Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cupcake weekend & Gundams

Photos brought to you through Instagram! :o I dont quite understand it yet since I cant seem to access my photo gallery online but only through the iPhone so I gotta get smart and upload them to FB or Tumblr for me to even get them onto my PC roflmao anyways....

Another semi-productive weekend (yes I'm sorry I slept in again and didnt get to start my morning till late afternoon again roflmao!!!)

This week, I was hoping to make Lavender and Rose cupcakes but unfortunately the store I normally frequent to get my baking goods apparently dont carry them anymore )8 so I opted to get Marshmallow and Eggnog...why not?...lolz...

Here are some marshmallow can tell me and my little brother went alittle over board with the food coloring. Hahahaha!!!!

Cupcakes are suppose to be fun and clearly need some color in them!!

lol omg you can tell I poured in too much and
the cupcakes clearly over flowed! hahahaha!!!!
the purple color turned out pretty light since I didnt put in enough
so it totally reminded me of Taro cupcakes back home Q_Q....

new lenses came in from Kawaii Love!!!!
super fast shipping.
I just ordered some reg brown nudy lenses

I ordered these babies on Wednesday night and I received my lenses Saturday morning! (today)
WOOOOW talk about fast shipping and they DO carry prescription lenses
and plenty of plano and special order lenses.
I was eager to find a US based seller and I def. found it in them!
Since I hate waiting for my lenses to come in ROFLMAO....
well, if its for cosplay its ok.
but I got these for my 'regular every day'
lenses since my lenses that I own are TOO big or TOO bold in color?..
hahaha I have Blue Nudy lenses but I dont feel comfortable
wearing them to work....Q_Q
So hopefully these will do the trick since I dont like wearing my glasses for long
since my fails gets oily (sorry, so nasty) and it makes my glasses slip and slide
D8< grossss

heres what they look like in bathroom lighting.
I havent taken them outside. I normally have pretty dark brown eyes.
their not as bright as I thought they would be.
which in a way is kind of a relief?...coz then I can get away with wearing them to work
the only other brown lenses I tried were the angel browns
which were also as equally comfortable and the black rim is more prominent
versus the nudy series. And I like that the Nudy series is more a dewy tear look to it?...
sometimes I kinda wish the brown is more pronounced but its ok. These are more subtle
haha and the enlargement is Ok. I'm used to wearing bigger lenses now haha.

but I kinda want to try the EOS Adult Browns next O_O
the design seems pretty plain and boring in my opinion but I've seen alot of
people wear them. So I might as well give it a shot too and see how much the difference is between the
nudy and the EOS adult browns.

Now onto other things! :O this weekend is suppose to be a productive one and so far so good! I made cupcakes today lmao and I'm looking if I want to order lavender and Rose extracts roflmao~
I also got some glitter puff paint to get working on Esther lawlz...I really need to order my rhinestones and wig lawl and stop ordering misc. items. I ordered some several accessories the other day too out of impulse. I just gotta give it 2 weeks for it to come to me~ hahaha

I worked on my new Gundam too~ the Wing Custom Zero

the gundam came with a mini figure of Hero but like I said I wont be arsed to paint it coz..just no )8 not a big fan of him....

and I really need to get a grey gundam marker and top coat again.

and last night I tried making a ghetto light box hahahaha! Out of a box and white construction paper and a bright lamp. few things I learned from this experience…

lOL. 2 lamps are better than one, To help eliminate shadows but of course photoshop can fix that /:

Secondly….I tried the fabric trick too, It didnt work out too well! hahaha It works better when the fabric is hanging off something and clearly when its ironed/steamed out…

I’m going to try using presentation boards with the white poster papers I got, might turn out better and saves me room since I can break it down and put it away when I’m done with it.

Here are some samples from my first try at this... and yes those are some macarons! :o so goooddd

these are the Trader Joe macarons I was tweeting about....

they come in a box of a dozen. 6 chocolates and 6 vanilla. I didn't try the chocolate coz I'm not a fan of chocolate anything so I gave it to my little brother. lol.
their ok for something that comes frozen! the serving sizes is pretty ok, I've had bigger ones LMAO. their probably the size of a Mochi /:

just let them sit out for a few mins to thaw out before biting into it. The cookie part has a good crust to it and has a nice soft chewy center, but biting into the filling I can taste a layer of sugar. Which I wish it didn't have )8
but meh, cant complain. its $4 for a box of 12. Versus going to a bakery which retails for almost $14+ for a box of dozen. But yes I wont give up on attempting to make my own! I just need to find a pocket heater since I'm afraid now that its cooler, there would be too much moisture in the air that it wouldnt make my macarons correct Q_Q...
I wouldn't want to have to waste batch after batch when almond flour is not cheap! but I did find Almond MILL at Trader Joe for about $4-5...I'm sure theres a tutorial out there some where on how to make ur own almond flour using the almond mill....

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