Wednesday, December 28, 2011

crappy short updates /: ALA is coming near and I am amazing at procrastinating. I put the PRO in procrastination. I have a whole costume to sew but clearly have not lifted a finger to do it and I still gotta finish the last bits of Ash's costume LOOOOL fail. but yeah. Xmas post :o

Heres my Xmas fall~ missing a few things but for the most part these are the cool things I got *u*

I got a new cooling fan for my laptop so I can play DFO without having to worry about overheating and /finally/ and I mean FINALLY a damn USB hub so I dont have to unplug and replug shit just to get my camera plugged in and still keep my external keyboard and mouse loool

Went to see THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO US movie over the weekend. Amazing. Loved loved loved the opening sequence it made me squeel. I really enjoyed the movie, the cinamtography, its definitely not as RAW as the swedish version but I felt it was more true to the book versus how it was in the Swedish one. And the ending seemed to have continued on more...leading us more to beyond just the case and clearly leaves us asking for more. I wont spoil much - clearly. But I went to Book OFf to pick up the 2nd part of the book since its sold out at most Barnes & Nobles :o luckily Book Off had a set of em, I guess their trying to collect them since its pretty much a popular demand. And sadly. Twilight is ALSO still in demand =_=ll why.

Got2be volumizing powder. Now this got my brain tinkering LOLz. I was complaining to Toshi about my hair being flat. I've probably have them all- volumizing spay, hair sprays, etc. but alot of the volumizing sprays sadly dont work as well on DRY Hair, they usually ask that you do it on DAMP hair...but considering my hair is RED and I dont wash it enough, I'd prefer to use a product on DRY hair, dry shampoo from SUAVE gives me that volume I need but not a staying power. Thats where Got2Be freeze spray comes in but I was a sucker for trying something new. So we shall see how this works. :o
it says to rub it inbetween your hands and run it thru your hair or simply slap some on your roots.....

And with the new Maybelline lip butter series coming out and been clearly sold out at most CVS I think WetnWild was not going to be left behind. So they came out with their own tinted lip balms with SPF. Maybelline one offered SPF20 vs the Wet n Wild ones that offered 15SPF.

I have butchered my blistex to death and was looking for something new, I LOVED the EOS lip balms but their circular shape just isnt pocket friendly. So giving this one a shot.
The color is very sheer which is fine by me since I'm not a big lip color person. I tried the whole 'I wanna do nude lips' thing...LOL that only worked for long? hahaha

Friday, December 23, 2011

Made some fresh red velvet cookies for the Holidays~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


roflmao. Or so I've been told. no really. people kept joking I was an insane monster the entire time in Vegas. Considering I drove up after work..xD...

I was suppose to get off at 8pm that night but as always every friday, that doesnt happen.And I got off at 830isn and I didnt start driving out of SD till closer to 9 since we had to run a few errands.

Driving up there was a BEAST the winds were insane LOL I can feel my tiny car move while driving thru the 15! AHAHAH I think we arrived closer to 2am....and when I finally got there I was so excited to run around but that didnt happen Q_Q....we stayed in the Riviera which was totally not at the strip and I was sad to learn that the Sahara closed down. whut why?! ):

I have not been to Vegas in 10 years and now I'm finally *old* enough to go and enjoy myself LMAO...sad to say...I wasnt that adventrous in my stay. Considering I was there on a Family trip. LOLz....and didnt really have people my age to go with. Other than my brothers gf but yeaaaaaaaaah no....

So I pretty much played tourist the entire weekend *u* hahaha. The goal was to see The Venitian! WHICH I DID OMFGGG LAWWWWWWL. PHOTO SPAM GOO!!! I also took some videos while I was there using a pretty shitty vivitar dvr 410 cam corder that I scored for $20 during Black Friday. And I knew it was crappy but wow my iPhone takes better video than that shit if anyone is ever looking at getting one.Well, heres some samples of how the quality looks....orz. its not the best...but seriously, its like super shitty and it doesnt capture the frames fast enough even if it says it does. This is also in the highest setting. Oh well, all these videos are mostly for fun and to show Toshi coz she is just as excited as I am to see the Venetian....

Untitled from dearx on Vimeo.

I really wanted to see the Phantom of the Opera but we were only there for a day and a half and tickets were like $, hopefully next time I go to Vegas I can go see it /:

so pretty much walked around the shops and watched people ride the little boats around the place. Sad. I thought that the boats run all the way outside LOL since you can see water all around but I guess noooott ): I wonder if they run them outside too and was just probably too cold/windy to have people we just watched them go from one end of the chanal to the other. And the boaters/their drivers since too! LOL and the way the place is build - in a dome like shape creates pretty good acoustics. Some dude totally proposed to his Fiance just before they went under the bridge. Durpdurpdurp.

