Monday, April 12, 2010

I havent uploaded East Coast Trip Pics yet....coz...

(yes! XD I went on an East Coast Trip for a whole week :D if you dont follow me on LJ~ xD)

because...I FAIL. Thats why LOLOLOLOL.

I spent saturday morning in bed, and around noon finally got around to getting up because megan was BLOWING UP MY PHONE. And telling me to get ready coz we're going to AnimeConji! /: San Diego's "First Convention" tobehoneessstt....SD's cosplay scene kinda blows D':
I know I'm sound pretty cocky and whatnot but seriously, our con and cosplay scene kinda blows /': we're simply overshadowed by LA xDll
and yes, I was also SHOCKED to know Miyavi is playing at the House of Blues in Sd in June. I'm sure tickets are already sold out. I doubt I wanna spend money to go /: I might go just to go. Who knows...whutevah. Lol. I seriously do not have any hope in San Diego getting anything cool XD AHAHAHA while some people go' OMG you live in San Diego! shit!'
clearly, I do not appreciate this place enough /: though I do admit while away on the East Coast i missed the luxuries of In n Out burgers XD and sunny weather where I can wear flip flops and board shorts. Hahaha and of course, San Diego's finest~ Carne Asada Fries LOL :D

but anyways yess..heres my haul from the weekend~

I got the Hangry & Angry dolls for $35 a pair >3 the guy was nice enough to give me a deal! and I was simply suprised to see them there for that price AND AS A PAIR together. O_O their cute and they hang from your belt or bag by their tails and can hold your cellphone or something >3 I'll be sending Hangry to Shin. He originally wanted to get us the Hangry & Angry dolls before last year as a pair for my birthday but I guess that felt through /: but when I found them I was like YEAYEAH! XD
and I also got that cute lil red teddy bear ring at the artist ally. Everything else was elsewhere.
The con was SUPER SUPER SUPER tiny. It was hosted at the Double Tree Hotel. The turnaround wasnt that bad I guess but I guess I'm just talking a little like an elistist /: and the fact that alot of the attendees were kids, I guess didnt really help on winning me over. And the caliber of the costumers were pretty low D':
the hitman reborn cosplayeres werent that bad, imo the venue just didnt work too well for cosplayers so I guess everyone was either spread out or locked in at the pool area /: I didnt take many photos at all. I did a quick photoshoot for Anthony and Amanda in their Naruto Shippuden cosplays.

but shortly after that, me and Megan proceeded to Nijiya. I got CREAM PAN (That huge bread you see int he picture) and I got enough to last me throughout the week LOL, clearly I only shown you 1 picture coz i dont wanna show you a shopping bag full of bread xD and be a complete fatty LOL. I also got Haichu candy >3 they were 2 for $1.00! :D steaaaal~ I got Apple and Melon flavor.
When I left for NY I got strawberry and melon to last me XD

at the mall, I got new claw gauges, their white clear with sparklies o_Oll I thought about getting the solid colored ones, but they only had pink or blue and the clear with sparklies. Megan said I should get the clear coz they'd go with more stuff. True I guess /:
and I already own spikes in hot pink~ I thought about getting the black x red ones /: but meh ahahaha. Maybe next time~

Spent sunday morning - SUPPER LAZY LAZY LAZY DAY. I sat in my tiny room ALL FUCKING day sleeping xD and watching Animal Planet D': like seriously, wtf. LOL. It was a good 'relax and wind down day' LOL when CLEARLY I should have been working on Vocaloid! DDD:

I'm suppose to go to the gym today but I left my gym clothes at home D: and I have a nasty crink in my neck /:
I just gotta force myself to go tomorrow then xD;;

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