Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Body Shop had a sale going on /: Buy 1 get 1 half off. Or buy 2 items get 1 free.
My face has not been very happy with me. Not that I've really taken as good a care of it from the very beginning u_u yay acne scars and etc. That you cannot see from the mounts of makeup I wear to cover it up LOLz.
but recent discovery made me realize I need to really try to take better care. I'm not getting any younger LMAo and with recent weather changes, I know my skin is gonna go insane again LOL. Yay retarded combo skin )8<

So I went to the Body Shop to try some items since I wasnt ready to commit to high end products like Sephora carries or Clinique and was worried about wearing MORE heavy stuff on my face D8< when I already wear a bad combo of makeup daily LOLz....

Read some reviews on the Tea Tree Oil line so I decided to pick up 2 items from the line.
One that helps clear blemishes and control oil! Which would work for a daily moisturizer since I've noticed that I get acne flare ups every once in a while and enough is enoughhh
their not as bad as when I was younger but still! D8<

and the other is a nightly moisturizer/lotion you wear to help fade the old scars and prevent new ones from forming.
And last,y I got a free item which is their so well known Vitamin E moisturizer.

So we'll see how this goes! )8< since I'm not SUPER big into skin care LOL which I honestly should be considering I'm a stylist hahahaha....orz
maybe this would help me cut down on the amount of shit I slap on my face on the daily LMAO...and also considering I just go to work and no where else orz HAHAHA

instead of foundation + powder + concealer, maybe we can cut it down to just moisturizer (to help control the redness and oil T zone) and just mineral powder lawwwl......and I dont even use a heavy foundation on most days, I try to switch inbetween BB Cream and the now discontinued line from Maybelline's Pure Makeup. Sad that its been discontinued. I liked the fact that it was 50% water which gave it a pretty COOLING feeling but it did give a pretty light to medium coverage, which is OK for the most part since it was my 'every day' wear foundation. I kept the MAC for heavier days when I got places to go other than work LOLz....

but yes, we shall see how well this goes since I've read some decent reviews from it! :o

and I'm still waiting for a few items I ordered with my friend from! I shall be receiving them when I meet her at PMX!

this was the cup I got from when I went to SF last year~ hahaha I wish I had a opportunity to see Alcatraz. Alas, I only got to see it from a distance....

and this! I wanted to post this! Its a quote from an amazing man. BRUCE LEE.

And I shall end this entry with....

Because I am clearly sacrificing precious cosplay work time to go to comickaze for a day! LOL and I still have quite a few things to finish on Esther Q_Q lawwwlz...oh my.

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