...I feel I am able to try something more on the life style or leisurely type photography and I'm very happy with the result especially considering we shot we shot exactly at golden hour!

I went to work and got home and went straight to shooting.

Photography: Black Heaven (Me)
Model: Trish

Friday, May 6, 2016


Breaking the silence and trying to update the blog with a quick catch-up-with-me entry...I still have quite a few in draft mode and everything seems to just be a blur these last few months but I'm excited for summer! Even though I hate the heat!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

False Vows, True Love [SPOILERS]

This page is gonna basically be filled of spoilers on the game False Vows, True love by Favary!
I don't have a lot of screen shots or any since I was too engrossed going through the story that I forgot to take anymore...welps. And as I mentioned on my review, they don't exactly allow you to save and reload lol or reread your previous log...
The rest of the entry will be under the cut~


Monday, April 18, 2016

False Vows, True Love | Review

My DS died on me and no longer will hold a charge and apparently nintedo charges you $85+shipping and tax to fix it ): so I'm probably going to just go ahead and trade this sucker in and get myself a new one uwu since if I'm gonna have to pay $85+ out of pocket I might  as well get myself a new one!??!

Friday, April 15, 2016

刀剣乱舞 | Touken Ranbu

Slowly but surely am chugging away at wrapping up the Katsu line up QvQ!!! I didn't think I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel! And honestly speaking this set had me quite nervous =3=

We shot this at peak convention hours, right after the fire alarm went off. Foot traffic was ridiculous and we even tried to go outside and shoot. The poor swords were cold. Its coo tho coz I suffered with them :x (I gave up my coat to one of the swords and was literally in jeans and a tshirt in the cold LOL and I vividly remember one photographer going 'How are you shooting right now!?' and I smiled and cried on the inside. Determined afk...)

I got 2-3 more sets to go through before I can start putting together my portfolio for Katsu. I'm quite stoked to put it together and I hope I dont end up with excess pages QvQ but theres so much I want to squeeze in there!!!

Cosplayers: Sakuran 錯乱 as Kogitsunemaru
Nenu Cosplay as Mikazuki Munechika and Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Shot and Edited by: Black Heaven Taken at: Katsucon

Thanks for letting me shoot your guys' costumes QVQ it was a challenge for everyone to cosplay/shoot this as it takes so much to put on and move on them so I appreciate the cosers for being patient and working with me. It was rather difficult shooting this set since it was overly crowded in the inside of the con and we decided to brave the cold outside to get some of our shots QVQ If only we could have gotten more but staying warm and healthy is more important than risking health just for a few mesely photos.

Dont push yourselves too much gaiz~ These are defintely not the most mobile of costumes and to be shooting in such close quarters such as the convention hall definitely proves to be rather difficult. Please bare with me as I still have quite a bit of photos to scrub through but I wanted to get some of these up qvq thank you again to the cosers for allowing me to shoot you gaiz.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Project 707 | Part 2

When I was darkness at that time
部屋の片隅で I cry
もがけばもがくほど 突き刺さるこの傷
破られた約束 hurt me

When I was darkness at that time, with trembling lips 
I cry in the corner of my room 
The more I struggle, the more these wounds pierce into me 
Our broken promises hurt me

Finally got through scrubbing this version of the set. Part 2 of the shoot we did a month ago!
I feel bad that I am still lagging behind on getting this project going and I'm afraid that with the coming months and the need to seriously start budgetting life might get in the way of producing this project further...but if there is a will there is always a way ): and I look forward and hope that there are many more out there who shares this passion and lets collaborate!

I highly recommend listening to this version of "rose" as you look through this version of the set....

I really think Anna Tsuchiya did a wonderful job singing this acapella version and I feel it really resonates Nana O's vulnerability. 

You might be questioning the difference incolor grading throughout the set, I assure you, it looks odd right now but when I finish compiling the entire project into a book I feel it will all make sense then :3

I'm looking forward to working with more people who wishes to participate in this project!

Monday, April 11, 2016

東京喰種トーキョーグール | TOKYO GHOUL

I'm falling behind again~ I've been trying to keep content updated on my FB Page though but in terms of blogging I'm always falling behind and I'm still wrapping up a few more edits on a few shoots I've been working on.

And I got a few more coming up...I'm thankful for everyone who is eager to see the photos QvQ I was so hyped for the NANA shoot that I...really need to wrap up the 2nd half but I still got quite a bit from Katsu to wrap up and then book layout! Ah nothing has changed! LOL

TG has always been a goal of mine to shoot and I'm super stoked to have gotten this chance at Katsu.
Admittedly, this shoot was rather rushed??? There was quite a lot going on and not to mention it was really cold so we were unable to shoot outside as I had intended to try and get a urab style shoot but I'm very happy with how this turned out.

Cosplay by Nepesi, I'm sorry I didn't catch her Touka's name QvQ I will go back and update this when I am able to get her contact info. I'd still love to be able to shoot another TG set in the future though!

The rest of the photos are under the cut!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Catching up: Katsucon 2016!

Weeks / Months later! I'm finally sitting down to write this entry before I completely abandon it orz  coz I know I'm still behind on entries from SUMMER SHOOTS too but....welps...better late than never??? More under the cut!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Finally, after how long I was finally able to put this together and I am ridiculously excited for this set, this is set 1 of 2 from last weekend's NANA photoshoot for Project 707! I do have the BTS post linked below on the description!
To view the behind & scenes and post write up:
Click here
To view the rest, please click 'see more' just below here :3

Monday, March 7, 2016


Love Live Photoshoot shot at Katsucon Weekend
Nozomi: Capezio Serena
Taken at Katsucon

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Death Parade March Photoshoot

Death Parade March Cosplay shoot at Katsucon 2016
Helpers: Sakuran
This was a interesting shoot, I personally have not seen Death Parade March and all I got the synopsis of the show was that, we needed a bar setting and I rolled with it QVQ likewise with editing, I looked up images of the show to try and capture the same atmosphere that you get from the show.
I'm glad we shot this late Thursday night right before the big con rush on Friday and so on, it would have proved  to be impossible to even try and shoot there it that was the case! I shot this right after the Euphemia shoot I did after just landing at National Harbor earlier that evening.
I had quite fun editing this set too and I appreciate that the cosplayers even bought drinks to use as props for the set lol. Yum.

