Friday, April 16, 2010

I finally ordered my Miku wig the other day, hopefully it will come in by today or tomorrow since its being sent via priority mail, yay for 2-3 day shipping O_O and I just got an email from the lady at the korean boutique at the mall (yaay shes sooo nice XD) that they just got a new shipment of lenses in, I had asked her about the Sky Blue ones before so hopefully they came in as well so I can just go ahead and pick em up there and not bother with shipping from another seller overseas /: and see how it all pulls together LOl. Knowing me, I'm just gonna shoot down my self esteem more and more ahahahaha. Lately, I've been doin alot of reading, not educational reading or anything LOL. Reading mangas and novels /: mostly Blood+ and scanlations here and there LOL to the point that I find myself staying up late and thus draggging my ass to work D': and I work 13-14 hr works days XDll faillll......... but with that, I've also been inspired to crossplay again D'; iunno where that came from, but I enjoy making costumes, I just never have the guts to walk out and really wear em since I enjoy seeing them more on prettier subjects XD alas, I suck. Lol. But. I will be ordering a compression shirt as well so it might help with binding down and no more tape xD! Withthat, I'm almost inspired to cut my hair again but I doubt I will LOL. I can STILL somewhat spike parts of it, maybe I'll get the layers trimmed a bit more before Fanime if I get the compression shirt in time lol. I have several garments in mind that I will be sewing just for the lols. Apartment hunting once again pretty sooon and I shall surpress the urge to sew till we move into a bigger place /: oh my. speaking of sewing. I NEEEEEEEEEED to get cracking on Fanime stuff. LOL. I doubt I'llhave the money to order the compression shirt lol, maybe I will. I kinda wanna go back to Kohls tonight or tomorrow and get my mom a purse since I got mine for super cheap and I just got a $5 coupon in the mail. My mom deserves something nice :D I wanna spoil her even if its something simpler like that lol. .The purse in question: I also need to send out that hangry doll to Shin xD and what happened to those East Coast photos?! LOL. Clearly I havent gotten to them yet! XD and wtf is up with netflix, you HAVE to HAVE a gold live account to stream shit live off that crap =______= microsoft, your a fucker.

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