Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Overwatch | D.Va
C/N: Bamzy Cosplay 

Another backlog post from Katsucon.
I tried to look into Overwatch prior to shit shoot but it was still well before its beta days and I was juggling other stuff in between to have given the game much attention but now that the game is out and I've finally had a chance to play it I will feel better prepared for future Overwatch shoots! It was also difficult not having a helper with me on this shoot to help carry and maneuver LEDs around but it was still rather fun and an entertaining. I'm glad we found the parking garage to use for the shoot or else I would have been rather lost on where to even shoot this!
Bamzy was such a trooper and her BF too for coming out into the cold dingy parking garage for this shoot. She was such a dream to work with and I still hope we can shoot more in the future together when I come out to the east coast again!



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