Thursday, May 26, 2011

pre Fanime

Nothing exciting to blog about but I figured I want to blog anyway lololol. Everyone on my facebook and twitter feed are all heading to Fanime tonight or tomorrow morning. AHAHAHA I have work tomorrow so I wont be leaving till late tomorrow night and arriving really early Saturday morning :B
I'm excited, second time going to a Norcal con but this time its a BIG ONE! :>

I'm done packing for the most part~ i just need to pack my makeup tomorrow and catch my train to Fullerton after work :D

packing for Fanime~ since I'll only be there for a bit I decided to bring a SMALL suitcase. LOL. 'small. suitcase' doesnt compete. LOOOL. I honestly wouldnt have to bring 2 bags (one suitcase and backpack) if I didnt have to bring stuff for Toshi's SHIN (NANA) cosplay lawwl. but yes expect lotsa photos and VIDEOS from Fanime this weekend :D

this has been my 'go to snacks' at work and whatnot. LOLOL. I love those pre-sliced apple slices and nomnomnom carmel dipp! :B I like the pre-sliced apples coz their so convenient and they dont go brown or bad! :O omg!

Today was pretty warm so I went and got me some Taro Boba on my lunch break~
and yessss you can see the shutter bracelets Toshi got me for my birthday :>

hurpderp cellphone pics. before I got my extensions in again and before me dying my hair a darker brown again :B
I love those shades~ real Couch shades. I normally like D&G but Couch makes some nice ones too! :>
I need to get new glasses when I come back from Fanime and order wigs from Taobao and new contacts too! :O
I'm totally gonna try some grey lenses for once too :> excited~

btw for those who dont know~ Amazon is selling Lady Gaga's new CD 'Born This Way' for $.99 cents!!! yes yes yes!
this is the first time I bought mp3s through amazon but it was very easy and can I say SUPER CHEAP?! Support the artist! :D shes amazing~ also when people buy her lipstick from Mac (Viva La Glam 2, she donates the proceeds to AIDS.) so. GET TO IT.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer is coming...or is it?

hmmm so a few updates is needed since I havent really been updating all that much. Since I dont want to spam this blog with useless info when really, who reads it anyway? LAWL. But yes I atleast try and make it relevant since its also for me to look back on wtf I did that week or something lawwwl.

so I believe a few things...

First of. LAWL. Guess who went shopping?! xDD;; way overdue. lawl. oh not really. OTL.

With summer coming up, i was complaining to Toshi how much my wardrobe is not spring/summer friendly. And clearly, even after 'shopping' it still really isnt LAWL since I came back with....dundundun. BLACK. Once again. Ahaha.
Black is easy, goes with everything :BBB so I always turn to it as a staple in my wardrobe. I really have very little color in my wardrobe and tbh, I dont mind it at all.

My haul...from...dundundun. ROSS. LAWL. Went shopping during my lunch break. 2 tops and 1 pair of shorts: roughly cost me a little over $20 after taxes.

You cant really see the textures and etc on the tops, but their 2 asymmetrical tank tops. 1 is covered in rose lace print pattern and the other is a solid black tank but has a lace cut pattern in the back. (Very descriptive no?...yeah I suck and can you believe I was a fashion major before?! LAWWL)
and the shorts I bought are bubble shorts! :O totally unexpected find at Ross! but goes to show you, you def. find the most random-est of items there! :B thats the same place I bought my vinyl/pleather tier-ed skirt before >:D

So I am totally gearing up for the summer...lawl (even if I wear cardigans and jackets year-round. stil. LOLZ)
now I just need a new pair of sandals which I'm hoping my sissstar will be getting for me as a belated burrfday present (since I spent my birthday in the hospital/in surgery xD)

speaking of belated birthday stuff. AHAHAA. I aslo finally went and watched THOR today with Dad :B
we've originally intended on seeing it opening weekend but alas, things happened. OTL lawls and took us this long to finally catch it. The theatre was pack considering it was a Friday night AND Pirates JUST came out. I wonder when I'll be able to see it. I'm in no rush but I def feel like the Pirate series is always been a 'must-see-in-theatre' type of movie.
And it always amazes me how 30% of the audience NEVER sit long enough after the credits of every Marvel movie /:
cant wait for Capt. America, Green Lantern and of course THE AVENGERS MOVIE!!! (BTW, Fun fact: Thor has always been my fav. hero :B)

also, one more thing~ so apparently I am attending Fanime Con next weekend in San Jose?! LAWL. Last minute decision with much persuasion from my friend Toshi and Ash. LAWL. Sooooo unprepared! @w@.
no new outfit (I've been PLANNING to sew stuff to wear) but never happened....lawl. and I would totally sew something right now but. lawl. No time. mostly because I am finally officially working full time! @-@
no more feeling of worthlessness or guilt lawl or being so goddamn broke all the time lawwwwwl QwQ;;

So yes, heres to new changes and new beginnings once again. For every bad things always comes a good thing right?
and my insurance card came in the mail too~ waiting for bro to get $$$ and I'll be going in to get a new pair of glasses/prescription soon too (since I asked him to pay for my new prescription as a bday gift...)

