Monday, December 6, 2010


LOL neglected blog is neglected
Totally didnt even really finish that PMX con-report /:
but it was still mad epic.

Last weekend was again another epic weekend >D never have I thought I'd be having so much fun :3
I remember always bitching about being left behind and being lame LOLz
gosh, yeah. w/e.

So after PMX, Brit decided she wants to come back to Socal to hangout again after Thanksgiving
so we all set on the date for Dec.4th. Which, just so happened to be the same day as Luna Sea's concert! D:
but being the brokeasses that we are, me, Toshi and Ash were going to go kill time at the Santa Monica Pier
while brit and Nick are at the Luna Sea concert on their lil' date. Took the train to Fullerton
where Ash got to pick me up. While at the train, there was another girl with short blue hair
who had a red plaid skirt and a hide jacket xD I was totally thinking she was totally heading to Union Station
for the Luna Sea concert - later on, I was sure right coz I saw her there AHAHAHA

but anyways, so yeah, when Ash picked me up, we headed to the Getty Museum despite Brit and Toshi
not being able to making it till late afternoon! /: they were suppose to get there early
coz Brit was originally the one that wanted to go to the Getty Museum for her school project,
but I wanted to go anyway xD coz we had nothing better to do early in the morning and I like museums :D

We ended up going to the one in Los Angeles versus the one in Malibu which I *really* wanna see but Ash
mentioned that you probably need to make an appointment to get in to that one TAT and I am DETERMINED to go see it now
....someday LOLZ!
the one in Los Angeles was actually ALOT smaller than I had imagine! @.@ I spent the last couple days at work
watching the videos so I can figure out which Getty I wanted to see first ROFLMAO but then obviously
the answer ended up being the LA one since...duuurr appointment. Fail.

There was actually alot of people there than expected - for a saturday infact, iunno I always figure
they would be more empty /: or...there wouldnt be that many kids but fail. Too many kids.

empty tram was empty - on the ride back.

their fountains and etc made it so tempting for me to just jump in there and be retarded D:<
but no. LOLZ

the best part of the museum was the Renaissance area :D
Shin would have liked to see that /:

I thought that this was a real maze that we could walk into and etc /: but apparently not. lOLZ

but yeah, walked around, up and down and everywhere lolz, they had some really nice paintings too andw hatnot :D

after a good hour or two, I think?... we finished touring the area and decided to head to get inline for the Luna Sea concert
since Nick wouldnt be getting there for a while but we got inline as early as we can, which was around noon O.O
since the tickets we all had was standing room only >D
but in the end, I wasnt feeling like squeezing myself up to the front, I kinda just wanted to sit back and just enjoy myself
so I ended up walking back to the back of the pit - even though there were alot of taller people
ahead of us, it was ok, i just wanted to go there and enjoy the music LOLz
AND HAD I KNOWN we were going to go to the concert! I'd worn my concert going boots! ROFLMAO and not my creepers


I wasnt going to lie, I was SUPER tired during the concert and it was hot/cold the entire day ROFLMAO
but I was still so stoked to be there >D good band, good company <3
the show started on time! OMFG yes! and I really enjoyed this show much more than the X Japan concert!
mostly because:
1. No crappy opening band
3. The band actually PLAYED! >:D and no, dont get me wrong, I'm not saying X japan didnt play or that
they werent amazing but I felt this show was much much better.
The band had a better vibe, energy and feel throughout the whole show

so I definitely enjoyed the show :3 and they had a pretty good upbeat set list!
and I probably had just DIIIIED the moment Sugizo busted out the violin Q___Q

Ash chilling/smoking after the show outside.

After the show, we got pulled aside for an interview actually >D for their dvd release.
oh gosh, LOLz

there were so many people there wearing X japan tshirts and Luna Sea shirts HAHA tempted to get a tshirt but didnt HAHA xD its aight.
since I wanted to start collecting band shirts again at shows lols as memorabilias.

After mingling around, we headed to Dennys to grab some gruuuubbb since NONE of us has HAD ANYTHING in our syste the entire day
I think the only tthing I had on me the entire day was a small box of Pocky which I shared with Ash
and obviously, Ash being Ash /: just had nicotine xD LOLz

we met up with Leslie, Jocy and Amorita at Dennys <3
jokes, food and drinks were had >:D

LOL, I think Jocy drew this?...LOL so cute >DDDD

after dinner and whatnot, we had to go and drive Ash's friend back all the way to Walnut and drive all the way back to Glendale
to crash at Stephs since we ended up giving the hotel room to Nick and Brit and her friends /:

sadly, me and Toshi were still UUUPPP lolololz. Ash totally was so ready to crash TAT she was so awesome
for driving us AROUND everywhere Q__Q and I always feel guilty for keeping her from her naptimes LOLz
but we ended up forcing ourselve to sleep at 4???? but if it was up to me, I'd totally have been out and about still >D
but we figured since Toshi and Brit came lateeeeee that they would be leaving LLAATTEE Sunday afternoon.
Q_Q sadly that wasnt the case.

