Wednesday, April 28, 2010

......I has an assessment exam today at the college.
And I love that I woke up feeling sick :D
yay. =3=ll
atleast I got the day off from my first job so I can take the test and chill
the rest of the day till work at 4.

Man. SSF4. Pwns. Juri pwns all.
I love her. I think I finally found my character.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank you San Diego Community College.
Surely you're definitely smart enough to loose my information and require me to take the re-assesment exam one more time
and therefore ultimately resulting in me having to loose a whole day of work just to be there to rot and take an exam
I've taken already once before. blaarggh
to top off my annoyannnceee I called earlier to try and make an appointment to meet the councelor so they can GUIDE me into the proper classes
I should be signing up for to get my AA in Business management and Graphics =3=ll
the lady on the phone was quite rude and said 'no, we take people on a walk-in basis'
me: 8D uh, ok, but is there anyway I can just get an appointment? I've done this before.
Heres the name of the councellor I spoke with before~ if you could just ask the-
'no, we take you in on a walk-in basis'
me: =3=l fine.
So I had to leave work early D':

and when I got there, the wait wasnt that bad so I'm like w.e I wasn't late to my 2nd job but was just irate that the lady
only sat me down for 5 mins and inform me that my application was incomplete
wellllllllll it would be if your damn system took in my vocational certification and attendance as PART of your system. W/e
clearly I'm just rambling about bullshit that no one cares about :D
the most irritating thing knowing I have to skip morning work tomorrow to take an assessment test =3=ll uurgh. And I cant rush the test LOL coz I wanna score high enough so I can bypass a good chunk of the english classes and math that I'd need LULZ. Lazy me is lazy LOLOL.

and the sucky part is, if I want more than an A.A I gotta transfer =3=ll uuugghh I dont? lol coz that requires more money roflmao. We'll see.
I also gotta file for Board of Gov. Waiver and FAFSA =3=ll and FAST. Coz The summer sem. starts ni June D':<

and the funniest part is~ I havent started on Vocaloid at all ROFLMAO.

boo Shin wont be back for a few more years /: but. Life goes on. plenty of projects to work on which I will eventually get working on D':

I'm SLOWLY knocking stuff off my 'to-do list' 8D so life is definitely rolling~

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I think I added an extra "L" that doesnt quite belong there...but whatever.

Every Asian kid fucking loves this shit <3>

Why is it you ask that I dont buy my own jar and my own loaf of bread?

Well. I cant possibly eat all the bread before it grows molds /: and…..

most importantly. That cost money >:P

ps: camera phone, sometimes you really suck at taking pictures.

Moving on.

Will I EVER get around to uploading those photos from EastCoast?! why the answer is......OMFG I DID. LOL.
BUT! I posted it on photobucket as a private one /: since their all raw files coz my Dad was bugging me about it =3=ll I figured I might as well show him the raw files /: baawww I need to go back and edit them and eventually make a proper -muchmuchmuchoverdue- eastcoast blog entry ;P I fail. because I just do.

udduuurrhuurrhuuur and I will also eventually get around to properly making a banner/layout dealio thingie /: maybe I'll ask Toshi to draw me something then xDll meh, eventually LOL.
like how that blog project and other stuff will also happen eventually /:

man. what the heck xDll

I woke up early today at 7 =.= coz I had to go to an EARLY morning appointment to look at apartments. /: I ran out in my sweats coz I was running late, came home and trashed my closet and chopped my hair (some more) LOL. In the end I still ended up with nothing LOL. And had to spend the rest of the day (after apartment hunting) cleaning up/procrastinating on cleaning up and spent a good 3 hrs on the phone with Shin talking about nonesense. Its good to finally talk to him again about silly nonesense things. And I realized, I've been pretty stupid alot. I just need to grow up. Theres alot of growing up to do still.

it was just one of those days where nothing worked LOL (outfit wise) XD gaah. Ahahaha.
=3=ll and I went to my brothers place to play with Johnnys puppy coz he brought it over and I got a chance to try God Of War 3. Yayers. xD want.

And I need to do my laundry and more cleaning of my room =3= but I think I'll end up spending tomorrow sleeping and catching up on more anime and mangas /: thats all ive been doing lol. Resting up I guess to say the least.

