Thursday, May 26, 2011

pre Fanime

Nothing exciting to blog about but I figured I want to blog anyway lololol. Everyone on my facebook and twitter feed are all heading to Fanime tonight or tomorrow morning. AHAHAHA I have work tomorrow so I wont be leaving till late tomorrow night and arriving really early Saturday morning :B
I'm excited, second time going to a Norcal con but this time its a BIG ONE! :>

I'm done packing for the most part~ i just need to pack my makeup tomorrow and catch my train to Fullerton after work :D

packing for Fanime~ since I'll only be there for a bit I decided to bring a SMALL suitcase. LOL. 'small. suitcase' doesnt compete. LOOOL. I honestly wouldnt have to bring 2 bags (one suitcase and backpack) if I didnt have to bring stuff for Toshi's SHIN (NANA) cosplay lawwl. but yes expect lotsa photos and VIDEOS from Fanime this weekend :D

this has been my 'go to snacks' at work and whatnot. LOLOL. I love those pre-sliced apple slices and nomnomnom carmel dipp! :B I like the pre-sliced apples coz their so convenient and they dont go brown or bad! :O omg!

Today was pretty warm so I went and got me some Taro Boba on my lunch break~
and yessss you can see the shutter bracelets Toshi got me for my birthday :>

hurpderp cellphone pics. before I got my extensions in again and before me dying my hair a darker brown again :B
I love those shades~ real Couch shades. I normally like D&G but Couch makes some nice ones too! :>
I need to get new glasses when I come back from Fanime and order wigs from Taobao and new contacts too! :O
I'm totally gonna try some grey lenses for once too :> excited~

btw for those who dont know~ Amazon is selling Lady Gaga's new CD 'Born This Way' for $.99 cents!!! yes yes yes!
this is the first time I bought mp3s through amazon but it was very easy and can I say SUPER CHEAP?! Support the artist! :D shes amazing~ also when people buy her lipstick from Mac (Viva La Glam 2, she donates the proceeds to AIDS.) so. GET TO IT.

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  1. Y so cheap, Lady Gaga? ;P

    Anyway-- clearly, I browsed through my Blogger dash after a week of intense inactivity. Haha. Laaatee comments...

    Dem glasses. They're nice~. <3 Usually White-rimmed (or however you'd say that) sunnies weird me out, but those are actually pretty damn cool.