Wednesday, May 15, 2013

259. Summer Essentials

 Summer is finally here in SoCal and the sun is high and burning.
Not a big fan of summer, infact I try to stay in doors or away from the sun as much as possible.
Everyone tells you, your always suppose to wear sunscreen even if your
foundation has SPF. It just doesn't cut it.

I've been using the Aveeno Face Sunscreen for a while not but, I'm not a big fan of it
says oil free but still at the end of the day I feel my face is still pretty oily...
Granted I now switched out of using foundation for BB Cream, I'm back to my HG BB cream.
Missha perfect cover, no full review though.

It gives a medium coverage - better than the Skin79
and its a better match to my NC 30-35 skin tone. Honestly, I think I'm def a 
NC 35 but I wear NC 30 year round. Just coz. 

I decided to try a new sunscreen - one with tea tree oil on it to help blemishes
coz no one wants to deal with adult acne and oil faced.
my search led me to The Face Shop. Yeah go Korean brands lol.
This way I can skip an extra step of putting on my tea tree moisturizer THEN the sunscreen
Then the BB cream and the rest of my stuff.
Costs a lot less than the tea tree pore minimizer from Body Shop too.

Hoping this is a keeper.

I don't know why I went with the smaller bottle of the BB Cream. Maybe coz
it cost $10 lol and I don't use BB Cream much (what am I saying, this is what I wear when I'm going to work...I only wear foundation when I'm going out-out)
But the big tube lasts me a long time, considering I wore BB cream on and off throughout the year.
I think I've had that tube for...IDK. Almost a year? 2? IDK 
I wear foundation for the most part but switched to BB Cream when my skin hates me.

I'll probably end up cutting the tube open anyway when I feel like I'm down to the last drop.
1/2 to 1 pump is usually enough to cover my face.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

258. Primadonna Girl

Not a very long post but a long-ish post nonetheless. First of all. Happy Birthday to me. Belated but birthday nonetheless. I pretty much had a weekend long celebration as it should be when your a quarter century old. Oops did I just reveal how young I am. Yep. Eww.

Modest celebration pretty much for the day of, went to work like a responsible adult.Went out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant with Dad. Went home and had cake with mom.

Went out the day after the official birthday for some drinks with my friend. Killed 2 things of Soju lol then stumbled back home only to get up early to work an earlier shift so I can run off and see Marina & the Diamonds in concert at the House of Blues! That was probably my first concert ever in SD. I'm so use to driving a gooood distance to the shows...
I had to rearrange quite a bit of these photos to the order of events made somewhat of a sense...


More drinking ensued at the concert, because, well. Why not? 
For a show that was more poppy, I surely came home with more bruises than I can recall
from any rock concert. Those young hipster kids be deadly. 
Everyone looked like Lana del Ray or a Marina Double. And a handful of elitist "evil gays"
for some reason theres always quite a number of them but along that are the more friendlier ones who offers you drinks LOL ok why not.


Broke my last bag, went for something sturdier this time around - fornever giving up the messenger bag look.
The awesome thing about this one is, thick strap, fits everything - laptop, camera, face stuff.
I've attained hipster status once again...

Made a new toner spray. Just because. 
green tea, rose water and strawberry. 
Amazing. Feels very hydrating. Will post DIY how to soon.

Karaoke for 4 hours, but before that a quick dinner and pre-drinks at the usual Fuze bar 
no photos since I suck at taking gratuitous photos of my drunk self. Or during the said dinner get together apparently. I commend my comrades for getting the memo on the dress code - dress shirts and ties. 
Except I didn't wear one. Just coz. LOL. 

Journey, Ke$ha and then some more. Lost our voices then stumbled our way to Downtown to continue the party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

View from our hotel. Gorgeous Downtown San Diego and the Convention Center. Thats how it looks like when its not overly crowded by the Comic Con crowd.
Kinda wish I took photos of the hotel.Concluded the day by stumbling to Denny's for your post hang-over breakfast

Monday, May 13, 2013

Marina & The Diamonds | House of Blues San Diego

Not the best photos since we were not allowed to bring DSLRs and I don't own a pocket power shot anymore. But if more and more events aren't allowing us to bring giant cameras it might be something I'd consider getting eventually lol. All shots were taken with my cellphone camera (galaxy s3 some photos were edited via Adobe Lightroom)  

 Set List: 

Sunday, May 5, 2013



I honestly wasnt planning on posting this tonight since I'm pretty much exhausted but I'm gonna make it quick I guess. Goodness how easy does Instagram make it to just keep doing shameless dump posts like these.

Its finally the month of may, meaning my birthday month. I won't insert a birthday ramble here just yet. Perhaps on my next post. Going to make this quick incase you don't already follow me on tumblr.

New game app that my friend showed me. Super fun and addicting, totally kicked Line Play on the butt. I didn't last long on Line Play to be honest. I still have it just don't log in enough. This one is called Puzzle & Dragons. Its a dungeon fighter game in the form of be-jewellwed mixed with Pokemon. You collect and fuse monsters and level grind. Simple enough.

