Tuesday, May 14, 2013

258. Primadonna Girl

Not a very long post but a long-ish post nonetheless. First of all. Happy Birthday to me. Belated but birthday nonetheless. I pretty much had a weekend long celebration as it should be when your a quarter century old. Oops did I just reveal how young I am. Yep. Eww.

Modest celebration pretty much for the day of, went to work like a responsible adult.Went out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant with Dad. Went home and had cake with mom.

Went out the day after the official birthday for some drinks with my friend. Killed 2 things of Soju lol then stumbled back home only to get up early to work an earlier shift so I can run off and see Marina & the Diamonds in concert at the House of Blues! That was probably my first concert ever in SD. I'm so use to driving a gooood distance to the shows...
I had to rearrange quite a bit of these photos to the order of events made somewhat of a sense...


More drinking ensued at the concert, because, well. Why not? 
For a show that was more poppy, I surely came home with more bruises than I can recall
from any rock concert. Those young hipster kids be deadly. 
Everyone looked like Lana del Ray or a Marina Double. And a handful of elitist "evil gays"
for some reason theres always quite a number of them but along that are the more friendlier ones who offers you drinks LOL ok why not.


Broke my last bag, went for something sturdier this time around - fornever giving up the messenger bag look.
The awesome thing about this one is, thick strap, fits everything - laptop, camera, face stuff.
I've attained hipster status once again...

Made a new toner spray. Just because. 
green tea, rose water and strawberry. 
Amazing. Feels very hydrating. Will post DIY how to soon.

Karaoke for 4 hours, but before that a quick dinner and pre-drinks at the usual Fuze bar 
no photos since I suck at taking gratuitous photos of my drunk self. Or during the said dinner get together apparently. I commend my comrades for getting the memo on the dress code - dress shirts and ties. 
Except I didn't wear one. Just coz. LOL. 

Journey, Ke$ha and then some more. Lost our voices then stumbled our way to Downtown to continue the party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

View from our hotel. Gorgeous Downtown San Diego and the Convention Center. Thats how it looks like when its not overly crowded by the Comic Con crowd.
Kinda wish I took photos of the hotel.Concluded the day by stumbling to Denny's for your post hang-over breakfast

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