Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I swear by Dry Shampoo. Shit has saved me so much time and dye on trying to retouch my color, Its been weeks since I’ve gone red and my hair color is still pretty vibrant! I havent done a retouch yet! :DDDD

not to mention they were on sale at Walgreens~ 2 for the price of 1 :o!

so I pretty much paid $7 for 2 of these bad boooooysss yeessss

and fail! LOL I thought I grabbed the SNICKERS but instead I got Twix. Lawl. Seriously, I’m not blind enough that I didnt notice the name, wtf. And the entire time I was at Walgreens I was slightly confused by the cover lOOOOL. I was like ‘wherees the nuts and carmel?!’ xDD ‘w/e!’

loool well, duuurrrr its coz its the TWIX one. =___= fml LAWLz.

Got a new brow pencil and lashes from Daiso~ ftw. And I ordered new lenses last night, cant wait for them to come in so I dont have to wear my glasses to work )8<

my face gets oily and it drives me mad when my frames start to feel gross against it LOL. not to mention I havent gotten oil blot tissues in a while )8<


cleans your make up right off! And I’m slightly convince it helped my skin get whiter roflmao

I'm also working on uploading more reviews onto my beautylish account >___>

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