Super Street Fighter 4 comes out on Tuesday too~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I think I forgot to mention the awesome-est thing over the weekend LOL!
Though I guess I didnt do much (except bitch at my brother for not letting me stay
at home to rot XD and recuperate and be lazy~)

Together with my Miku wig, a package came in from Toshi! <3
She ended up buying me a shirt from Tokyo Rebel's site! :D
She got me THIS SHIRT:
Which I have been eyeing for the longest time :DDDD but seriously TAT
that was the coolest thing everrrr no ones ever gotten me stuff before TAT

I havent opened it yet, only to try it on LOL I think I'll save it for Fanime! >333
ahahahah lol, yes I'm a dork.

and....I dont think I can ever really grow my hair out anymore ROFLMAO.
I'm so tempted to CUT it some more like Ruki from The Gazette or like Deluhi /: and keep the bottom part long-ish. Like a mullet LOL coz I can always wear extensions if I want to have LONG hair again LOL. Man iunno LOL. Gender crisis again?! ROFLMAO.
Well, its quite evident gyaru really isnt for me haha.

and Kazuma =3= I hope he's COOLER in the damn animu....

PPS: I think I might actually put some effort into this blog since it looks so bare and ugly
/: too minimalistic LOL.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ommggg uuggh I keep telling myself I WILL upload those damn pictures from the East Coast trip.
and I WILL go to the gym. and i WILL work on Vocaloid cosplays.

but alas, none of that has quite happened in the last couple days /':
been sooo tired lately. Work kept me tired ~___~ll
who knows, maybe in the next 2.5 hrs I have left here at work I'll find the energy to go LOL.

Monday, April 19, 2010

quckie update 2

I dyed my hair pink~ I used Flamingo Pink from Jerome Russel. Not my first choice of color to use I would have preferred to use Cotton Candy pink from Manic Panic. Flamingo is a little brighter, its still brighter irl, but the picture made it look alittle lighter. I intended on only doing streaks but I was lazy and didnt foil it out and so when washing it out, the color bled out XDll well atleast now I know I dont look THAT bad with light pink /: I've had ATOMIC Pink before with Black, but with Blonde~ not bad I guess :D this is my pathetic attempt at moe-moe as clearly, I fail at it. I tried on my miku wig over the weekend + contacts XD and ooooooomg sooo out of my realm of comfort so it totally felt.....uncute to say the least ROFLMAO. After this I might attempte lolita ONCE XD and see how it goes, but yeaaaah /: I'mma go back to crossplaying~~~~~~~~~~~ I got bored and wanted color so yeeaaahhh but I def. need it to fade out by Fanime/AX. I'm thinking of getting a pink wig tho for lolz :D but I need to get the wigs for Hakuouki first perhaps. La~ XD That wig is SO DAMN fluffy and blue lenses are bluuuuuue O_O it said 'sky blue' but it looks more sapphire blue /: if I have extra dinero I'll go back and pick up ICE blue and see if its alot lighterXD? the lenses arent bad to be honest XD ahahaha. but I think it goes without saying that I wont be wearing it with my blonde hair + Shiki's military uniform from Togainu ROFLMAO.

I also went and saw 'Kick Ass' over the weekend. O_O fun movie. Can't wait for Iron Man 2. Speaking of Iron Man 2. Mikey gave me a bag full of Iron Man 2 Slurpee cups XDD I guess I'm collecting them now? LOL I still have the Vader One and the Halo ones.

FTW - Marvel Vs Capcom 3 news got leeaked that Dante from Devil May Cry and Amaterasu from Okami are the new characters! :DDD

Friday, April 16, 2010

I finally ordered my Miku wig the other day, hopefully it will come in by today or tomorrow since its being sent via priority mail, yay for 2-3 day shipping O_O and I just got an email from the lady at the korean boutique at the mall (yaay shes sooo nice XD) that they just got a new shipment of lenses in, I had asked her about the Sky Blue ones before so hopefully they came in as well so I can just go ahead and pick em up there and not bother with shipping from another seller overseas /: and see how it all pulls together LOl. Knowing me, I'm just gonna shoot down my self esteem more and more ahahahaha. Lately, I've been doin alot of reading, not educational reading or anything LOL. Reading mangas and novels /: mostly Blood+ and scanlations here and there LOL to the point that I find myself staying up late and thus draggging my ass to work D': and I work 13-14 hr works days XDll faillll......... but with that, I've also been inspired to crossplay again D'; iunno where that came from, but I enjoy making costumes, I just never have the guts to walk out and really wear em since I enjoy seeing them more on prettier subjects XD alas, I suck. Lol. But. I will be ordering a compression shirt as well so it might help with binding down and no more tape xD! Withthat, I'm almost inspired to cut my hair again but I doubt I will LOL. I can STILL somewhat spike parts of it, maybe I'll get the layers trimmed a bit more before Fanime if I get the compression shirt in time lol. I have several garments in mind that I will be sewing just for the lols. Apartment hunting once again pretty sooon and I shall surpress the urge to sew till we move into a bigger place /: oh my. speaking of sewing. I NEEEEEEEEEED to get cracking on Fanime stuff. LOL. I doubt I'llhave the money to order the compression shirt lol, maybe I will. I kinda wanna go back to Kohls tonight or tomorrow and get my mom a purse since I got mine for super cheap and I just got a $5 coupon in the mail. My mom deserves something nice :D I wanna spoil her even if its something simpler like that lol. .The purse in question: I also need to send out that hangry doll to Shin xD and what happened to those East Coast photos?! LOL. Clearly I havent gotten to them yet! XD and wtf is up with netflix, you HAVE to HAVE a gold live account to stream shit live off that crap =______= microsoft, your a fucker.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I havent uploaded East Coast Trip Pics yet....coz...