I hope I can stop being so lazy and uninspired feeling and start taking some bad outfit posts again. lawl...;A;
I'll be going out tomorrow to try and pick up new extensions. Been missing having my longer jmullet lawl. In the process of growing out my bottom layer but clearly not long enough lawl! and possibly picking up last minute stuff as well for Fanime next weekend? :B

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I woke up this morning freakin’ out (well, more like, noon mind you. I got up at 8 and took some painkillers which pretty much knocked me out for a couple more hours...) coz I thought I was still hallucinating or still heavily medicated when I walked out to the living room and saw a big box thats green and brown labelled ‘Pro Flowers’

I just ignored it and did my usual laps around the house: bathroom. Kitchen. living room. room. then repeat lawlz coz we all know the first time you walk to the kitchen you just open the fridge hoping something would pop up! LOLZ!!!

till I finally peeked at the label coz it hit me, why hasnt anyone opened this shit yet?! why is it still sitting here?! and it was actually addressed to me…(err well, under an Alias but it was def still me LOLZ) then I freaked out and whipped out my cellphone and started blasting Toshi demanding her wtf did she do now LOLZ!!!

coz I didnt know who sent it xD!!! and only so few people know my new address (other than ebay sellers LOOOOLZ!!!)

it ended up it was actually from Ash ahahaha xDDD I’ve never gotten flowers before other than from my mom and well, I shall remember this one as flowers I got from being probed at like a cattle LOLOLZ….

edit: i actually browsed ProFlowers just for lol and I ended up finding the exact same flowers she ordered for me.

These are actually RED tulips and blue irises! normally I dont go researching shit coz its just bad and tacky but I was curious xD! and these are actually the 20 hugs & 20 kisses bouquet.

d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Friday, May 13, 2011

23 & Hospitals

struddle cake my friend brought for my birthday. I couldnt eat it at all ;A;

This past weekend I was suppose to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Alas, ahahaha that didnt quite happen.
I started getting a terrible stomach ache Friday night but I pretty much ignored it hoping it would go away. Come Saturday morning it started to hurt more and more. OTL thinking it was a bad case of heart burn (since I did drink coffee that afternoon) I ran out and go anti-acids, peptobismo, the works. Nope. nothing TAT
it didnt lift up at all. My friends did come over Saturday night for a pre-party. We were planning to play COD Zombies and some Gears of War, but I pretty much spent a good portion of the time sleeping since I couldnt sleep the night before due to the pain.

Sunday rolls along and the pain still persisted. worse and worse. And Sunday, being mothers day was my birthday too and I couldnt even move. More sleeping pills, pain killers and anti-acids then I just started throwing up a good bunch hoping to relieve the pain, I couldnt seem to keep anything down at all. Come early Tuesday morning (late late Monday night) bro decided to call dad finally and I had to sit tight for acouple more hours till 8am hit before they could take me to Urgent Care, the pain was just getting worse and worse. Then from Urgent Care (we didnt have insurance) we got turned away and told we needed to hit the Emergency Room the freeway down. got there and a few mins later. Finally got admitted and finally shot me up with morphine, ran a good number of exams too and etc. Found out I have Gallbladder infection and Gallstones OTL

that same night they decided to operate and remove my Gallbladder and stones. I missed a whole week of work and hoping I recover by Monday so I can try and make up some money to pay for the hospital bill ;A;

So thats the highlight of my birthday weekend, was suppose to go with Dad to see Thor. But that didnt happen either! Hopefully next weekend when I'm feeling better we can go see it, today is Dad's birthday too and my first day home from the hospital. I got discharged yesterday.

that was the first time I got hospitalized since being a baby. I've been in the hospital once or twice before for a broken arm but not for something as severe as this. I was told I was also put on respiratory support while in Surgery since my lungs apparently are weak sauce (they've always been since I was a baby)

the doctors made 5 insertions, I havent seen the badges off yet and I'm definitely not looking forward to seeing them off AHAHAHA.

other than that.
For my birthday so far I got a $50 giftcard for Xbox Live points from Mikey which I used to buy 2 Map Packs for Call of Duty and change my gamer tag LOL (finally!)
and a package came in from Toshi from Photojojo lol!
you can get them yourselves at their webstore:

I havent opened it up yet, I just got it when I got home yesterday, I'm sure it came in while I was at the hospital....

I was looking at their store and I totally totally want this mug LOLOLOL!
even though I totally cant drink cofffee anymore, well, the doctor said I can...I just would prefer to avoid it... /:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

zoommbiiess & Kool-Aid

sorry for lack of update, doubt alot of people really read the blog anyways :D lol /self pity much?! xD;;
but definitely not alot has been happening thats worth updating about, family stuff mostly has been a whirlwind of events the last few days, I wont really disclose it here since this is a public blog and I havent bothered with my LJ for forever as well. So, lets move on.

I dont really have much to update so I dont know why I'm even bothering to spam this page ;;

first and foremost, I'm still trying to work on possibly finding and working out a neater layout for this blog since I feel like everything I write or do is pretty much been slapped on here lol, from every day adventures to epic fail moments, to product reviews and whatnot, but hey. Atleast we got some handy little tags over on the side bar to pretty much help locate exact blog entries right?... ;A; right?....

I have a few reviews / tutorials I've been meaning to work on but clearly has NOT happened at all! D: why? well, because I fail. That is all. LOLZ!

so to not keep this post pretty much photo less, I present to you... grape vodka!

yes, clearly we dont own a pitcher or a proper 'sugar' container lol....
because im using an old tin can of coffee to store our sugar....
and an old big giant bottle of Vodka to store Kool-Aid.
Hey, atleast we recycle.

lol, no, joke joke! its actually Kool-Aid. Since me and my roomies have pretty much hit the last of our $10 in our checking account and all are simply too poor to really drop any real money on groceries, we've ended up raiding our meager pantries for food to get us by till we all get paid this Friday. One of our all time biggest expenses - guilty guilty. Is beverages. I for one simply LOOOOOVE Arizona Tea, especially the green tea ones. I'm lucky enough to live by Walgreens AND Vons both across the street and Target simply being a 10 min walk away at most, which all mostly has this stuff on sale, may it be 2 for $5 (for the BIG jugs mind you!) or for simply $3 something, versus its almost regular price of $4?.... so I try to keep ONE jug of it at all times in the fridge and simply fill up a thermos before I head to work and usually last me a good 4 hrs while I'm at work, and when obviously you get home, you end up chugging some more?! lolz. and well, with the heat wave settling in, obviously we all wanted something refreshing to drink, May it be Orange-ade or pineapple juice ;A;. I personally dont drink Soda and have given up drinking Alcohol for the majority of the hot weather season...LOL, I just dont like drinking alcohol when its hot, coz it raises your body temperature! LOOOOLZ and I prefer to be freezing versus being warm! XD;;
but yes I digress! So I found these cheapie packets of Kool-aid and decided to try my hand on making Grape and Cherry (the cherry i ended up putting in an empty milk jug. Next I think I'll use an old jug of Arizona Ice Tea to store the next patch so its bigger. Or keep using up empty Vodka Bottles. LOOOLZ)

Bro Tip 1: (iunno why I'm calling it BRO tip tbh...;A; genderbender much?) keeping Kool-Aid and other beverages in empty Alcohol bottles forces most of your guest to NOT opening the bottle and drinking all your amazing refreshments :D so long as you lie to their faces that its not really alcohol, you should be good. LOLZ.
I'm all up for sharing but, when you're at the last bit of your $10 and that $10 is going to go to your gas tank and you dont exactly fancy water, well, then, you better damn well be stingy of what you have D:< and if their complaining, well, ill gladly ope the door and tell them to walk across the street to Vons or Walgreens and get their own drinks xD;;

Bro Tip 2: ALWAYS ALWAYS put less Kool-aid ;A; that shit on the packets direction is always BSing you. =___=
I suggest using a good 1/3 of sugar or splenda to 1-1.5 packets of Kool-aid to a quart of water. Taste as you go, but def easier to build up the taste of kool-aid versus adding a shit tone of water and not having enough powder.

Bro Tip 3: get empty ice cube trays and fill it up with pre mixed Kool-aid, cover it with seran wrap and stick tooth pick through it. Freeze. And you got yourself some Kool-Aid pop sickles, just like how mom use to make it >:D!
I remember using orange juice (tang) alot when I was younger. Def beats the heat back home!!! Or we use to fill up small plastic bags with juice, tie them up at the ends and freeze for osme home-made popsickles.
(yes, you can spike your pop-sickles with Vodka too.....xD)
and using clear wrap will help the tooth picks from falling down while its in the process of freezing the mixture over :B

Bro Tip 4: with your Kool-Aid ice cubes or popsickles, you can even drop them into another glass full of another Kool-Aid flavor to get some variety in your Kool-Aid drink for some awesome mix-ins :D or. yes. drop it in a bottle to chill your skittles vodka too! or. well. my fav mixture: vodka + monster + kool-aid iced cubes (for flavor instead of using skittles) :DDDD

Bro Tip 5: for us poor bastards out there, packets of Kool-Aid run about .39 cents at Target :B (plus tax too foo, but thats pretty cheap tbh!)

LOL, wow. this post was meant to talk about Call of Duty's new Map Packs and Call of the Dead but I ended up talking about Kool-Aid drinks and what the hell you can do with it. xD