Friday, January 20, 2012

Los Angeles Cosplay Photoshoot & Plans

A couple days ago someone sent me a private message via Deviantart regarding a cosplay photoshoot gathering type deal being hosted over in Los Angeles at USC (University Southern California ???)
and I went and checked their website, apparently they are looking for volunteer photographers. So I figured why not o_o

I havent done a photoshoot outside of a convention setting in so long, it might be nice to get out again and a good chance to cover another event and meet new people?

Before that, I need to make sure to order a new compact flash for my camera since I'll be converting back to shooting RAW photos and hopefully we can get more shots out of our old GG group from ALA - this time in a different setting? 8D

Along with new photo shoot plans - I talked about this on my dA and tumblr accounts too. I do not want to miss another year of Cherry Blossoms and let it pass me by. I roped a few friends into doing "Tsugai Kogarashi" Vocaloid 8D for Meiko and Kaito.

So with that being said, new costumes need to be sewn! 8D oh yes! hahaha

Lets hope this happens!

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