Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I think I forgot to mention the awesome-est thing over the weekend LOL!
Though I guess I didnt do much (except bitch at my brother for not letting me stay
at home to rot XD and recuperate and be lazy~)

Together with my Miku wig, a package came in from Toshi! <3
She ended up buying me a shirt from Tokyo Rebel's site! :D
She got me THIS SHIRT:
Which I have been eyeing for the longest time :DDDD but seriously TAT
that was the coolest thing everrrr no ones ever gotten me stuff before TAT

I havent opened it yet, only to try it on LOL I think I'll save it for Fanime! >333
ahahahah lol, yes I'm a dork.

and....I dont think I can ever really grow my hair out anymore ROFLMAO.
I'm so tempted to CUT it some more like Ruki from The Gazette or like Deluhi /: and keep the bottom part long-ish. Like a mullet LOL coz I can always wear extensions if I want to have LONG hair again LOL. Man iunno LOL. Gender crisis again?! ROFLMAO.
Well, its quite evident gyaru really isnt for me haha.

and Kazuma =3= I hope he's COOLER in the damn animu....

PPS: I think I might actually put some effort into this blog since it looks so bare and ugly
/: too minimalistic LOL.

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