Wednesday, May 15, 2013

259. Summer Essentials

 Summer is finally here in SoCal and the sun is high and burning.
Not a big fan of summer, infact I try to stay in doors or away from the sun as much as possible.
Everyone tells you, your always suppose to wear sunscreen even if your
foundation has SPF. It just doesn't cut it.

I've been using the Aveeno Face Sunscreen for a while not but, I'm not a big fan of it
says oil free but still at the end of the day I feel my face is still pretty oily...
Granted I now switched out of using foundation for BB Cream, I'm back to my HG BB cream.
Missha perfect cover, no full review though.

It gives a medium coverage - better than the Skin79
and its a better match to my NC 30-35 skin tone. Honestly, I think I'm def a 
NC 35 but I wear NC 30 year round. Just coz. 

I decided to try a new sunscreen - one with tea tree oil on it to help blemishes
coz no one wants to deal with adult acne and oil faced.
my search led me to The Face Shop. Yeah go Korean brands lol.
This way I can skip an extra step of putting on my tea tree moisturizer THEN the sunscreen
Then the BB cream and the rest of my stuff.
Costs a lot less than the tea tree pore minimizer from Body Shop too.

Hoping this is a keeper.

I don't know why I went with the smaller bottle of the BB Cream. Maybe coz
it cost $10 lol and I don't use BB Cream much (what am I saying, this is what I wear when I'm going to work...I only wear foundation when I'm going out-out)
But the big tube lasts me a long time, considering I wore BB cream on and off throughout the year.
I think I've had that tube for...IDK. Almost a year? 2? IDK 
I wear foundation for the most part but switched to BB Cream when my skin hates me.

I'll probably end up cutting the tube open anyway when I feel like I'm down to the last drop.
1/2 to 1 pump is usually enough to cover my face.

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