Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long over due haul post

Way long over due haul post but I was holding out because I'm still waiting for 2 more packages to arrive but you know what? I dont wanna wait anymore lmao I might as well make a haul post now *u* because next posts should be about PMX! hAHAHA

So heres a photo journal of what I've been up to so far :o
lawlz....and yes I was clearly abusing the Instagram app on my phone HAHAHAHA.

Fruity Cheerios~ their alot smaller than the photo on the box Q_Q slightly disappointing but hey its ok~ their smaller than regular fruit loops HAHAHA. I feel like I'm eating bb food whenever I munch on it without milk o___O

Ramen from my friends birthday that we celebrated at Tajimas~

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops~ I did a small review for these over at my Tumblr page but I guess I'll talk about them a bit more here. They come in 2 different types.
1. For regular wear
2. For contacts.

I originally purchased the ones the contacts from a store in Irvine Mall. They retail for about $9-15. 15 being the most (and it includes tax, granted Tax in CA is pretty high orz)

Comes in a super nifty bottle, sparkly top~ and is super refreshing and minty.
Some people who first use it might be shock that they are MINTY AND ALMOST FEELS STINGY
when you first try it but you will gradually get used to it and it does have a fresh lycee feel /smell to it after you drop it HAHA.

Bottle is pretty tiny in comparison to how big the box it comes in. Theres a selca photo of myself with the Tsubasa Bambi Grey lenses and the rohto drops for size comparison. Since some people might think they are pretty big LOL.
But I DO know that they come in BIGGER containers, but in a more bottled form.... not in the cute diamond shape.

Really refreshing and I like to use it before I wear my contacts in the morning if I'm not 'awake' enough to stab my eyes with em and after if I feel my eyes need that extra ump for hydration. Or just if I want to wake up LOLz....

My first try at SONIC! I went to the one in Santa Ana after my Dentist appointment. I know in San Diego we have but its in Santee which is a bit of a drive from where I'm located /:

S'mores marshmallow cupcakes with marshmallow goop ontop for icing. Graham cracker and chocolate shavings ontop. On some of them, I actually baked a piece of Chocolate inside. It didnt melt as well as I wanted.
I think I want to try using Nutella inside next time and probably bake crumbs of Graham Cracker in it for crunch. Or simply use toffee chips?? LOL but I dont think that might consider it S'more cupcakes anymore hahaha. Made these for my friends birthday party too.
I'm not a big s'more fan to be honest, so I ate mine plain. I also got good feedback from my friends that the marshmallow ontop was just a bit too much. Maybe I should have used regular icing or just go without since the cupcake base is already marshmallow???.....

We'll see! 8D I gotta keep experimenting~someday I can open my own shop. Among other things orz

new ring!!! I've been eyeing a skull hand type ring for so long and I finally caved in and ordered one from ebay~ this one is from Korea and I'm so suprised at how well the quality is. I believe I paid about $8-13??? wasnt that much tbh. And thats with shipping already!

Normally I keep thinking cheapy rings like these are, well, the super cheap ones that turn brassy as soon as it hits water! and I have sweaty palms normally )8 and I've had this for over a week and wore it everyday. And so far so good! :o

uwaaaahhh my new rosary necklace and new leopard scarf. I had a leopardpajmina before but lost it! D8< I really dont know what happened to it and with winter coming up, I dont wanna go on another winter without my signature leopard item. So I got this off ebay for $8. The original one I had before I believe I paid just about $10 or so too from Tuesday Morning. Total random find at that shop too LOLz

preeeeeppppp toppp from Forever 21. Shopping at F21 has always always always been such a hit or miss with me )8< and I had to walk back and forth from this top several times before caving in to getting it lol. I havent gone 'shopping' for a article of clothing in so long. I went to the mall last week and came out super disappointed since I just dont like alot of items. I'm still waiting for most brands to come out with their winter line (as if I even have the money to drop on SPR right now LOL but still)

but in the end I ended up picking this one up, It was just about $23 after taxes. NOT BAD. And its NOT BLACK its actually navy blue lawlz. I need something other than black in my wardrobe I guess LAWLZ and might inspire me to dry and be more dressy vs tank top and jeans orz

I havent even opened those tights I bought from LA Fashion District yet haha but its finally getting colder now, So yaaaayy.

Selca :o oh gosh, Haha. red red red red haiirrrr <3

Alright, I got a few more stuff to work on for Trinity Blood orz I just went to Joanns today to pick up more stuff and left my Michael's coupon in my other bag D8< fml. So I need to come back tomorrow and grab more stuff lolz so I can keep working on stuff for PMX! WOOOOO
and I hope I can get a new Gundam at PMX :o

I'm still waiting on 2 more ear cuff and a watch I ordered for my friends Bday)8<
come on post man!!!!!! where art thou?!!!! D8 arggghhh loooolz

I also did a small order from SASA with my friend. I'll probably get that at PMX since she'll be going. LOLz.

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