Me and Tosh rolled out of bed as soon as steph got ready and left for work at 8ish? Me and Tosh walked down teh 2 blocks
to the hotel to check out of the hotel since it was under my name /: and just let sleeping beauty sleep in a few more mins/hours

but sadly, they ended up having to leave at 12:30 but we managed to whine/bitch/cry xD to let Brit say 1:30pm
LOLz! but that totally threw our plans for Little Tokyo - Froyo and Purikura trip out the window OTL

I blew up Shou's phone to demand her to roll out of bed and meet us at the Galleria >D

I ran to Urban Outfitters to get some overpriced polaroid film for my Instax mini 7s since the ones I bought at
amazon awhile ago was the WRONG ONE and I was waiting for the refund to come in to order a new set
=3=ll but fail. And since we werent going to do Purikura, I decided to fuckit and drop the dough for a pack of film TAT
but its ok, memories are priceless :D and polaroids are always so much more fun!!

So after meeting up with everyone at the Americana we all decided to journey on forth to PORTO's
for sandwhiches and danishes >:D

not even halfway or a quarter of the way, Ash gave up...LOL and Toshi ended up carrying her ROFLMAO

got to Porto's and everyone got food,me and Toshi ended up just sharing half a dozen of their AMAAAZZING DANISHES
and watching Ash/peer preassuring her to finish half of Shou's sandwhich! D:<


LOLOL. Then obviously TAT 1:30 came and we all had to say byes to Toshi and Brit OTL
Nick decided to head home by that time as well since I guess they barely slep the night before as well.

Me, Ash and Shou ended up wondering around the mall alittle bit more and then heading to the Griffith Park Observatory
where me and Shou had hatched a plan to shoot a Macross Frontier photoshoot there because its a must! >:D
since it was also featured in the anime! DURHURHURHUR. We must make it happen >:D

the view from the observatory was pretty epic HAHAHA you can see the all of LA and the amazing SMOOOOOGG
ROFLMAO that clouds it ROFLMAO xDD! and obviously, the Hollywood sign over yonder

walked around for a bit more then had to say good byes since we ran out of places to go/to do
and my brother kept bugging steph to come home back to SD who just so happens to be my ride home too D:
so yeah. D': sad face.

but epic weekend nonetheless was pretty epic! >:D


EDIT: after coming back to SD (and FINDING OUT THAT THE INTERNET BOX AT GRANDMA'S IS GONE TAT FAILSAUCE - back to bumming around stealing wifi now)

Nick texted me inviting me and Ash to go up to Norcal with him for New Years, so HELL TO THE FUCK YES!
I havent been to Norcal in SO LONG and It'd be NICE to get away during New Years since I'm pretty sure I just slept through it last year
and the years before that /:
LOLOL I'm not a big drinker either but it'd be awesome to go and see Toshi and Ash again <3 AND be in San Francisco!!! I've been *wanting* to get up there!!!!

EXCITED :DDDjavascript:void(0)

Monday, November 22, 2010

PMX 2010

LOL, this is the can of corn that I had mutilated with my knife since I fail and do not own a proper
can opener /: the night before PMX. Starving LOLOL. But yes

LOL better type this out now before I forget about it
and do it months later >D and get super back logged!

More photos on my facebook and as well as Black Heaven's own FANPAGE
yes, we have a fanpage now since both me and Toshi's pages are getting
spammed @.@ll
Please 'Like' our
facebook and add our twitter!

All the photos in this entry were mostly taken on my cellphone camera
for a more 'journalistic blog' approach xD (aka fail coz I didnt want to bring out my HUGE
lugger of a dslr for photos LOLOLOLz)

and I think some are stolen footage from Brit's camera. Fufufu.
We left SD at Thursday afternoon. We had stuffed Tiff's car to high heaven
with our luggage and T-shirts to sell at the Artist Ally at PMX this year!
(please support XD EKSDEE!)

Suprised we managed to fit everything in there, we have a video to be uploaded soon on our
website pretty soon @.@ I think right now, everyones just kinda busy trying to recuperate and still deal with
reality XD

Met up with Toshinator, Brit and Katie at the Glendale Galleria to do some uber last minute shopping lol
coz Me and Toshi both ran out of makeup XDll so we had to do a quick trip to the Mac store and Sephora
for some supplies. Afterwards we went back and checked into our inn for the night,
we stayed at the Ramada in Pasadena for Day0.