Diablo Cosplay Photoshoot | Katsucon 2016

Crusader Diablo Cosplay by Bamzy Cosplay
I'm quite thankful that Katsucon weekend allowed me an opportunity to work with such a diverse group of individuals, styles and different series too! I think every cos photographer has a bucket list of things they'd want to shoot and Diablo is definitely one of them for me! I'm glad I got to shoot the Crusader class versus the typical more overly cosplayed Demon Hunter. Its just a nice diversity since I dont see this class done often enough.
Though I am very very open to shooting with a Monk and Witch Doctor especially too! (or with anyone in general! LOL)
Bamzy Cosplay was a dream to work with, this was my first time shooting with her but homegirl worked it. She was confident and comfortable with her posing and had vibrant energy. It definitely helped shed away my nervousness at shooting at the con >w<!!! Thank you for being patient and so awesome! This is one of the 3 sets I shot with her this weekend.
I wanted to highlight the details she put into her costume, one of the biggest thing I want to learn and improve on is painting props and armor. From getting the right highlights and shadowing on the costume and armor really really makes a huge difference and I definitely wanted it to show through on her photoset. I also went with this a strong contrast and sharp colors to help bring the Diablo mood to life. Or atleast how I would have translated Diablo in my head...


Life is Strange cospaly photoshoot at Katsucon
Shot with Serindano Cosplay
Admittedly, I have not played the game Life is Strange but I have seen images of the game floating around the internet, I was tempted to get it a couple times via stream or other means but I haven't quite had the time to do so.

The concept and imagery of the game was totally up my ally so shooting this would have been a no-brainer for me. But honestly, it was a bit of a challenge. I was a little concerned on how I'm going to shoot such a grunge style photoset in the lovely National Harbor Resort area!?!?
My go to settings when it comes to shooting something dark and grunge style is to always all ways  abuse parking structures. Hotels usually have big under ground or multi level parking garage which provides the ambient lighting I need to create the mood I wanted.
I tried to really hone in on the dark atmosphere of the game and on Chloe's character. I wanted to go with a really mood lighting and story boarding style and I'm really happy with how this set turned out. I hope everyone enjoys it too.
Thank you to Serindano for shooting with me, we shot this in an open parking garage where it was super cold, it was probably around 40F so it was no joke. It was also a nice treassure find when I stumbled upon this construction site. Its a dream come true to shoot in a decrepit area like this and we weren't bothered. I doubt anyone else during that weekend used the same parking spot. I ended up coming back to this same area for several of my shoots ahaha...yesss <3 p="">


In before I am seriously flooded with backlogging. I know I'm still backlogged from the summer shoot from last year that I haven't updated them on this blog yet! WHAT EVEN!??!? I know, I'm really bad at it...

Its kinda hilarious that I'm posting this post up before I post my New Year photo sets lol (since I have yet to really finish the entire set. Whoops) But I stopped over at Anime Los Angeles (ALA) for a day and did a quick set for Prototype-Cosplay and Helios Cosplay (both are on facebook!)

They had booked me for a Vassalord (BL) shoot and this is what we came up with! I've shot BL before but havent done so in a hotel room exclusively. Thankfully the set came out ok and the clients were pretty happy with the result. I didn't have any BTS to share since this was a rather quick photoshoot. Thankfully enough the hotel provided adequate lighting and with some editing on LR neutralized all the yellow lighting.

I always love working with Zai, I shot with em' before at AX for a different set and this is my second time working with em. Hopefully we will have more shoots in the future!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome 2016

Now that we've said goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016 I am seeing a flood of updates from previous bloggers who pretty much went on hiatus mode mid year last lol. Its quite refreshing to see a more updated feed again but I wonder how long it'll last. I mean I guess I could say the same for myself LOL...not that I was ever the most active blogger either...and I'm not one for new year resolutions either...

but I guess what am I looking forward to for 2016?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Year end review of 2015

*warning super long post ahead*

We are definitely well into the way of the new year and I am still trying to play catch up on some old entries...whoops, but maybe all that will be nulled after I do this year-end review or recap of what happened n 2015. I feel I have a hard time remembering what has happened lOL and have to rely heavily on SM to remind me. Whoops. For that, I went to my twitter and IG for some good ol' recap reminders...

I feel like as with every year, when we get to the end of the year it feels like the year just flew us right by. To me, 2015 was no different. It kept me busy throughout the year with so many life events happening and a lot of waiting in preparation to bigger projects. It has definitely been a year of growth for me. I experimented and learned a lot in 2015 and have pushed myself further out to pursuing other projects and improving on my current skills and then some.

Its been a year of aesthetic discoveries and improvements if I say so myself! I spent the majority of the year glued to my sewing machine - which I felt has taken a hiatus and collected dust for the most of 2013-2014. I took up sketching even after my sketch classes finished. I probably spent more time in airports (independently) this past year than I have had in 2013-2014 combined.

I wouldn't want to say I discovered myself or anything to that extent, but it was definitely an eye opening year full of thanksgiving, long hours and gratification in the end. So lets begin with the recap!!!