(yes! XD I went on an East Coast Trip for a whole week :D if you dont follow me on LJ~ xD)

because...I FAIL. Thats why LOLOLOLOL.

I spent saturday morning in bed, and around noon finally got around to getting up because megan was BLOWING UP MY PHONE. And telling me to get ready coz we're going to AnimeConji! /: San Diego's "First Convention" tobehoneessstt....SD's cosplay scene kinda blows D':
I know I'm sound pretty cocky and whatnot but seriously, our con and cosplay scene kinda blows /': we're simply overshadowed by LA xDll
and yes, I was also SHOCKED to know Miyavi is playing at the House of Blues in Sd in June. I'm sure tickets are already sold out. I doubt I wanna spend money to go /: I might go just to go. Who knows...whutevah. Lol. I seriously do not have any hope in San Diego getting anything cool XD AHAHAHA while some people go' OMG you live in San Diego! shit!'
clearly, I do not appreciate this place enough /: though I do admit while away on the East Coast i missed the luxuries of In n Out burgers XD and sunny weather where I can wear flip flops and board shorts. Hahaha and of course, San Diego's finest~ Carne Asada Fries LOL :D

but anyways yess..heres my haul from the weekend~

I got the Hangry & Angry dolls for $35 a pair >3 the guy was nice enough to give me a deal! and I was simply suprised to see them there for that price AND AS A PAIR together. O_O their cute and they hang from your belt or bag by their tails and can hold your cellphone or something >3 I'll be sending Hangry to Shin. He originally wanted to get us the Hangry & Angry dolls before last year as a pair for my birthday but I guess that felt through /: but when I found them I was like YEAYEAH! XD
and I also got that cute lil red teddy bear ring at the artist ally. Everything else was elsewhere.
The con was SUPER SUPER SUPER tiny. It was hosted at the Double Tree Hotel. The turnaround wasnt that bad I guess but I guess I'm just talking a little like an elistist /: and the fact that alot of the attendees were kids, I guess didnt really help on winning me over. And the caliber of the costumers were pretty low D':
the hitman reborn cosplayeres werent that bad, imo the venue just didnt work too well for cosplayers so I guess everyone was either spread out or locked in at the pool area /: I didnt take many photos at all. I did a quick photoshoot for Anthony and Amanda in their Naruto Shippuden cosplays.

but shortly after that, me and Megan proceeded to Nijiya. I got CREAM PAN (That huge bread you see int he picture) and I got enough to last me throughout the week LOL, clearly I only shown you 1 picture coz i dont wanna show you a shopping bag full of bread xD and be a complete fatty LOL. I also got Haichu candy >3 they were 2 for $1.00! :D steaaaal~ I got Apple and Melon flavor.
When I left for NY I got strawberry and melon to last me XD

at the mall, I got new claw gauges, their white clear with sparklies o_Oll I thought about getting the solid colored ones, but they only had pink or blue and the clear with sparklies. Megan said I should get the clear coz they'd go with more stuff. True I guess /:
and I already own spikes in hot pink~ I thought about getting the black x red ones /: but meh ahahaha. Maybe next time~

Spent sunday morning - SUPPER LAZY LAZY LAZY DAY. I sat in my tiny room ALL FUCKING day sleeping xD and watching Animal Planet D': like seriously, wtf. LOL. It was a good 'relax and wind down day' LOL when CLEARLY I should have been working on Vocaloid! DDD:

I'm suppose to go to the gym today but I left my gym clothes at home D: and I have a nasty crink in my neck /:
I just gotta force myself to go tomorrow then xD;;