Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Finally, after how long I was finally able to put this together and I am ridiculously excited for this set, this is set 1 of 2 from last weekend's NANA photoshoot for Project 707! I do have the BTS post linked below on the description!
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Photo, Hair/Make-up & Styling: Chris | Black Heaven
Helpers: Trish & Thanh
Body Prop: Thanh
Locations: Long Beach, CA | Los Angeles, CA
Again, really really excited for this set and I cannot wait to go ahead and release the 2nd half of the photos later on this week and to collaborate with more people later on!
The emphasis on this shoot I walked in with the scenario of shooting 'The day in the life of Nana Oosaki' with flash backs in between with "Ren" and after Ren (Tokyo). I had a very limited cast to work with and was skeptical about this set since this was all shot indoors, in a tiny bedroom but I'm so glad it worked out! Click on the link above to see our BTS! I don't normally do a lot of indoor shoots but again, I'm very excited to have captured the feel and mood on this set!
I really wanted to emphasize NANA's life while she was with Ren and after. I was actually rewatching the series last night as I was prepping this entry and I'm glad I did since it brought back all the good ol' feels for this and reinforced my confidence that I am happy with this set :3
I based all the 'feelings' and mood around the song "Rose" by Anna Tsuchiya (the song used in the anime!)
When I was darkness at that time
[my lips trembling]
部屋の片隅で I cry
[In the corner of my room I cry]
もがけばもがくほど 突き刺さるこの傷
[In dire straits, these wounds running deep inside me]
破られた約束 hurt me
[That Broken promise hurts me]

Nobody can save me
[God, just one thing]
止めて裂くような my love
[Stop this love of mine that's tearing me up]

* I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
舞散る悲しみ your song
[the sadness of your song falls down on me]
居場所無い孤独な my life
[My life is lonely and I've nowhere to go]
I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me

I wanna need your love…
I'm a broken rose
I wanna need your love…
When you are with me at that time
[I chased after your shadow]
裸足で駆け抜けて stop me
[Running barefoot, stop me]
閉ざせば閉ざすほど もつれてくこの愛
[The more I try to shit it away, the more twisted this love gets]
緩やかにやさしく kiss me
[Kiss me softly and tenderly]

Nobody can save me
[Life is a frozen rose]
やさしく眠りたい my tears
[I want to sleep tenderly, my tears]

I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
枯れ堕ちる悲しみ my soul
[The sadness in my soul withers and falls]
崩れてく孤独な little girl
[I'm a little girl, lonely and crumbling] 

I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes,
and sing me, just for me












I wanted to focus  a lot on the imagery that revolved around NANA O. I had intended on using roses on set as well but  due to time constraints that got scrapped, but hopefully next NANA O. I shoot will have one? :3

In the words of Komatsu Nana, Nana Oosaki is all about 'Vivienne, Sid Vicious, and Seven Star cigarettes..." a woman with unfaltering wants, unlike her.

and yes unfortunately I used Black Devils Cigarettes lol coz I couldn't get Seven Stars qvq wheee...

I hope everyone is looking forward to seeing part 2!!!