Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Edit funs LOL and New Purse

Long time no post - I know. I've been lame and dead. I went to ALA tho 8D eeee lmao. Finished a few costumes zomfg. xD that was interesting.

I did Ky Kiske for Ash and a Gackpod costume from Vocaloid for Nick 8D in just a few days. Spent New Years eve working on costumes till late with a few friends. Fun times. Fun times but I welcomed this years New Year sober but made up for it with ALA. But that post is for later >8D

This post is about me rambling on about photography and my new purse LOLZ!

Coming back from ALA I decided I wanted to try and make this year a productive one. I have a few ideas I want to try and make it happen -get back into shooting and more cosplays. Regardless of budget constraints and whatnot, you gotta find something that makes you happy right? or productive atleast HAHA. A fun productive hobby.

And with that being said, one of my goals is to try and learn a few more photo tricks - mostly photo editing tricks. I felt I've played it face with most photos from the past year. This time I want to be able to play with more muted tones, sepias and whatnot - basically hipster Instagram shit haha.

And eventually I do want to upgrade my camera since my current Sony Alpha has shit ISO control ): sadly sadly sadly. But till then, might as well make do with what I have.
This post is gonna be a kill two birds with one stone type of post hahaha.

I experimented with these muted tones and whatnot - or well, tried to. I dont know if I achieved it well enough. I hope to be able to try it on a portraiture subject eventually 8D but till then, make do with what you got, right?

I recently ordered a new purse from The Purse Boutique over at Ebay since I've been needing a - decently sized one that doesnt have to be a messenger bag. I was originally eyeing the H.Naoto messenger but I decided to opt out of it ): and I'm kinda glad I did since I stumbled upon the PERFECT one. This bag is HUGE, LEATHER-Y, HAS ALOT OF POCKETS and Hidden Compartments and...did I mention it was HUGE and is LEOPARD print inside?! *u* I can practically shove my camera in there if I want to and a few other things.
Best part is, its a HANDBAG AND A MESSENGER - well, it has a long enough strap that you can wear it across your body. And to me, THAT IS WIN WIN!!! So I'm totally loving this one.

And so moving on to the new photo edits HAHAHA.

This is basically what I carry with me on a daily basis - I use to carry a DS/PSP with me, but since I was using a small to medium sized bag prior to this, I didnt feel the need to shove it in with everything else. but now, omfg I CAN BRING IT hahaha but its not in the photo. Lol. Sorry.



I personally dont know how I feel about the edited version. I feel like maybe I should have stuck with warmer tones and sepias and whanot instead of going with a more cool tone. Just because the lighting I had was more warm - yellow. /: oh well. Trial and error.

but yeah I believe I'll let the photos speak for themselves on the detailing of the bag *u*

hurpderp - crap on my bed. HAHA. the bag on the left is the one I've been using on and off, between the wanna-be Hnaoto bag I made. Its a decent sized but my wallet and 'makeup' pouch eats up alot of the room in the bag and I cant exactly shove the book in there /:

looking back at the photos I felt like I should have stuck with warmer tones and should have attempted to shoot raw. I forgot to turn my camera RAW =_=lll

the last time I shot raw was a year ago, omg sad ):

the result was ok but it ate up a lot of room in my camera and I ended up having to delete some photos on the spot ;A; or transfer it to a friends laptop since I didnt bring a laptop with me to AX. And due to my cameras ISO level not being so legit, I ended up with a lot of noise in the photos.

I'm hesitant to buy another COMPACT Flash for my camera because I plan on gettinga new camera soon enough and hoping the next one I get relies on SD Cards since I have plenty of that ):

next shoot I have planned is in Febuary and hoping another one when the cherry blossoms are in bloom 8D which is going to be a Vocaloid one. Wow, I havent done an onlocation shoot in so long. I'm pretty stoked about it. I need to make the costumes and solidify plans with my friends and keep an eye on the weather.

I'll attempt to shoot raw there then *u* I'm excited. I'll bring my laptop with me incase I have to unload photos into my hard drive while on location too :o


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