Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Hallo thur....

this is gonna be one of those random updates that I do rarely since I dont really have much to talk about anymore nor do I blog enough anymore either LOlz.

This is an attempt to do an update lawlz.

Its holiday season time once again. boo. love hate relationship .__. where sales rip your wallets empty! LOOOLz.

Selca~ sadness my webcam is so shitty. I liked my old webcam better vs the one attached to my laptop I should get it back from my dad xD...hes not using it anyway.

I want new lenses. Thinking about the Bambi Series, the one that looks reddish brown but sadly I heard it doesnt show up as well on dark eyes =_= the photos are always so deceiving!

Went shopping~ I ordered this new top from HT not too long ago. HUrpderp.
I have a few more items coming in thanks to the bLack Friday sale and before that I raided ebay as well so I'm definitely looking forward to receiving some packages *u*

I went and finally finished the campaign mode for Modern Warfare 3 and honestly, I AM NOT disappointed! its a blockbuster movie game once again lawlz. And I played it partly tipsy too XD oh boy. been battling a hangover from Friday night and Idecided it was a smart idea to drink again last night too. And I went and wasted more time watching Black Hawk Down since I was on a gunho mode from MW3 oAo...

and I rolled out of bed at 1pm this morning, hung over slightly. NOthing a struddle, spicy chicken sandwhich and bland coffeee to make it work lolol.

Now I'm working on drafting the pattern for Ash's new costume for ALA. Which is Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear. I'd prefer for her to be Jin Kisaragi tbh but were doing a GG group for ALA not a BLazblue one. I've made a Ky costume before for Shin years ago so this shouldnt be all too hard and I've learned what I can fix from the old one 8B not to mention I'm using a nicer fabric this time. From the swap meet haul, I'm using a broad heavy satin. Vs the old fabric we used which was a double knitt cotton.

So, see you guys at ALA! ;D
I wont be cosplaying, just looking fabulous probably lmao (or attempt to) mostly coz I wanna be able to take pictures this time around vs during PMX where I was able to do NOTHING LMAO....

I also gotta make Nick's costume too :B

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