Went inside a body shop while I was there and they had a pretty sweet deal on their bath bombs. 7 for $20. I got some for my mom and I got myself one I dont know when I'll use it yet but its definitely one of those treats you treat yourself to LOL. I know Lush carries em too. O_O oooh hahaha

BUT OH! LOL. before we went to the strip, we had lunch with my family (we had a party of 30. Damn Asians LOLz) at some place in China Town...their biggest party room wasnt even enough to accommodate us orz then on my way to the strip I stopped by a costume store LOL. We were really hoping to find some cool stuff to use for Assassins Creed and I was just there to derp arund coz you never know what you can find at a costume store LOLz. and I guess we were really hoping to find something epic because, well. hello, you're in VEGAS!

Instead. We found the same old same old trashy sexy costumes from Leg Avenue and walking thru the isles I actually stumbled upon some HIGHER end costumes where the constructions were definitely alot better 8D /yay im impressed lol. The red renaissance pirate ish one was my favorite. I kept zooming at it because I secretly have plans on taking the same idea some day LMAO.

Also came thru a wall of Aqua Color and Kryolin Makeup. O_O and of course...a wall of shoes. LMAO.

and a wall of petticoats. I want one LMAO... did not take any still photos except for the masks /:

oh well. Enjoy crappy video quality plz~

back to the Venetian~ or Vegas photo dump.

After walking around and looking at expensive shots at the Venetian we stumbled upon a creepe shop with totally bland flavors and over priced crepes! LOL. I came there for the wall of Gelato tbh! LMAO. HELLOOO GREEN APPLE GELATO! :o

Which all photos are out of order....LMAO coz I fail...that is all....

Long story short. Also visited a few expensive shops :O

like Chrome Hearts! So temptated to go get something LOOOL!!! and the Ed Hardy store /: totally...over that hahaha I use to be intrigued by their designs but now I feel like Guado's only shop there now ._. hahahaha I still like SOME of their designs lmao....ok I'm a jerk hahaha

Went gambling on the slots. Max bet I did was $7. I came back with $45....o_o;; I know some people bet higher and get more. but I wasnt really looking to risk much since I was still debating if I should drop some dough on Juicy Couture LOL since clearly Chrome Hearts was out of the question for now...

Some dude offered me a free pass for Club Tao and a few others but I didnt go orz. sad.

I also got some people try and offer me a sweet deal for Madame Tussan's wax museum coz the girl that spotted me said I reminded her of someone from Nana *u* hurhurhur. All that leopard print and she spotted my 'R' necklace LOLz. WIN! hahaha.

People were pretty friendly there :o so many people were commenting on my hair and style. Um..o-o yay?...

anyways...IPHONE PHOTO SPAM coz I'm running out of shit to say...

yeah...I'm pretty fabulous LOLz....

(which sadly now looks pretty ugly, old and trashy. oh why ):
you seemed more promising when I was younger...)

snagged this baby for $10 <3

Took a trip to Barnes and Nobles and finally caved in and bought new books.

LOL. I was heavily debating if I should get these in the kindle app or the physical books mostly because space is an issue!!!

aaaah. The girl with the dragon tattoo - amazing book. Read it before, I’m rereading it again since I lost the copy I had before.


I remember reading the entire Alana series on my flight from Asia to America 10 yrs ago when I first moved here. I kinda miss the old covers Q___Q but the guy helping me at Barnes & Noble mentioned that publishers now are trying to re-introduce these books to newer generations by updating their covers and whanot to make them a bit more visual friendly to compete with the crap that is coming out now adays /:

I was appalled that the ‘teen paranormal romance’ section ate up 2.5 rows =___=;;

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SD....I will not understand why your 39 degrees

Damn....according to my thermostat its down to 36...I dont recall it being quite this cold last year....and I slept thru couches and hopped around. How the hell did I survive last year?! XDDD....

this is fun. LMAO. And its always such a wonder WHY our condo is so much colder vs outside. Well in this case, its definitely colder outside tonight than it is inside. I took the dog out for a walk after work and face hurt from the cold. I can only imagine how my sister is dealing over in the Bay Area oAo;;;

OH HEIIII PHOTO DUMP DIARY TIME LAWLZ....sorry been lazy to really use my DSLR anymore and instagram is too fun to play with, I abuse that app WAY TOO much~

I didnt realize they made Oatmeal Cream Pies the size of my fist nowadays oAo;; and it seriously is the size of my fist and a little bitter...

