Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gazette VORTEX

Late as always! (This is also my sad attempt at posting more regularly LOLz)

So Gazette released a new single I believe at the end of August? but me being the dumbass that I am was left under the rock and wasn't keeping up much with music. I've been a HUGE Gazette fan before but since the release of Filth In the beauty, most of their music has been a hit or miss with me. Most requiring a few listens to let the music grow into you.
My fav. after the Filth in the Beauty era is Leech and Distress & Coma shortly follows after....

So ever since then I've been like 'w/e' washy with their music since. I know their always trying to evolve and experiment with music - like MOST bands and they SHOULD be. But obviously you cannot appease everyone. I'm not one of those DIE HARD The Gazette Fans. I do believe NO ONE is perfect. LOL. So with that being said~ dundundun....

Onto VORTEX. They released it with 3 tracks:

Audio samples are available via cdjapan.co.jp or through everyones favorite trashy internet tv station; Youtubes.

My overall opinion with this Single CD is, I LIKE IT :o

Its got interest flares and rhythms in em, guitar riffss and your fair share of Ruki's screetchings which is pretty prominent in /every/ Gazette single. it wouldnt be VI-GEI without it. LOL...
(I feel really bad saying that but its true /: this is how I felt the entire time I was at the Sadie concert in Am2 lolz. But dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the music hahaha)

lets start with Track 1 - Vortex

I feel like it starts with a very 'classic jrock/vigei guitar riff' that I feel like I've heard one too many times in older jrock songs (and I mean late 90s early 00s....closer to 2000s)

this is supposedly the newest single they released but to be honest, in my opinion I felt like it was the weaker songs out of the other 3 in the single.

its a very typical song, not too strong, nothing really about it stands out to me. I feel there were more screaming than singing, almost reminds me of a Sadie song lol. but I figure they released this as their 'main single' since its got the balance of scream and guitar riffs - a typical recipe for a typical jrock single?...

I dont love it, I dont hate it. Dont take my word for it. This is just my opinion. Some people are more particular about their music.

Track 2 Uncertain Sense

This might rank as my 2nd fav. out of this single. Starts with a another guitar riff and a strong bass in the background. This song is pretty trippy to listen to when you have some bomb headphones.

Track 3 BREAK ME

this is probably my favorite out of the entire single, mostly because I love the opening! HAHAHA
starts with the thumping of the drums and onto the guitar opening, it almost reminds me of an 80s falvored song hahaha and as a 80s glam rock fan, this def appeals to my taste just a bit more.
I'm not too big on the chorus as it repeats 'break me' way too much lawl?....
could have had a better chorus XD oh ruki~ lol.

and in the middle of the song theres a break where in it feeds you a nice guitar riff, still with the support of the bass and drums.

I could probably listen to this in instrumental and love it more?....the song does get pretty repetitive throughout the length of the song.

Not a very intensive review to be honest. I dont particularly write 'reviews' for songs, as its mostly just me rambling about shit anyway hahahaha.....

but yeah overall I'm looking forward to the release of their album that comes out tomorrow (which is probably already out in Japan today LOL!) 'Toxic' I'm taking a liking to the Suicide Circus. The video is a trip too! a visual trip 8D

Bah the quality on this one isnt too bad, but I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find the full PV in HQ! Their look has changed so much lol! its 'maturing' lol.
but I really like the cirus theme of the video 8D my other fav was the Distress and Coma because of the ballerina and gothic feel of the video - it almost reminded me of D'espairsRay's Garnet. Old video is old. lol, but my absolute favorite is still the ever ol' grunge Filth in the Beauty 8DDD!!!

LASTLY! I JOINED BEAUTYLISH! I clearly havent done much with it. LMAO since I joined it while I was at work (boo bad employee D8 ahem...) but I guess I'll try and contribute there as much as I can lawlz~ might as well put my 1 yr of cosmo school to good use roFLMAO!!!

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