Wednesday, December 28, 2011

crappy short updates /: ALA is coming near and I am amazing at procrastinating. I put the PRO in procrastination. I have a whole costume to sew but clearly have not lifted a finger to do it and I still gotta finish the last bits of Ash's costume LOOOOL fail. but yeah. Xmas post :o

Heres my Xmas fall~ missing a few things but for the most part these are the cool things I got *u*

I got a new cooling fan for my laptop so I can play DFO without having to worry about overheating and /finally/ and I mean FINALLY a damn USB hub so I dont have to unplug and replug shit just to get my camera plugged in and still keep my external keyboard and mouse loool

Went to see THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO US movie over the weekend. Amazing. Loved loved loved the opening sequence it made me squeel. I really enjoyed the movie, the cinamtography, its definitely not as RAW as the swedish version but I felt it was more true to the book versus how it was in the Swedish one. And the ending seemed to have continued on more...leading us more to beyond just the case and clearly leaves us asking for more. I wont spoil much - clearly. But I went to Book OFf to pick up the 2nd part of the book since its sold out at most Barnes & Nobles :o luckily Book Off had a set of em, I guess their trying to collect them since its pretty much a popular demand. And sadly. Twilight is ALSO still in demand =_=ll why.

Got2be volumizing powder. Now this got my brain tinkering LOLz. I was complaining to Toshi about my hair being flat. I've probably have them all- volumizing spay, hair sprays, etc. but alot of the volumizing sprays sadly dont work as well on DRY Hair, they usually ask that you do it on DAMP hair...but considering my hair is RED and I dont wash it enough, I'd prefer to use a product on DRY hair, dry shampoo from SUAVE gives me that volume I need but not a staying power. Thats where Got2Be freeze spray comes in but I was a sucker for trying something new. So we shall see how this works. :o
it says to rub it inbetween your hands and run it thru your hair or simply slap some on your roots.....

And with the new Maybelline lip butter series coming out and been clearly sold out at most CVS I think WetnWild was not going to be left behind. So they came out with their own tinted lip balms with SPF. Maybelline one offered SPF20 vs the Wet n Wild ones that offered 15SPF.

I have butchered my blistex to death and was looking for something new, I LOVED the EOS lip balms but their circular shape just isnt pocket friendly. So giving this one a shot.
The color is very sheer which is fine by me since I'm not a big lip color person. I tried the whole 'I wanna do nude lips' thing...LOL that only worked for long? hahaha

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