Friday, May 13, 2011

23 & Hospitals

struddle cake my friend brought for my birthday. I couldnt eat it at all ;A;

This past weekend I was suppose to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Alas, ahahaha that didnt quite happen.
I started getting a terrible stomach ache Friday night but I pretty much ignored it hoping it would go away. Come Saturday morning it started to hurt more and more. OTL thinking it was a bad case of heart burn (since I did drink coffee that afternoon) I ran out and go anti-acids, peptobismo, the works. Nope. nothing TAT
it didnt lift up at all. My friends did come over Saturday night for a pre-party. We were planning to play COD Zombies and some Gears of War, but I pretty much spent a good portion of the time sleeping since I couldnt sleep the night before due to the pain.

Sunday rolls along and the pain still persisted. worse and worse. And Sunday, being mothers day was my birthday too and I couldnt even move. More sleeping pills, pain killers and anti-acids then I just started throwing up a good bunch hoping to relieve the pain, I couldnt seem to keep anything down at all. Come early Tuesday morning (late late Monday night) bro decided to call dad finally and I had to sit tight for acouple more hours till 8am hit before they could take me to Urgent Care, the pain was just getting worse and worse. Then from Urgent Care (we didnt have insurance) we got turned away and told we needed to hit the Emergency Room the freeway down. got there and a few mins later. Finally got admitted and finally shot me up with morphine, ran a good number of exams too and etc. Found out I have Gallbladder infection and Gallstones OTL

that same night they decided to operate and remove my Gallbladder and stones. I missed a whole week of work and hoping I recover by Monday so I can try and make up some money to pay for the hospital bill ;A;

So thats the highlight of my birthday weekend, was suppose to go with Dad to see Thor. But that didnt happen either! Hopefully next weekend when I'm feeling better we can go see it, today is Dad's birthday too and my first day home from the hospital. I got discharged yesterday.

that was the first time I got hospitalized since being a baby. I've been in the hospital once or twice before for a broken arm but not for something as severe as this. I was told I was also put on respiratory support while in Surgery since my lungs apparently are weak sauce (they've always been since I was a baby)

the doctors made 5 insertions, I havent seen the badges off yet and I'm definitely not looking forward to seeing them off AHAHAHA.

other than that.
For my birthday so far I got a $50 giftcard for Xbox Live points from Mikey which I used to buy 2 Map Packs for Call of Duty and change my gamer tag LOL (finally!)
and a package came in from Toshi from Photojojo lol!
you can get them yourselves at their webstore:

I havent opened it up yet, I just got it when I got home yesterday, I'm sure it came in while I was at the hospital....

I was looking at their store and I totally totally want this mug LOLOLOL!
even though I totally cant drink cofffee anymore, well, the doctor said I can...I just would prefer to avoid it... /: