Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank you San Diego Community College.
Surely you're definitely smart enough to loose my information and require me to take the re-assesment exam one more time
and therefore ultimately resulting in me having to loose a whole day of work just to be there to rot and take an exam
I've taken already once before. blaarggh
to top off my annoyannnceee I called earlier to try and make an appointment to meet the councelor so they can GUIDE me into the proper classes
I should be signing up for to get my AA in Business management and Graphics =3=ll
the lady on the phone was quite rude and said 'no, we take people on a walk-in basis'
me: 8D uh, ok, but is there anyway I can just get an appointment? I've done this before.
Heres the name of the councellor I spoke with before~ if you could just ask the-
'no, we take you in on a walk-in basis'
me: =3=l fine.
So I had to leave work early D':

and when I got there, the wait wasnt that bad so I'm like w.e I wasn't late to my 2nd job but was just irate that the lady
only sat me down for 5 mins and inform me that my application was incomplete
wellllllllll it would be if your damn system took in my vocational certification and attendance as PART of your system. W/e
clearly I'm just rambling about bullshit that no one cares about :D
the most irritating thing knowing I have to skip morning work tomorrow to take an assessment test =3=ll uurgh. And I cant rush the test LOL coz I wanna score high enough so I can bypass a good chunk of the english classes and math that I'd need LULZ. Lazy me is lazy LOLOL.

and the sucky part is, if I want more than an A.A I gotta transfer =3=ll uuugghh I dont? lol coz that requires more money roflmao. We'll see.
I also gotta file for Board of Gov. Waiver and FAFSA =3=ll and FAST. Coz The summer sem. starts ni June D':<

and the funniest part is~ I havent started on Vocaloid at all ROFLMAO.

boo Shin wont be back for a few more years /: but. Life goes on. plenty of projects to work on which I will eventually get working on D':

I'm SLOWLY knocking stuff off my 'to-do list' 8D so life is definitely rolling~

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