Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Fate/Grand Order | Sakura Saber / Saber Okita
Props / Costume: Black Heaven Okita Saber: Shin


I'm so glad to be backlogged but I am not? I'm happy to finally sit down long enough to try and do my write ups behind these photos since I feel a photo  (set) can tell a thousand stories but I wanted to put my 2 cents into it, I don't know why I won't do this on my FB page ahaha it feels it might get too convoluted perhaps so I try and take this chance to write it up here on my blog...
April was great, we had quite a number of photoshoots lined up - this being one of the more exciting ones I've been so stoked about.
Many of you know I am the biggest weeb ever especially when it comes to the Bakufu era and a big Shinsengumi nerd (whoops - seriously, wheres my Hakuouki shoot tho?)
I had a few weeks to prep for this shoot prior to my friends arrival from JP. I set to work on gathering the stuff I needed to make this shoot happen.
I had already sewn a Shinsengumi Haori months before with the intent to bloody it up anyway for a Hakuouki photoshoot that just didn't quite happen (yet) so I took it as a sacrifical prop for this set and proceeded to make more flags to help 'dress up' the set. My whole premise on this shoot was Shingengumi's Okita Souji's last stand in battle...
 You can't tell on the photos here per se but I have posted several (terrible) progress photos of the flags I was working on and was adamantly researching the flags and factions involved in the Boshin war.
I narrowed it down to a few clans and proceeded to recreate their logos on the flag and distressed them - even if you can't see it or tell what they are here on the set...I'm still pretty proud of the fact that I did that and it doesn't matter that no one knows its there but it matters to me ahaha...
[Too bad we didn't have an inn to use as a backdrop to recreate the Ikedeya Inn raid ]


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