Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Ft: Arsenic x Cynaide | Rei
Photo: Black Heaven [Me]
This was such a fun casual shoot we did for Rei who is pretty new to the whole cosplay/photoshoot scene.
The whole premise of the shoot was to do it very casually. We wanted to go for a 'life-style' look for the shoot and keep things very casual; almost like a glimpse into Hinata's everyday life in Miyagi
[considering I live away from the city now it was nice to be able to use the surrounding places around my neighborhood]

Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Overwatch | D.Va
C/N: Bamzy Cosplay 


C/N: Kyoshiki
Photo: Black Heaven. Katsucon 2016

Dans le visage de vos ennemis, face à du harcèlement, ridicule, et le doute, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Même dans votre abandon, seul et sans amis, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Même si vous avez fait face à votre propre mortalité, vous avez tenu ferme dans votre foi. Je prie pour que je sois en gras dans mes croyances comme vous, St. Joan. Je demande que vous roulez à côté de moi dans mes propres batailles. Aidez-moi à être conscient que ce qui vaut la peine peut être gagné quand je persiste. Aidez-moi à tenir ferme dans ma foi. Aidez-moi à croire en ma capacité à bien et à bon escient agir. Amen.


Fate/Grand Order | Sakura Saber / Saber Okita
Props / Costume: Black Heaven Okita Saber: Shin

Mononoke Hime

I am still behind on my katsucon write-ups but my facebook page should have a bulk of the photos on there already for viewing!

I should really be posting those photos in order but I am not....so I'm
 going to throw things off again by throwing in a recent shoot I did about late last month!

Princess Mononoke | Prince Ashitaka
Costume & Photography: Black Heaven / Me
Modeled by: Trish

Friday, May 20, 2016

Golden Hour Ft Vivienne Westwood

Another Golden Hour Ft Vivienne Westwood
see under cut for more photos

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Its that time of year again! We are well underway into May and many cosplayers are gearing up for their summer line up. I will be skipping Fanime this year but I will be at Anime Expo once again this year and have open limited spots for photoshoot booking.
Heres some examples of that I've done:

Individual/Duo 2 max 
$20 for 30 min shoot
$30 - 1hr set
Group 4 max
$40 for 60min set 
 $5 per additional person
Please fill out the form below if you are interesting in booking me to shoot with you at ANIME EXPO 2016.
I will contact you via e-mail to confirm bookings.
You will receive at least 3-6 photos min. Edited.
As well as photos with and without the watermarks (watermarks are sized down for WorldCosplay)

I'm pretty generous when it comes to the photos honestly...but I try to at least get a minimum of 3-6 depending if you book me for a 30 min set vs a 1-hr set. but as I mentioned I'm pretty generous with the photo sets since I do my best to try and get you as much photo details as possible based on your costume
Fill out form on this link below to inquire about bookings: