Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anime Los Angeles 2012

Wheeee Anime Anime Los Angeles came and went *u* this one was a pretty interesting one since we didnt have Toshi with us ;A; sad faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Toshi couldnt make it but def. tried ;A;

This years ALA we did something new that we havent done in a long time - GROUP COSPLAY. Lol. I didnt participate in this said group LOL. But I did contribute by making Ash's costume *u* Hahaha. If you follow me on Tumblr you'd see progress photos of the costumes I did - Ky Kiske & Madness of the Duke Gackpod. (Warning: my Tumblr is NSFW 8BB and 18+ lawwwl. Sorry. xD)

We left Friday midnoon since I had to work early that morning u__u zomfg I was so dead like a zombie but hahaha. We swung by Mennifee (middle of no where near Riverside)to pick up Shou and hit LA traffic LOl. didnt get there till Friday evening around 6 or 7. So we missed Friday activities and I didnt get to pick up my badge till late the following morning. X__x

My sister and her BF joined us for this years ALA instead. She sported her Dirge of Cerbirus Yuffie and her BF did someone from Fairy Tale 8B

que in photo dump!!!!! 8D

Lol, not much activity happened Friday night other than trying to find our hotel rooms LOL and a random shoot for my sisters costume. I still have a few more photos I need to try and process but I think she will be processing them herself. Check our

her Deviantart page for updates and her cosplay. We use to do shoots together but she moved to Florida before and now shes in Berkeley for College 8B
Next con we'll be shooting together isnt going

to be till Fanime I guess HAHA

Moving on! Guilty Gear group photo dump! Me, Christ, Natt and Anthony all slaved over costumes during New Years eve and this is the results!!

(Anthony did Persona Yosuke I didnt get photos of him tho ): but hopefully we'll do a shoot soon


The ladies of Guilty Gear


We got stuck in the courtyard for quite some time since alot of people kept trying to get photos of everyone LOl. but of course, who wouldnt?! When everyone looked so bad ass and epic!! Christ really worked hard onthe I-no and Dizzy costumes! And his last minute Testament costume came out alright too!


Tatiana made such a HOT I-No, I loveed how she

did the makeup! 8DDD

Jeff worked hard on getting his prop for Sol badguy look BADASS. Christ made the last minute prop for Ash's Ky Kiske. I wished I made the costume cleaner u__u hahaha

Ash badly needed that smoke break

hahaha. I guess the shoes were a killer too? I cant believe I walked in those all day for PMX as Esther!


.___. I dont know....

hahaha, I guess thats it for now. I'm looking forward to more shoots since theres that one in Feburary in LA coming up too 8D

I didnt get a chance to meet or shoot alot of people or mingle much /: or even take a lot of pics of people in cosplay, the courtyard was insanely


Saturday night was epicly stupid o_o lotsa drinking....and I mean LOTS. Mostly involving Natt challenging me to drinking. Clearly, I won HAHA. He passed out pretty early xD

We also did shot games with Blazblue. I need to practice my BB game more hahaha. I lost most matches but still held my liqour longer lol.

no photos from that LOLz.

but I did came back with gifts from friends HAHAHA

Bearth Vader from Shou! The bear has light sabers - a purple and a red one. But its not in the photo lol.

The cupcake vodka is from Ash - that vodka taste like crap tbh but its tolerable with Dr. Pepper /:

its so misleading! )8 shoulda brought the Marshmallow one <3

HAHAHAHA more booze from Ash lol. And this one is all Vodka in a super cool skull bottle. 8D

I'm a sucker for cool packaging <3 so I'm definitely keeping this next to my cotton candly bottle LOL.

And when I got back home, my new tanks from F21 came in, I was hoping they would come in before I left for ALA but its all good~

And last but not least hahaha

Emoticon key-chains from Ash also, press the button and it makes a different face xD

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