This weeks selca brought to you by my vanity. Wearing Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream which to be honest, I hated at first but kept revisiting it. Lately I've been wanting to give my skin some breathing room. I've tried wearing just power, from Rimmel Matte power, to revlon mineral aqua to even trying Bare Minerals. Wasn't quite happy with the coverage so I decided to go back and revisit my Missha BB cream which turned out to be a great decision. Covers enough, my skin is an oily mess but I don't notice much of a difference really when wearing this versus other foundation. If anything my skin is probably less oily wearing this vs just using powder alone. It doesn't cover my hyper pigmentation but its build able. Or I'll just slap on concealer. I went ahead and ordered another tube as I was on the last bits of my current one.
I can probably see myself wearing BB Cream for the remainder of the spring/summer unless I'm going to a big event that requires something more opaque in terms of coverage.
For those curious what shade I wear, I wear the #23 in Medium Beige, my natural skin tone is an NC35. But I wear an NC 30 for my regular foundation (in Mac color terms).
I clearly do not wear that YSL lipstick enough. Been wearing the bronzing powder from Bare Minerals. I'm not 100% sold on their foundation powders but I'm definitely sold on their bronzing powder. Pigmented. Blends well and stays on well without the need of a primer or setting spray.
Still sporting the dueba 2-tone browns. I forgot to take better photos of it today. Still need to do a review on them and the I.fairy.

Toshi sent me a package for my birthday. Not shown here but its on my instagram. Such a boss. Sent me cross print leggings and a high-low cut tank. Also cross printed. Yes.

As I mentioned on my instagram post, in the 10 yrs that I have been in America and have adapted to the American lifestyle and diet, I can account that I've only ordered a Venti drink from Starbucks twice in my life. This being the second time.  Light Green tea frappuccino with 5 scoops of Matcha. I love half off fraps. I always time my trips to Starbucks between the hours of 3pm to 5pm to make sure I get the half off deal.

Came home to Matcha roll cake the other night. Only to find out I needed to run an errand for my mom to court the next day early before work. Wasn't too thrilled about waking up early to run to downtown before work....

Todays haul from the mall which excites me to no end because I saved $33 Yes. That much. Groupon released a $20 Body Shop groupon for the price of $10. And as a bodyshop member (you pay $10 one time) you get $10 store credit on your birthday month. So really, the card pays for itself. I honestly have a love hate relationship with the Body Shop. Some of the items they carry I feel are overpriced for the price that their asking for and performance wise, I don't feel that its worth the price point. There are several other items I'd be curious to try but only if their going for a good deal. And also they just happened to be doing the Buy 2 get 1 free deal. Or buy 1 get 1 deal.
Went in to grab another Tea Tree Face Wash which I swear by since I get it for my little brother mostly. I normally get the regular one (the giant green bottle for $10) but they had this new one that recently came out  the lady at the shop said its a new formula or something coz its meant to clear acne in 3 days time. For an additional $2, sure why not? I did have the groupon for it so why not? If its going to help subside preadolescence acne and save my little brother the torment of having shitty acne, why not? But of course I used the remainder of the points on myself.
Todays Body Shop haul is the face brush which works to clean and exfoliate the skin. A lip scrub that comes in a lipstick type tube. I have the Lush bubble gum one which I keep at home but this one I would be able to shove in my purse to carry with me.
A sakura scented oil perfume and a tinted lip balm in raspberry.

I've picked up enough items from the Body Shop that I should be able to write a comprehensive review on some of the items I've picked up. I feel like I consistently come back to them for their tea tree line mostly but since discovering tea tree oil, I've been pretty much mixing my own toners, masks and moisturizers that I dont feel the need to go back to them much but for the face wash for my little brother.
I pretty much took my toner (I had a damask rose toner from Boots and mixed tea tree oil in it and for my little brother who has acne, I took Eskinol Lemon Astringent Toner and added Tea Tree Oil with it.) and for moisturizer, I took my clinique moisturizer in gel formula and added drops of tea tree oil on it. So far so good honestly. If anything I'd probably go back and get their tea tree body wash just to be sure no body acne. No bueno.

I wouldn't mind trying their other stuff as well only if I can keep getting these sweet ass deals.

Lastly. New makeup pouch from Forever21. Wanted a new makeup pouch for the longest time and this one just so happened to remind me of the Dolly Wink brand and it folds in half and has compartments. Win Win Win.

And as human, natural curious creatures I'm just going to go ahead and name the items I carry in it. There are a few essential items I will never leave the house without. One of them being is this makeup pouch, my wallet, keys, my knife and lighter. Why the later two? If video games have taught me one thing, is, its to be prepared. Lets face it, the 3 yrs I spent as a girl scout didn't exactly prepare me for a zombie apocalypse or how to light fire using sticks and rocks. Not to mention I'm not even sure what flint looks like in all honesty. Also, burning the tip of your eyeliner also makes it darker and smoother. LOL.

On my pouch: Clinique Stay Matte | Mac Bronzer | Hair ties | Duo Clear Eyelash Glue | Rose Water & Makeup Refresher (in blue bottle) | Blotting Tissue | Advil (in the Body Shop container

Clinique mini mascara | Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain & Balm in color Honey | Tarte Lip Balm & Stain | Milani Tech Eyeliner | Rotto Lychee eyedrops for lenses & reg. | Sephora Lip Balm & Sephora Color Reveal Pink balm | Floss | Dayquil & Claritin | Nyc water proof eyeliner | Body Shop Lip Scrub | Eyeglass repair kit | safety pins | Wide tooth comb

I'm not a big fan of the Revlon lipstain, its not as hydrating as you'd think it would be, color pay off is ok. I like the shade honey since it does leave your lips stained with the 'my lips but better' effect. If anything I wished I would have just dished the extra dough and went with Tarte matte lip stains. But will probably stick with this for now....

Love the sephora color reveal lip balm, its not the most hydrating balm out there but I love that it does give you a lip tint based on the pH balance of your own lips. It always gives me a almost hot pink color tint to be honest. Their hydrating lip balm isn't anything too special, for the price you pay you might as well have gone with nivea which is still one of my go to for lip balms.