Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer is coming...or is it?

hmmm so a few updates is needed since I havent really been updating all that much. Since I dont want to spam this blog with useless info when really, who reads it anyway? LAWL. But yes I atleast try and make it relevant since its also for me to look back on wtf I did that week or something lawwwl.

so I believe a few things...

First of. LAWL. Guess who went shopping?! xDD;; way overdue. lawl. oh not really. OTL.

With summer coming up, i was complaining to Toshi how much my wardrobe is not spring/summer friendly. And clearly, even after 'shopping' it still really isnt LAWL since I came back with....dundundun. BLACK. Once again. Ahaha.
Black is easy, goes with everything :BBB so I always turn to it as a staple in my wardrobe. I really have very little color in my wardrobe and tbh, I dont mind it at all.

My haul...from...dundundun. ROSS. LAWL. Went shopping during my lunch break. 2 tops and 1 pair of shorts: roughly cost me a little over $20 after taxes.

You cant really see the textures and etc on the tops, but their 2 asymmetrical tank tops. 1 is covered in rose lace print pattern and the other is a solid black tank but has a lace cut pattern in the back. (Very descriptive no?...yeah I suck and can you believe I was a fashion major before?! LAWWL)
and the shorts I bought are bubble shorts! :O totally unexpected find at Ross! but goes to show you, you def. find the most random-est of items there! :B thats the same place I bought my vinyl/pleather tier-ed skirt before >:D

So I am totally gearing up for the summer...lawl (even if I wear cardigans and jackets year-round. stil. LOLZ)
now I just need a new pair of sandals which I'm hoping my sissstar will be getting for me as a belated burrfday present (since I spent my birthday in the hospital/in surgery xD)

speaking of belated birthday stuff. AHAHAA. I aslo finally went and watched THOR today with Dad :B
we've originally intended on seeing it opening weekend but alas, things happened. OTL lawls and took us this long to finally catch it. The theatre was pack considering it was a Friday night AND Pirates JUST came out. I wonder when I'll be able to see it. I'm in no rush but I def feel like the Pirate series is always been a 'must-see-in-theatre' type of movie.
And it always amazes me how 30% of the audience NEVER sit long enough after the credits of every Marvel movie /:
cant wait for Capt. America, Green Lantern and of course THE AVENGERS MOVIE!!! (BTW, Fun fact: Thor has always been my fav. hero :B)

also, one more thing~ so apparently I am attending Fanime Con next weekend in San Jose?! LAWL. Last minute decision with much persuasion from my friend Toshi and Ash. LAWL. Sooooo unprepared! @w@.
no new outfit (I've been PLANNING to sew stuff to wear) but never happened....lawl. and I would totally sew something right now but. lawl. No time. mostly because I am finally officially working full time! @-@
no more feeling of worthlessness or guilt lawl or being so goddamn broke all the time lawwwwwl QwQ;;

So yes, heres to new changes and new beginnings once again. For every bad things always comes a good thing right?
and my insurance card came in the mail too~ waiting for bro to get $$$ and I'll be going in to get a new pair of glasses/prescription soon too (since I asked him to pay for my new prescription as a bday gift...)

I hope I can stop being so lazy and uninspired feeling and start taking some bad outfit posts again. lawl...;A;
I'll be going out tomorrow to try and pick up new extensions. Been missing having my longer jmullet lawl. In the process of growing out my bottom layer but clearly not long enough lawl! and possibly picking up last minute stuff as well for Fanime next weekend? :B

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