Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Honestly not a big big fan of T-ara. To be honest I probably only know 2 of their songs LOL....maybe 3....

Lawlz....but they have recently caught my attention with their new epic MV for Cry Cry :o
and they just released the first part of the epic movie music video lawlz....yes if you follow me on tumblr I've probably already spammed it with stills from the previews and the video it self lawwwl. Love the style and how its shot :DDDD

thats definitely one thing I gotta hand KPOP. They make epic music videos LOLz. Atleast this one is more 'action' versus the usual ballady Drama....lolz...

I cant wait to see the 2nd half :o which I guess is launching this weekend. Sadly I will be at PMX lol, if theres wifi I'm definitely catching its launch XD or....use stupid ATT's shitty 3G network....


lol. I have my dogtags from ROTC but I need a chain...==;;

And I'm honestly loving the short hairs these ladies are sporting! :o sometimes I wish I can have my hair short like that again but then again, NOOO I'm trying to grow my hair out LOOOL. I should just get a wig but the sad things, it might just rot in my closet coz I know it would look awkward lawwwwl....especially short wigs XD...kinda....haha.

and fail me. I've been working day and night on Esther intime for PMX's Masq competition. I finally signed up for the masq. and I guess my craftmanship slot is for 1:40pm. lawl, I still gotta get up fairly early to get everyone ready and get myself ready and waddle my way down stairs to meet the judges and check in TAT boooo....

and haha I still have to write up my entry for Comikaze that I went to last weekend 8B

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