this is us from PMX receiving our away~ yeaaaaah lmao

Oh Heiiii vaiiinnnnn myselffff...when I had extensions. I redid my hair / roots and I guess the dye I ended up picking turned my hair a darker shade of marooon/wine red oAo than I had hoped so therefore my extensions no matchy no more. Gei. I had another pair that were blonde that I tried to dye, nope. Didnt work out so well. I need brown extensions and DYE them with the same dye I used before to get them to match orz. urgh. Cannot be arsed to spend more mony on extensions for now LMAO. So. might as well rock the short mullet hair again since I'm desperately eyeing a split wig from cosplaywigsusa! and here I thought I would /never/ buy a wig from them LMAOOO so hoping they finally update their website and restock on that brown x blonde split wig I've been so desperately eyeing!!

Lolita outfits that I wouldnt mind owning but clearly I refuse to drop that much money on lolita /: just not worth it. So much duramu there too.

I like the top one for its simplicity. Now if only the hem line was shorter HAHAHA
/sonotlolita. So I might someday be arsed to make my own *u*

As for the 2nd dress...I like the bodice 8D oh someday I should make my own. lawlz.

I cleaned up my bed side table and added on a red velvet fabric cover thingie so you cant see how ugly it is underneath oAolll
and my ghetto jewelry box. I really need to find a more appropriate way to dump my accessories and nick nacs.
O_O I'm obsessed with anything apple so when I saw this I just had to nab one O_O
the only thing tho is /: its very lightly sweetened and you taste more green tea than the apple itself. tempted to just brew my own green tea and throw in some apple juice and see how that works out LMAO....
I add alittle bit of honey to it to just give it a little bit more of a taste 8B
and yes, its costco brand hahaha
not a big fan of their lemon green tea, the pack comes with lemon, peach and apple. I wish Costco would come out with one thats JUST purely apple /: I'd get it.

and huzzah! my new package from Mar Jour~ which is a cheaper punk brand I believe from Asia/ Taiwan. Atleast thats where I order my stuff from 8B

Love the packaging and design, its definitely no SexPotRevenge but with the way the $=Yen is coming out now adays, I wouldnt mind buying Mar Jour )8 and I'm not even loosing much on the quality of the design. and I mean /much/
you get what you pay for.

I love how the shirt I ordered DID come with the choker 8D! Super excited!!!!!
its made of cheap pleather and I don't expect it to last long .Must be careful so it doesn't rip or tear since its not made of high quality material.

and a new skiiiirt since I needed a new onee since I ruined my old pleated skirt )8< its old and finally gave out. orz.
so this was on sale so I grabbed one *u*
its made of a cotton blend and it feels thick/warmish tbh because of the fabric blend. Almost fleece cotton ish.

and if anyone is worried about sizing, if you can fit into an SPR M, you can fit into Mar Jour L.
Their sizes run about I'd say a little on the 'small' side of things but again, it also depends on the article of clothing your buying.
Their skirts definitely stretch out well and can fit practically anyone.

For their tops, just be sure to pay attention to the shoulder width. Since some are made to be free of the shoulder width and etc~

hahaha another find at Costco~ this is what my room mate got me for Xmas but I'm definitely not allowed to touch it till Xmas oAo;;;

my never ending quest to find odd flavored Vodka. and yes I'm pretty sure I saw Bubble Gum vodka at the liqour store that I found this at.
I'm also hunting down Marshmallow Vodka by Smirnoff which is my fav. brand of liquor other than Cotton Candy

hello my first pair of heels <3 and their at a shockingly 5" needle point heel LMAO. I seriously have nothing to pair it with but these babies were on sale during black friday so how could I resist xD picking em up?

now just gotta figure out where to where it to and what with.

Made myself a new bag coz I couldnt wait to order one from H.Naoto /: so i decided to make myself one. LOLz. Still debating if I'll pick up a messenger from H.Naoto at ALA (if I even see it there) now that I have this.
Only down side is, I dont have pockets in there or a side pocket for my cellphone. Which I originally cut out a piece for but clearly never made it to the final design HAHA....oh lard.

and lastly my coffin purs! its actually larger than I expected *u* which is good LMAO
its really meant to be worn as a backpack since I tried wearing it across the body /:
its too big to be worn as such...

to be honest, this is what I /really/ wanted. HAHAHA

but after shipping its gonna end up costing me around $60! And its only really 8" tall /:
barely fits my phone HAHAHAHA but its made to go across the body and has chains to hold it and etc. but for that price I might as well give out and get BPN or Hnaoto lmaoooo and their probably bigger too oAo

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Hallo thur....

this is gonna be one of those random updates that I do rarely since I dont really have much to talk about anymore nor do I blog enough anymore either LOlz.