We went to take Purikura (waiting for Toshi to scan them xD), had dinner. Met up with N
of Narcissus Fetale. Then at the end of the night, we went back to our room to do some last minute prep work
for Day1 of PMX. Shin called us (me and Toshi) were up all night chatting it up with the okama-hime XD lolz
I also dyed Toshi's hair a tint of red. The bleach I brought with me was fail and I didnt have the proper peroxide /:
but its ok, I shall redo her hair on ALA if she ends up going, which I'm sure she HAS to go =3=ll

LOL, ridiculousness insued. We failed coz we never got our booze on that night >_Oll
Day 1 - LOL brit was an amazing wakeup alarm clock, Toshi said she was going to try and get up at 5:30am
mind you, we went to bed at 430 XD (so I highly doubt that was going to happen anyway)
but Brit walks out of the bathroom around a quarter to 6 yelling emergency @.@ll
and I stumbled out of bed, looking for my glasses, gathering my jacket and boots to run out the door
and to the nearest store xD! but not before slapping toshi awake coz I thought the sillhoutte I saw at the door frame
was Toshi and not Brit. LOlz

everyones getting ready for Day 1.
Brit wore an improvised version of Luka from Vocaloid.

Toshi prepping her Ikemen wig LOL for Diedritch from Trinity Blood.
Looking as cute as always <3

We failed and didnt realize how close we were to the con and got there way early at 9something!
way before even ANYTHING was open at all! and I was expecting the artist ally to be alot more...organized
=3=ll this was sooo unorganized!!! So we ended up sitting around the courtyard till we can finally go and set things up

and then finally! after a few changes =3=ll at the artist ally, they all finally let us in and get our stuff

XD EKSDEE settting up

BLACK HEAVEN'S ALL SET UP! :D we just had a half table and oh boy, me and Toshi A.D.D
pretty badly the first 10 mins just sitting at those tables. We suck at sitting at tables for too long
so I think we definitely need to hire someone to sit at our tables for us xD coz we seriously for the life of us
cannot sit there for too long AHAHAHA
we just kept texting each other back and forth LOL waiting for people to relieve us.

couple hours later, the rest of the crew finally gets there to relieve us and we finally got a chance to walk around the Exhibit hall and the Fashion Farote area. @,@ So many brand name clothing. LOL but clearly none were exactly my cup of tea, I was really hoping to find Sex Pot Revenge but I def. saw H.Naoto. I just ended up getting his 2007 photobook because I'm a sucker for Photobooks. I didnt get much other than a few questionable novels - by Toshi's recommendation.

Night fall came, went out to dinner with the crew again. Once again failed to even get any form of booze.
Stayed up all night to shoot. Paranormal Activity 2 was fail.
Drunken bitches, faded off E was at the bathroom getting in our way.

LOl. I had to cut the blog entry short. Since Its long overdue and for the lie of me cannot remember what I had intended to write about anymore LOL. Add me on facebook to view the rest of the photos~

I'll probably end up editing this later xD

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos Video

Follow the link:

When we were at the photoshoot, a friend of mine was there taking video footage and I guess this is the result!

Video & Editing by: Tiffany Dixon
Music by: Voltaire

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back logged

Back logged is back logged. I had meant to post this over the weekend but that didnt happen.
Busy is busy @.@ haha. I'm having to have to recap my entries for this blog now haha.

Preping for PMX! We are 2 weeks away from PMX and still so much more to do! HAHAHA

and a little shopping was done too:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos Photoshoot

Totally sitting here listening to the Phantom of the Opera sound track, sipping McCafe Frappe's editing the last bit of the Dia de Los Muerto's photos. I know I'm totally back logged.

The photoshoot happened last weekend on Saturday. The photoshoot was organized by Cupcake Meg
the models were girls from our Call Center job. The shoot took place at Old Town in Downtown San Diego.

Base makeup was done by Me and Megan finished up most of them by drawing the designs.
Originally I believe this was meant to be a more traditional photoshoot but for some reason it turned out to be more of a rockabilly themed one?

Call time was pretty early at 9:30am, met up at Mitsuwa to grab breakfast then head onto to the location to for the shoot.
We had to do the makeup on the spot at the parking lot lol. It was pretty gloomy that day and towards the end of the day we had sprinkles of water coming down @.@ll oh San Diego and its bi-polar weather,

I didnt get a chance to charge my camera the night before
good thing we had a plug in at the car so I had to charge it on the spot

the curling Iron wasnt heating up at all. So we had to make do.
Around 10 or 11 more and more of the models started rolling in. Tiffany was also present with a video camera. I guess she and meg are going to be working on putting to gether a video. Thats why I need to get through all these photos asap now @.@ll since its been a week since the shoot and I'm slowly chopping away at them. I'm juggling this and other project. Wow! Haha.

towards the end of the photoshoot we migrated over to the Cemetery by the old Whaley House, Normally I would refuse to shoot in a Cemetery coz I'm superstitious @.@ll but yeaaaha >__>ll
their always an interesting place to shoot but I cant help but be a little weary since Old Town -is- a haunted place, especially the Whaley House.

More of photos:
Not much more to say, but yay for backlogs.