Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SD....I will not understand why your 39 degrees

Damn....according to my thermostat its down to 36...I dont recall it being quite this cold last year....and I slept thru couches and hopped around. How the hell did I survive last year?! XDDD....

this is fun. LMAO. And its always such a wonder WHY our condo is so much colder vs outside. Well in this case, its definitely colder outside tonight than it is inside. I took the dog out for a walk after work and damn...my face hurt from the cold. I can only imagine how my sister is dealing over in the Bay Area oAo;;;

OH HEIIII PHOTO DUMP DIARY TIME LAWLZ....sorry been lazy to really use my DSLR anymore and instagram is too fun to play with, I abuse that app WAY TOO much~

I didnt realize they made Oatmeal Cream Pies the size of my fist nowadays oAo;; and it seriously is the size of my fist and a little bitter...

this is us from PMX receiving our away~ yeaaaaah lmao

Oh Heiiii vaiiinnnnn myselffff...when I had extensions. I redid my hair / roots and I guess the dye I ended up picking turned my hair a darker shade of marooon/wine red oAo than I had hoped so therefore my extensions no matchy no more. Gei. I had another pair that were blonde that I tried to dye, nope. Didnt work out so well. I need brown extensions and DYE them with the same dye I used before to get them to match orz. urgh. Cannot be arsed to spend more mony on extensions for now LMAO. So. might as well rock the short mullet hair again since I'm desperately eyeing a split wig from cosplaywigsusa! and here I thought I would /never/ buy a wig from them LMAOOO so hoping they finally update their website and restock on that brown x blonde split wig I've been so desperately eyeing!!

Lolita outfits that I wouldnt mind owning but clearly I refuse to drop that much money on lolita /: just not worth it. So much duramu there too.

I like the top one for its simplicity. Now if only the hem line was shorter HAHAHA
/sonotlolita. So I might someday be arsed to make my own *u*

As for the 2nd dress...I like the bodice 8D oh someday I should make my own. lawlz.

I cleaned up my bed side table and added on a red velvet fabric cover thingie so you cant see how ugly it is underneath oAolll
and my ghetto jewelry box. I really need to find a more appropriate way to dump my accessories and nick nacs.
O_O I'm obsessed with anything apple so when I saw this I just had to nab one O_O
the only thing tho is /: its very lightly sweetened and you taste more green tea than the apple itself. tempted to just brew my own green tea and throw in some apple juice and see how that works out LMAO....
I add alittle bit of honey to it to just give it a little bit more of a taste 8B
and yes, its costco brand hahaha
not a big fan of their lemon green tea, the pack comes with lemon, peach and apple. I wish Costco would come out with one thats JUST purely apple /: I'd get it.

and huzzah! my new package from Mar Jour~ which is a cheaper punk brand I believe from Asia/ Taiwan. Atleast thats where I order my stuff from 8B

Love the packaging and design, its definitely no SexPotRevenge but with the way the $=Yen is coming out now adays, I wouldnt mind buying Mar Jour )8 and I'm not even loosing much on the quality of the design. and I mean /much/
you get what you pay for.

I love how the shirt I ordered DID come with the choker 8D! Super excited!!!!!
its made of cheap pleather and I don't expect it to last long .Must be careful so it doesn't rip or tear since its not made of high quality material.

and a new skiiiirt since I needed a new onee since I ruined my old pleated skirt )8< its old and finally gave out. orz.
so this was on sale so I grabbed one *u*
its made of a cotton blend and it feels thick/warmish tbh because of the fabric blend. Almost fleece cotton ish.

and if anyone is worried about sizing, if you can fit into an SPR M, you can fit into Mar Jour L.
Their sizes run about I'd say a little on the 'small' side of things but again, it also depends on the article of clothing your buying.
Their skirts definitely stretch out well and can fit practically anyone.

For their tops, just be sure to pay attention to the shoulder width. Since some are made to be free of the shoulder width and etc~

hahaha another find at Costco~ this is what my room mate got me for Xmas but I'm definitely not allowed to touch it till Xmas oAo;;;

my never ending quest to find odd flavored Vodka. and yes I'm pretty sure I saw Bubble Gum vodka at the liqour store that I found this at.
I'm also hunting down Marshmallow Vodka by Smirnoff which is my fav. brand of liquor other than Cotton Candy

hello my first pair of heels <3 and their at a shockingly 5" needle point heel LMAO. I seriously have nothing to pair it with but these babies were on sale during black friday so how could I resist xD picking em up?

now just gotta figure out where to where it to and what with.

Made myself a new bag coz I couldnt wait to order one from H.Naoto /: so i decided to make myself one. LOLz. Still debating if I'll pick up a messenger from H.Naoto at ALA (if I even see it there) now that I have this.
Only down side is, I dont have pockets in there or a side pocket for my cellphone. Which I originally cut out a piece for but clearly never made it to the final design HAHA....oh lard.

and lastly my coffin purs! its actually larger than I expected *u* which is good LMAO
its really meant to be worn as a backpack since I tried wearing it across the body /:
its too big to be worn as such...

to be honest, this is what I /really/ wanted. HAHAHA

but after shipping its gonna end up costing me around $60! And its only really 8" tall /:
barely fits my phone HAHAHAHA but its made to go across the body and has chains to hold it and etc. but for that price I might as well give out and get BPN or Hnaoto lmaoooo and their probably bigger too oAo

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