This is an attempt to do an update lawlz.

Its holiday season time once again. boo. love hate relationship .__. where sales rip your wallets empty! LOOOLz.

Selca~ sadness my webcam is so shitty. I liked my old webcam better vs the one attached to my laptop I should get it back from my dad xD...hes not using it anyway.

I want new lenses. Thinking about the Bambi Series, the one that looks reddish brown but sadly I heard it doesnt show up as well on dark eyes =_= the photos are always so deceiving!

Went shopping~ I ordered this new top from HT not too long ago. HUrpderp.
I have a few more items coming in thanks to the bLack Friday sale and before that I raided ebay as well so I'm definitely looking forward to receiving some packages *u*

I went and finally finished the campaign mode for Modern Warfare 3 and honestly, I AM NOT disappointed! its a blockbuster movie game once again lawlz. And I played it partly tipsy too XD oh boy. been battling a hangover from Friday night and Idecided it was a smart idea to drink again last night too. And I went and wasted more time watching Black Hawk Down since I was on a gunho mode from MW3 oAo...

and I rolled out of bed at 1pm this morning, hung over slightly. NOthing a struddle, spicy chicken sandwhich and bland coffeee to make it work lolol.

Now I'm working on drafting the pattern for Ash's new costume for ALA. Which is Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear. I'd prefer for her to be Jin Kisaragi tbh but were doing a GG group for ALA not a BLazblue one. I've made a Ky costume before for Shin years ago so this shouldnt be all too hard and I've learned what I can fix from the old one 8B not to mention I'm using a nicer fabric this time. From the swap meet haul, I'm using a broad heavy satin. Vs the old fabric we used which was a double knitt cotton.

So, see you guys at ALA! ;D
I wont be cosplaying, just looking fabulous probably lmao (or attempt to) mostly coz I wanna be able to take pictures this time around vs during PMX where I was able to do NOTHING LMAO....

I also gotta make Nick's costume too :B

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Comikaze, PMX & Shopping Haul

whoooo long post is long because I've been lazy lol and deciding to dump everything in one crazy long photo filled post 8DDD

so 2 things happened this month~ Comikaze and Pacific Media Expo! And for those who follow me on twitter/tumblr you guys know I've been busy trying to get ready for PMX's masq!! And well long story short. We won Judges Award!!!!! 8DDD eeeeeeeee and won free passes to Anime Los Angeles. Which I doubt I will be cosplaying in at all since I didnt get to take ANY Photos at all at PMX ;_;...
but I will be working on some cosplays for Ash and Nick >8DDDD

and so, lets move on for now.


Comikaze was a last min decision, the admission was dirt cheap $12 for 1-day and Mark Hamill and Stan Lee were both going to be there as well as Elvira! :o oooh.

The event was held at a PARKING LOT inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. Lol. oh whut?! hahaha the turn out was pretty decent for a first time con with so many guests and so many people. Well, it felt like it had a pretty good turn out 8D.

I nabbed myself a Castlevania photo art print out thingie 8BBB

its gorgeous no?! >8DDDDDD its not hanging over my desk in my room *u* my room is starting to look less and less bare now hahaha

the baroness has always been my fav. from G.I Joe

POSTING THIS PIC OF MY BB COZ IT LOOKS GOOD AND ASH LOOKS /REALLY/ GOOD AS ION >8DD not to mention I was very picky with the red eyeshadow coz I was worried it wasnt going to show well >w< but I guess it turned out fine >8D
and vavavavoooom Lashes~ <3333

skirt was so fucking heavy I kept having to pull it and it bunches undermy corset ._.

some lady from some show in LA (in chinese) interviewed us...XD she said she chased us down from upstairs HAHAHA

I went and got KBBQ today since it never happened at PMX looool
I'm sorry, some people just really dont grow up HAHAHA. my friend got me the THOR Hammer as a xmas present >D and it does shoot things out from the top (so wrong XD....) and makes lightning noises.

I'm so set for the Avengers movie. I need to get me a Thor t-shirt and make a ghetto cape >:3 yes. best believe. I was gonna do it the Thor Movie...then. I got sick LOL so it never happened.

I got that warthhog at the PMX swap meet brand new for $5. and a few other posters >8DDD hahahaha

and huzzah fabric haul from the National City Swap Meet this morning!!! All of them are heavy satin and was about $2.50 the black looks pretty legit coz from a good distance it looks like it almost resembled Pleather >8DDD eeee!!!!!!

I'm making a Gackpod cosplay for Nick and a Ky Kiske for Ash for our Guilty Gear group for ALA.
The black is for a Loveless cosplay >:333 I bet you guys can figure out which one ;DDD